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Plot Keywords

partner detective
death scotland yard
black magic escape
grave clue
murder coffin
arrest first part
son murders father deductive reasoning
deduction rat tail
dead rat house fly
fly the insect photograph in newspaper
character appears on front page of a newspaper character appears in newspaper
newspaper article newspaper headline
bickering fake nose
looking out a window jumping out a window
horse drawn carriage two word title
professor moriarty bullet time
slow motion scene secret society
dog violin
corpse steampunk
big ben london person on fire
action hero stolen necklace
diamond necklace necklace yanked off
opening action scene hand to hand combat
fistfight boyfriend girlfriend relationship
fiancee sword duel
sword stick fight
two man army mixed martial arts
revolver gunfight
antidote bound and gagged
ceremony drowning in a bathtub
bandage police
death of fiancee wall safe
diamonds necklace
man hits a woman house of lords
book of revelations meat cleaver
giant gas jet of fire
hallucination bat
nightmare police gazette the newspaper
turkey the country bridge construction
scene with distorted sound witness
photograph sinking ship
electro shock mirror
chambermaid laboratory
science sorcery
chain falling asleep
resurrection reference to don giovanni
opera graveyard
murder of father railway station
lightning rain
arm in a sling jumping into a river
buzzsaw tea
gallows shipyard
riddle father son relationship
undressing love triangle
chase shotgun
strangulation reading
book robbery
theft thief
palm reading baker street london
prologue horse
brutality violence
beating good versus evil
warrior war veteran
martial arts ship
restaurant altered version of studio logo
evil man 19th century
bible quote no opening credits
tower bridge london sword fight
sawed off shotgun secret organization
race against time villain
femme fatale strong man
intelligence secret order
red wine pushed from height
knocked out hospital
hidden room frenchman
fraternity fire
damsel in distress cult film
blood axe
anti hero bathtub
trap train
tomb title appears in writing
sword cane subtitled scene
spiral staircase sliced in two
slaughterhouse sidekick
shot in the shoulder shot in the head
shootout sewer
ritual punched in the face
punched in the stomach professor
prison murder of a police officer
pistol pipe smoking
man on fire parliament
newspaper mysterious villain
midget map
machine london england
knife kicked in the stomach
kicking in a door jumping through a window
horse and carriage hit in the throat
hit in the crotch hidden door
held at gunpoint handcuffs
gypsy woman gambling
foot chase flashback
fireplace falling from height
factory eye patch
explosion engagement ring
drunkenness drugged drink
drink thrown into someone's face deception
burned alive bulldog
bribe brawl
boat bare chested male
bag over someone's head ambassador
illusionist genius
nonlinear timeline faked death
back from the dead victorian era
private detective poison gas
parliament building human sacrifice
hotel hanging
friendship execution
doctor disguise
conspiracy based on short story
bare knuckle fighting assassination attempt
1890s handcuffed to a bedpost
death of father based on novel
title spoken by character character name in title

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