Valkyrie (2008) Poster


Plot Keywords

assassination german officer
nazi north africa
conspiracy ss
colonel bomb
bunker german army
nazi germany american actor playing foreigner
teletype bavaria
bavarian alps berghof germany
luftwaffe schnapps
photographer panzer
photograph battalion
war ministry cut
rastenburg east prussia tin snips
pliers tools
smolensk russia mirror
switchboard finger amputation
chandelier victrola
wooden sword war game
government tears
crying blanket
body bag grenade
listening to a radio listening to music
court martial suicide
shootout shooting
suicide note normandy
invasion armored vehicle
tank shelling
artillery desert
mass execution jew
diary tent
munich germany hospital
eye wound bandage
year 1944 year 1943
recording crucifix
cross military
church judge
courtroom court
hanging children
dog flash forward
swimming swimmer
eating food
chancellor arrest
warrant men's bathroom
heil hitler drink
drinking nightclub
song singing
singer dancing
dancer reference to field marshal montgomery
reference to richard wagner boy
father son relationship mother son relationship
family relationships voice over narration
kiss briefcase
motorcycle with a sidecar motorcycle
gun rifle
violence suspense
murder bombing
cyanide capsule berlin germany
no opening credits tunisia
german soldier second lieutenant
physician major
major general lieutenant
gestapo wehrmacht
german resistance general
eyeball detonator
death by hanging adjutant
war injury military headquarters
exploitation traitor
title appears in writing swimming pool
shot in the head shot in the chest
shot in the back shot in the arm
severed hand severed finger
pride husband wife relationship
hanged man friendship
exploding car disfigurement
deception death
death of protagonist cigarette smoking
blood betrayal
telephone call resistance
politics execution
coup d'etat what if
what happened to epilogue wagner's ride of the valkyries
typewriter treason
treachery tragic hero
time bomb suicide pill
suicide by gunshot strafing
shaving sham trial
record player presumed dead
piano wire phonograph
reference to benito mussolini mosquito
military coup medal
meat hook kangaroo court
iron cross hung from a hook
high treason glass eye
german shepherd garrotting
flight to freedom firing squad
eye patch ethnic slur
enigma machine cyanide
checkpoint bomb shelter
assassination plot assassination attempt
amputee air raid
air raid siren air raid shelter
afrika corps plot to kill hitler
one word title third reich
stauffenberg bomb plot swastika
shot to death revenge
airplane plan gone wrong
pistol one eyed man
nazi uniform military officer
lieutenant colonel explosion
escape attempt nazi soldier
world war two 1940s
title spoken by character

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