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Kenneth Branagh discusses the pressure on the first Thor movie

Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok has come in for heaps of praise for its change in direction, taking the Thor franchise fully into the realm of cosmic comedy. However, it’s easy to forget now that, at the time of its release, the first Thor movie also marked a huge tonal shift for the fledgling Marvel Cinematic Universe, introducing cosmic elements after the Earth-based adventures of Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.

During an interview with Uproxx to promote his latest film Murder on the Orient Express, Thor director Kenneth Branagh spoke about the pressure on the first movie:

“Remember, there were only two pictures in the Marvel Universe. Iron Man, genius, the first one. Hulk hadn’t worked as they’d hoped. And then number three, it was sink or swim before Captain America and then suddenly, oh, it was fine after that. No question that Kevin Feige used to say to me,
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‘Mission: Impossible’ Producer Paula Wagner to Be Honored at Camerimage

Poland’s Camerimage cinematography fest, which kicked off Saturday, will honor Paula Wagner with its prize for “producer with unique visual sensitivity,” in recognition for her work on such films as “Mission: Impossible” and other partnerships with co-producer Tom Cruise.

With four decades of work, starting with projects such as Alejandro Amenábar’s chiller “The Others” and Billy Ray’s journalist drama “Shattered Glass,” the former actress built her career via agency work, repping talents such as Sean Penn, Val Kilmer, Demi Moore and Liam Neeson while at the Creative Artists Agency.

In 1993, she launched Cruise/Wagner Productions, which took on the film adaptation of the hit ‘70s TV suspense series “Mission: Impossible,” launching the franchise that continues to roll along. Cruise and Wagner also worked on Cameron Crowe’s mystery romance “Vanilla Sky,” based on Amenábar’s “Abre los ojos.”

Wagner then produced Edward Zwick’s Cruise-starrer “The Last Samurai,” exec produced
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USC Students Launch Petition to Remove Bryan Singer’s Name From the School of Cinematic Arts

  • Indiewire
USC Students Launch Petition to Remove Bryan Singer’s Name From the School of Cinematic Arts
Students at the USC School of Cinematic Arts have launched a petition calling for Bryan Singer’s name to be removed from the Division of Cinema and Media Studies. The call for action comes amid the ongoing sexual-harassment scandal emanating out of Hollywood, with the petition calling it “completely unacceptable that this prestigious department within our school still carries the name of Bryan Singer, a man accused multiple times of sexual harassment, assault, and pedophilia.”

Read More:‘Boyz n the Hood’ Director John Singleton Accused of Sexual Harassment By Reporter Danielle Young

Singer, who transferred to the USC School of Cinematic Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York, has directed such films as “The Usual Suspects,” “X-Men,” and “Valkyrie.” The university recently refused a donation from Harvey Weinstein following the many accusations of sexual misconduct that have been leveled against him.

Singer was accused of asking a
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Thor: Ragnarok Review

As Thor tumbles head-over-feet through the infinite cosmos, summons thunder blasts and tries to erase the image of Hulk’s gargantuan – how did Tony Stark put it, zucchini(?) – from his mind, “Cosmic Marvel” continues to evolve as the studio’s most fascinating subgenre. It’s where McU mastermind Kevin Feige allows filmmakers the most freedom, thus far.

James Gunn busted the shackles of franchise conformity in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, and now we have Taika Waititi turning Thor: Ragnarok into one of his signature quirky comedies. That’s not to downplay any blockbuster action and intergalactic majesty – I mean, Jeff Goldblum in a golden robe for Ego’s sake – but Waititi embraces Chris Hemsworth’s inner funnyman Far more than Kenneth Branagh or Alan Taylor chose to accept. Although, maybe that was for a reason?

We pick up with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) fighting a fire-and-brimstone demigod (Surtur,
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'Thor: Ragnarok' Review: Third Time's a Charm for the God of Thunder

'Thor: Ragnarok' Review: Third Time's a Charm for the God of Thunder
Need a quick fix for the bleak dystopian epics flooding the multiplex? Take a hit off the laughing gas rising up out of Thor: Ragnarok, which may be the most fun you'll ever have at a Marvel movie. The first Thor (2011) ran fast out of the gate, thanks to director Kenneth Branagh and Chris Hemsworth scoring as the Norse god with sibling issues (Tom Hiddleston as bad bro Loki stole the show). The 2013 follow-up, directed by Game of Thrones vet Alan Taylor, was a muddled mash-up. The third time really is the charm,
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Kenneth Branagh to Be Feted at Camerimage; ‘Orient Express’ Opens Festival

Kenneth Branagh to Be Feted at Camerimage; ‘Orient Express’ Opens Festival
British actor-director Kenneth Branagh will be feted at Camerimage, a festival that celebrates the art of cinematography. “Murder on the Orient Express,” the latest adaptation of the classic Agatha Christie whodunit, which Branagh both directed and stars in, will screen after the opening ceremony Nov. 11.

