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Plot Summary

  • In the future children are "Uglies" until they turn 16. On their 16th birthday they get to become "Pretties" by surgery. Tally, a rule breaking teen befriends a girl named Shay. Shay is unsure about the surgery and runs away. When Tally's 16th birthday comes Tally must make an awful decision:she must either betray and turn in Shay on never turn "Pretty" and be "Ugly" forever

    - Written by Selena
  • 300 years after the "Rusty Panic", or the end of our era that could be as soon as in a few years, normal people are "Uglies" until they turn sixteen and have plastic surgery done to be transformed into the bubble headed "Pretties" who move to the glamorous part of town. The main character, Tally, is threatened with being denied the procedure unless she spies on a friend, Shay, who skipped the operation and joined a rebellious group, The Smoke.

    - Written by Emma
  • Tally Youngblood is about to turn 16. In our world you have a sweet 16 but in Tally's world when you turn 16 you have an operation turning you pretty. Tally's best friend, Peris, is already pretty. One day she meets a girl name Shay who changes her life. Shay doesn't think the city's system is right so she runs away a few weeks before her and Tallys birthday. Tally must betray Shay or never become pretty at all.

    - Written by Carley
  • In the near future, a new breed of bacteria emerges and destabilizes all petroleum based products, plunging the world into catastrophe. A few centuries later, Tally Youngblood is about to celebrate her 16th birthday. The importance of this event doesn't mean a drivers license- it is the first day of the rest of her life. In the independent City, on the day of an adolescents 16th birthday, the individual undergoes extreme surgery, which transforms them from an average looking "Ugly" to a flawlessly gorgeous "Pretty". The perfect body. The beginning of a "Paris Hilton" lifestyle and catapults them into a high tech paradise. Tally can hardly wait. But when Tally's best friend Shay is found missing on Her birthday, intentionally avoiding her own surgery, Tally is denied her operation. At the mercy of the department of Special Circumstances, Tally is told she must venture beyond the walls of the City and uncover the Smoke, a rebellious camp of those who deny the operation. Dr. Cable, with her future of beauty as leverage, gives her two choices. Betray her best friend, or be ugly forever. But as she traverses through the untamed wilderness and uncovers the ruins of civilization, Tally is caught between conformity and individuality, and realizes, the beautiful life, has an ugliness of it's own.

    - Written by Jack
  • In a dystopian future, everyone is ugly. That is, until they turn 16 and go in for an operation to turn them pretty. This is what Tally Youngblood has been waiting for her whole life. But when she befriends a rebellious ugly named Shay, things get complicated. Shay wants to keep her natural ugly face, and runs away before her sixteenth birthday. Tally must find her and bring her back, or risk being ugly forever.

    - Written by Chloe Kurihara


Uglies is one of four books (Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras). It takes place in 300 years, in a society where until the age of 16...

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