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"Supernatural" All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1 (2007)

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You have to watch this episode!!!

Author: aharvey_17 from United Kingdom
11 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After months of speculation, we now know what the Demon was looking for in Sam- a leader of his demon army. Sam wakes up in a mysterious ghost town- nothing is there. He meets up with fellow psychics Ava and Andy and they try to work out why they are here. They also find new special children, Lily- who stops peoples hearts when she touches people and Jake- who seems to have super strength. Sam explains to them about the Demon and they all are trying to figure out how to get out of the ghost town.

Meanwhile, Dean is with Bobby and they are trying to work out where Sam is. Dean gets a phone call from Ash at the roadhouse saying that he has some important information. They travel to the roadhouse, but something unexpected has happened.

Im not going to give too much more away, but this episode was one of the best of the season. We get to learn a bit more about the boy's mother Mary and the question we all have is- how is she involved in all this?

With twists and turns and unexpected occurrences, this episode is not to be missed and if you love the boys as much as i do, you are going to need a tissue for the last part of the episode- it's heart warming.

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Works better the second time around

Author: alienprincess from United States
13 May 2007

This is one episode that is definitely better on a re-watch. I found the commercial breaks to be distracting during the original airing, causing the entire episode to feel disjointed and off kilter.

When I was able to sit down and watch the episode without interruption, I found that it worked much better for me. The plot is heavy on the "Special" kids storyline, as the summary implies, and light on much of anything else. We do find out some new information, though it remains to be seen exactly what will come of it. As a whole the episode is flawed and far from perfect, but still good.

Jensen Ackles hits us again with his powerful acting skills, and Jared Padelecki shines as well, despite a few false moments from him in the course of the episode. Katharine Isabelle and Gabriel Tigerman are wonderful in their respective roles.

And despite the fact that the promo for this episode gave away one of the most emotional moments, that moment is still moving and wonderfully portrayed. All in all a job well done, but one that desperately needs its second half to feel entirely correct.

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Last Man Stand

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
24 July 2008

Dean parks the car in a diner and waits in the car while Sam brings some fast food and pie. Suddenly he realizes that Sam vanished and finds the staff murdered. Without any lead, he meets Bobby and calls Ash; later, Ash calls Dean and when they arrive in the Roadhouse, they find the place burned to the ground, Ash and other hunters dead and Ellen missing. Meanwhile, Sam awakes in the ghost town Cold Oak, South Dakota, with Andy and Ava and they meet two other strangers, Jake and Lily. The Yellow-Eyed Demon visits Sam in his dream and explains that only one member of the group will survive and become a soldier in his army of demons.

"All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1" is another engaging episode of "Supernatural". Now it seems that the war of the Yellow-Eyed Demon and his army of demons is set in motion with the contest of the gifted children in the haunted town. The conclusion is absolutely unexpected and probably Dean will make a deal to save his brother. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Demônios a Solta – Parte 1" ("Demons Break Loose – Part 1")

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Yellow Eyes Has Plans for Sam WInchester

Author: hotcountry_chick from Moncton, NB, Canada
4 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is it. We've waited all year to find out Sam's role in the Demon War, and now the truth has finally been revealed - since his infancy, Sam Winchester has been destined to be the leader of the Demon Army. In "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1", Sam's destiny finally seems to be minutes from being fulfilled. After a seemingly innocent stop at a diner, Sam mysteriously disappears, leaving Dean frantic. When Sam comes to, he finds himself in a ghost town, with no way out; and he is trapped with his fellow psychics, as well as a few newcomers, including a soldier named Jake. As time progresses, it is revealed that only one man is supposed to remain alive at the end of Yellow Eyes' little game; and that man is ultimately the leader of Satan's army. As we find out at the end of the episode, sometimes even the best laid plans fall short.

Meanwhile, as Sam and co. try to escape, Dean and Bobby search for the missing Winchester. It is soon revealed that the Roadhouse has burnt to the ground, and Ash is dead. What of Ellen and Jo? Despite the devastating setback, Sam manages to use his powers to communicate with Dean, who has visions of where is brother is being held. They rush to the scene, in time to see Jake go attack Sam from behind.