Branagh will receive two awards at the event: the Krzysztof Kieslowski Award, presented to “versatile actors and actresses who contribute to the art of filmmaking,” according to the fest; and the Cinematographer-Director Duo Award, alongside long-time collaborator Haris Zambarloukos.

Branagh has been nominated for five Oscars, including as director and lead actor in “Henry V,” and for adapted screenplay for “Hamlet.” His most recent nomination was for his supporting role in “My Week With Marilyn.”

As an actor, his roles span war dramas like Bryan Singer’s “Valkyrie” and Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk,” fantasy epics like “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” horror films like “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein,” which he also
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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Review: Marvel’s Funniest Superhero Movie Is a Dazzling Buddy Comedy That Doesn’t Need the Extra Drama

  • Indiewire
‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Review: Marvel’s Funniest Superhero Movie Is a Dazzling Buddy Comedy That Doesn’t Need the Extra Drama
There’s a brilliant moment late in “Thor: Ragnarok” in which Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) propels himself out of a spaceship to help his friends in the battle below. By now, most people inundated with Marvel movies over the past decade know the drill: The shock of the free fall transforms Banner into his raging alter ego, The Hulk, who lands on both feet with a domineering thud — except this time, it doesn’t. Banner face-plants on the magic rainbow bridge of Asgard, and for a moment both sides of the conflict stand agape.

This is the essence of the energetic spark that director Taika Waititi brings to the third “Thor” movie, which injects more overt comedy to Marvel’s sprawling expanded universe than ever before. That should come as no surprise: The Kiwi director’s vampire mockumentary “What We Do In the Shadows” and last year’s “Hunt for the Wilderpeople
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Tom Cruise Denies Wearing Butt Prosthetic In ‘Valkyrie’

  • Uinterview
A Tom Cruise fan took to Twitter to accuse the actor of wearing a butt prosthetic in the film Valkyrie. Tom Cruise Denies He Wore A Butt Prosthetic In Valkryie The tweet, which was posted on Aug. 20, has amassed more than 17,500 retweets and 67,000 likes, going viral in the process. User @iluvbutts247 posted a photo of […]

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Tom Cruise forced to deny fake butt rumors

  • The AV Club
Tom Cruise has finally addressed the pernicious rumors that have been floating around his career for years now, taking a stand and outright denying that he wore a fake butt while on the set of his 2008 Nazi thriller Valkyrie. “I have no idea. There was no prosthetic in Valkyrie. No,” Cruise told ScreenRant this week,…

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'American Made' and 'Flatliners' Target Spots in the Weekend Box Office Top Five

'American Made' and 'Flatliners' Target Spots in the Weekend Box Office Top Five
As of the end of the day Wednesday, the month-to-date gross is less than $6 million shy of becoming the largest September ever. Much of the month's $620+ million is thanks to the record performance from It, which has grossed over $272 million domestically and $500 million globally. The month should become the largest September ever by the end of day today and this weekend offers one last chance to add to the total with new releases including Tom Cruise's American Made and Sony's Flatliners remake hitting theaters. Mojo's weekend forecast has the top twelve bringing in around $89 million, which would mean the month is likely to finish over $690 million, though just a bit shy of becoming the first September ever to hit $700 million. A pair of holdovers are likely to repeat atop the weekend box office beginning with Fox's Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which should pull in somewhere around $19.5 million, again finishing
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Tom Cruise Denies Wearing a Fake Butt in Valkyrie, Because He's Just That Thick

  • Popsugar
Tom Cruise Denies Wearing a Fake Butt in Valkyrie, Because He's Just That Thick
Tom Cruise is an award-winning actor, producer, and, in the 2008 movie Valkyrie, a German army officer with a huuuuuuge butt. Back in August, Twitter user iluvbutts247 aptly called out the actor's poppin' backside in an early scene of the movie, wondering if Cruise wore pads or was stuffing some junk in his trunk to appear larger. I mean, clearly iluvbutts247 knows their stuff, so it was no surprise when the tweet went completely viral. It's been nine years since the movie premiered, but the bootylicious tweet sent the internet ablaze with fans speculating if his perfectly plump ass was real or fake during the movie. hello, please, i present the theory that for one single shot in Valkyrie (2008), at 5:12, tom cruise wears a fake butt. observe: - swizz keats (@iluvbutts247) August 20, 2017 It wasn't until recently that Tom addressed the rumors, revealing that his junk was,
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Tom Cruise Uses His Own Real Ass for Movies, Says 'Mummy' Co-Star Annabelle Wallis

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_o5h5kyhs"]] Tom Cruise is a real-life action hero on the set of his movies -- but his ass is even realer ... according to one of his co-stars. We got Annabelle Wallis -- who starred alongside Tom in "The Mummy" this summer -- and she confirmed 2 stories about him all in a matter of seconds. She says it's true that Tom saved her life while filming 'Mummy' when something got wrapped around her neck during a stunt.
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Tom Cruise Really Is That Bootylicious in Valkyrie

