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The film is a genuinely gripping tale about international terrorism that hopscotches across three continents.
The movie proceeds quickly, seems to know its subject matter, is fascinating in its portrait of the inner politics and structure of the terrorist group, and comes uncomfortably close to reality. But what holds it together is the Cheadle character.
An uncommonly intelligent espionage thriller that explores the moral and ethical dilemmas faced by agents who go deep undercover in the service of their country.
A tough, taut, mostly well-executed morality parable and thriller that explores some of the bitter ironies of this strange religious vendetta in which America unwittingly finds itself.
Chicago Tribune
Problems aside, this is a good, twisty, absorbing work.
Can't seem to decide whether it wants to be an edge-of-the-seat action thriller or a more contemplative and intellectual drama about religion and terrorism. Somehow, in trying to have it both ways, it doesn't completely succeed at either.
Brandishes physical verisimilitude and intelligent seriousness but proves unable to really get inside its chameleon-like central character.
Baltimore Sun
It's Cheadle's rich emotionality and sense of humor that have gone seriously missing in Traitor.
The movie's first hour is well-done, but realism and insight go out the window as soon as Samir crosses the U.S. border.
The New Yorker
The filmmakers, I think, got in over their heads and couldn't decide whether they were making an action thriller or a drama of conscience; they wound up flubbing both.

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