"All Hell Breaks Loose 1" was an absolutely phenomenal episode of Supernatural, written quite well by Sera Gamble (who seems to be taking a lot of crap from fans now that Kripke is out of the picture. Sure, it's not quite the same without him, but I think fans should lay off a bit. That, however, is another story and so we will leave it at that). Again, I was blown away by Jensen Ackles' performance, namely that final few minutes after Sam has been stabbed. He holds his dying brother in his arms, repeating to him that everything will be fine, more to convince himself than to reassure Sam. The pain in his eyes when Sam goes limp is so genuine, so heart-wrenching. This man has lost everything; his mother, father, and now the only one he has left: Sammy. Ackles is brilliant at nailing the subtle gestures in his acting, from the tender touch of Sam's cheek to the gentle kiss on his shoulder. I have always found that Ackles performs better as the grief stricken brother than Padalecki (though I thought Jared was great at the end of "No Rest for the Wicked", I always found Jensen's performance at Sam's death to be more emotional and effective than Jared's at the end of season 3).

In all, it was a great episode, ten stars.

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Sam and Dean are separated, and the reunion is what you'd least expect.

Author: quick_silver2k from New Zealand
6 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For me this whole episode was about the final few minutes.

Sam and Dean becoming separated, the 'competition' between the demon-babies, and Dean and Bobby trying to locate Sam was all just a precursor.

That final scene, Dean's anguish as he runs to his brother, the hope fading from his eyes as Sam slips away and his heart rendering cry at the end, were the most profound moments I've ever experienced watching ANY show.

I can watch the end of this episode over and over. Excellent work all round.

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Author: super_frog16 from United Kingdom
28 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have been neglecting my reviewing duties and so haven't gotten around to doing one for the finale until now. And wow, what a finale it was. *bows to the creative genius of Kripke and co.* The reintroducal of Ava and Andy was brilliant, and they worked brilliantly against the two new characters also. This is one of those brilliant but oh so sad eps. We got to see Ava and Andy again, but then had to say goodbye to them *sniff* I totally didn't see the whole evil Ava coming....and neither did Andy it would seem. Ava was a great special guest, which is why i was sad to see her go too, even with her new found evil character self. And if loosing Andy and Ava wasn't enough, we also had to say goodbye to Ash!? I loved his character and took it pretty hard. Excellent use of him brining in a big secret though, and then dying before revealing it. A definite way of keeping the mystery about the show. And the hands down saddest moment of supernatural so far.....Sammys death. We all know he was going to be brought back to life because you know, whats supernatural without dean AND Sam?! But it was still one of those heart wrenching moments which had me in tears (im a girl, its OK to cry at supernatural....saying that though i defy even a boy to not cry at that scene!). Especially that heart tearing 'SAM' from Dean. Got me right in the gut that one. oh before i go, i loved the whole dean having a vision thing, and his whole 'bring me some pie' routine in the beginning. It reflects the brilliance of the supernatural team when even during the most tense and saddening finale, they can still manage to inject some humour to keep things from becoming emo sad. (no offence meant) also round of applause for Jensen's comic timing which turns brilliant writing into fantastic delivery! awesome, that is the word i would use to sum up All hell breaks loose part 1! XsarahX make sure y'all watch it!

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Author: zombiehigh18 from Egypt
7 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The first time I saw this episode I was in total shock. Yes, I knew Sam will be back, But still I was stunned and angry. How could they do this to us and how could they do this to Dean?

But, I realized that this right there is what makes Supernatural what it is, They are never afraid to take us to the extremes and shock the viewer with our biggest nightmares. They are not afraid to provide us with answers and at the same raise new questions.

This episode right there is the essence of Supernatural and they will dare to shock us again on every season's finale taking our breath away.

Sam is abducted and he finds himself in a hunted town, not knowing what could have happened to Dean. He meets up with Ava, Andy, Jake and Lily, All are kids with special abilities. Though, Freaked out himself, Sam has to hold on to calm down the others. Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby are searching everywhere for Sam when Dean gets a call from Ash telling him to come over to the Roadhouse as he found something dangerous and can't share on the phone. As they arrive to the Roadhouse, they found the place destroyed and every body is dead. Furthermore, Dean gets a vision of Sam's whereabouts. On the other hand, Sam and the others find themselves trapped in the hunted town when Lilly is killed trying to escape. Sam teams up with Jake who seems to have a superman like powers, and try to protect the others. While on guard, Sam falls asleep and is visited by The Yellow Eyed Daemon in his dream, who tells him the truth about his mother's and Jessica's death, he truth bout his powers and about the upcoming apocalyptic war. He wakes up to find Ava is missing and he and Jake go searching for her, upon hearing her scream they rush over to find her standing over Andy's corpse. She then reveals to Sam that she had been in the place since she disappeared five month earlier and that she is the only survivor of all the psychic kids coming to town. When she calls out a daemon to kill Sam, Jake kills her and saves him. Sam then tells Jake that they have to escape the place and not bow down to the daemons plans but Jake refuses telling him that only one will survive. They engage into a fight but Sam knocks Jake out when Dean and Bobby arrive to the place. As he runs towards his brother, Jake comes behind Sam and fatally stabs him in the back, leaving Sam to die in Deans arms.