  • E! Online
Tom Cruise Really Is That Bootylicious in Valkyrie
Let's get to the bottom of it: Did Tom Cruise really pad his bottom in Valkyrie? In August, a Twitter user shared a Gif of the actor during an action sequence in the 2008 film and theorized that he wore a "fake butt." The tweet went viral, and Christopher McQuarrie—who co-wrote and produced Valkyrie and has worked with Cruise on six other films—fanned the flames, writing, "At 12k retweets and climbing, why would I ever add clarity to this thread?" Many Twitter users debated why Cruise's butt looked especially bubbly in that particular scene, but the actor himself never commented on the silly rumors—until this week, that is. As he was doing press for American Made, Cruise told...
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Tom Cruise Says He Did Not Wear a Prosthetic Butt in Valkyrie

Tom Cruise Says He Did Not Wear a Prosthetic Butt in Valkyrie
Tom Cruise is known for making his movies as authentic as possible by doing all his stunt work himself (even when it takes a serious toll on his body). So when rumors surfaced that he possibly wore a fake prosthetic butt in the 2008 film Valkyrie, all he could do was laugh it off.

This past summer a tweet went viral when an eagle-eye viewer took a screen shot of Cruise’s backside in the film, claiming it looked noticeably larger in one quick scene.

hello, please, i present the theory that for one single shot in Valkyrie (2008), at 5:12, tom cruise wears a fake butt.
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Tom Cruise Denies Wearing Fake Butt: “I Do My Own Mooning”

  • ET Canada
Tom Cruise does not use fake butts. The 55-year-old actor made that fact absolutely clear in an interview with Screen Rant. Related: The Internet Thinks Tom Cruise Allegedly Wore A Fake Butt For ‘Valkyrie’ Cruise was asked about a viral tweet that raised important questions about his impossibly large and round behind in a single shot […]
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Tom Cruise Denies ‘Valkyrie’ Fake Butt Rumor: ‘No Prosthetic’

  • The Wrap
Tom Cruise Denies ‘Valkyrie’ Fake Butt Rumor: ‘No Prosthetic’
In his latest film, “American Made,” Tom Cruise regularly flashes his bare rear end as part of a running gag, and that led people to ask a question that’s been on his fans’ minds for some time now … does the action star use a prosthetic butt? In Cruise’s 2008 film, “Valkyrie,” there’s a freeze frame shot of Cruise getting up from a pile of rubble that has left moviegoers wondering whether the actor did a lot of squats to get ready for the role or if he was packing some extra padding in his trousers. When asked by Screen.
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Tom Cruise Crushes Fake Butt Rumors Once and for All

  • MovieWeb
Tom Cruise Crushes Fake Butt Rumors Once and for All
One of the internet's favorite conspiracy theories has just been put to bed. Or did it just get more interesting? Either way, Tom Cruise has officially responded to the rumors that he wore a fake butt prosthetic in the 2008 war movie, Valkyrie. According to the actor himself, the butt that everyone online seems to think is fake is 100 percent, totally authentic. That is pure Tom Cruise posterior.

Tom Cruise is currently promoting his latest movie, American Made, which is set to arrive in theaters this weekend. While speaking with Screen Rant about the upcoming Doug Liman-directed biopic, Cruise was finally asked about the fake butt rumors point blank. Not only did he deny that he was wearing some kind of butt padding or prosthetic in Valkyrie, but he wasn't even aware of the rumors. Here's what he had to say about it.

"I have no idea. There was no prosthetic in Valkyrie.
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“American Made” puts Tom Cruise back into the world of biopics

Every decade or two, Tom Cruise seems to be compelled to take part in a biopic. Back in the late 80’s, it was his Academy Award nominated turn in Born on the Fourth of July. About 20 years later, it was Valkyrie. Now, this week sees him back playing a real person with American Made, a look at Barry Seal, a pilot who nearly ended up bringing down the Reagan Administration with his drug running. It’s still close to action hero territory at times for Cruise, but compared to many of his recent outings, this is downright a prestige picture. He’s a great movie star, endlessly compelling in action flicks, but serious films always contain his best performances. The movie is a biopic, albeit an unconventional one. Barry Seal (Cruise) is an unhappy Twa pilot who ends up recruited by the CIA during the 1980’s. Monty ‘Schafer’ (Domhnall Gleeson) sees something in Barry,
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Taika Waititi considers Thor: Ragnarok to be the first film in a new Thor series

Back when Thor came out in theaters, everyone was a bit apprehensive. Marvel simply didn’t have the greatest track-record getting their works adapted to film (Yet). The first Iron Man film, at the time, was considered a bit of a “unicorn”. It was a solid film in its own right, and a massive step up for Marvel in terms of quality. Then Iron Man 2 happened. This, of course, led everyone to fear the worst for Thor’s first solo outing.

And how did it do? Not too bad, actually. The film has its detractors, sure, but Chris Hemsworth owned the part, and director Kenneth Branagh perfectly struck a balance between the mythological, and the banal. Thor: The Dark World fared about the same, critically. So what about Thor: Ragnarok, the Asgardian’s third solo adventure? Is there much connective tissue to the other films? According to director Taika Waititi,
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