This episode have some nice moments and some sad shocking ones:

1- I liked Bobby's reaction to Dean's headache. He was so fatherly concerned about him.

2- It was sad to see Ash and Andy die. Those where very likable characters.

3- Sam's happiness upon seeing Dean was heartbreaking.

4- Dean's grieve over Sam's death and seeing the life fade away from Sam's eyes. This right there can definitely bring tears to your eyes.

This one also raises some important question, some of which will be answered in the finale and some later on.

- What did Ash know before his death about the upcoming war?

- Did Ellen and Jo die in the Roadhouse?

- What did Mary know about The Yellow Eyed Daemon and what was she apologizing to Sam for?

- What was the end game of the apocalyptic war?

- Why did The Yellow Eyed Daemon talk to some kids and not others?

- Why did other kids have far more developed powers than Sam did?

- What are Sam's true powers and will he ever know the extent to what he can do?

- And most important of all, What will Dean do next?

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A truly Sammy-centric episode.

Author: Erin from Australia
12 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, first off to really appreciate this episode you need to be a huge 'Supernatural' fan, or more specifically a Sam Winchester fan as nearly the entire episode centers around him. This is actually my favorite Supernatural episode of season 2, and it has to be because of the wonderful performances put forward by the actors and actresses, not only Jared and Jensen's, but those of Katherine Isabelle as Ava, Gabriel Tigerman as Andy and Fredric Lehne as Yellow-eyes. I remember i was busy the night that it aired and had to tape it. I got home at about midnight that night, but insisted that i watch it before i was able to sleep. I ended up watching this amazing episode on this crappy tape with bad reception about 6 times. Each time i watched it i became enthralled with a different aspects of the ending.


Comments like 'No goodbyes for Dean' and 'Sam dies in his brother's arms' are just small, seemingly insignificant comments that mean so much. For Supernatural fans having Sam die in such a sudden, almost unexpected way was effectively executed and felt almost as if someone close to them had passed (i knew some people who, the next day, wore black arm bands in respect). The performances, from Jensen especially, are amazing. As an audience we are pulled into this situation. These are brothers. One is dying. What would you say if you knew this could be the last time that you spoke to the person you love the most? The relationship between the brothers has become so deep that it is a real shock to the system when anything this horrible happens to one, or really both of them.

I urge you to watch this, or if you already have, to watch it again more closely. The way in which Dean lovingly strokes Sam's lifeless face, Dean's anguish as his brother slips away and Sam's empty eyes would make even the most cynical person believe that this episode is a true masterpiece.

The only quarrel i had was the fact that i knew the ending before it happened, thanks to an all too detailed description in TV week the week before. Thanks for nothing you guys.

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The Best Show Sinnce X-Files, No worries...Sam is not truly dead.

Author: slackwoo-1 from United States
14 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, the episodes are pretty much all excellent from Seasons 1 and 2, this episode was well executed. Jensen and Jared are exceptional actors and are always surrounded by wonderful counterparts, whether a guest appearance or a regular.

"My take; Sam and Dean's Mother is some sort of part supernatural being and was kind of hiding out from whatever past she had. The yellow-eyed demon finally found her and corrupted Sam because he was an infant, Jared was older and more self aware. In the final episode Jared will somehow trap the demon and be forced to make a deal where the demon will bring Sam back and Dean will let the demon go."

Or, Sam's real father is the yellow-eyed demon, which would make for a really bad cliché. I have faith in the writers that they will not make this show just another cliché.



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Everything Happens for a reason, at least that's what I hope

Author: pancho_cmb from Argentina
11 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, what is there to say about this episode except for "WOW!" and "I can't wait till part 2 of 'all hell breaks loose'". I am a great fan of this series and I usually root for Dean but today I'm rooting for Sam because something BAAAAD is gonna happen and Sam got all to do with it. His death is not without a real good reason. because if you pay attention to the different points raised during the season, we know that GOD, LIFE AFTER DEATH, Sam and their mother, their dad too and obviously HELL and the Yellow eyed demon will be key factors in part 2. I just hope the inevitable doesn't happen, Sam going darkside and SUPERNATURAL turning into Sam vs. Dean ... Evil vs. Good. because even though Dean is tough he is no match against a possible 'demoniac Sam'. I think I've said enough and most of it wasn't about this episode. all I've got left to say is i feel sorry for Sam, I empathize with Dean and i'm disappointed with Ava's reappearance and missing Jo Harvelle ... she is gotta appear again.

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