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When Ricky Myers (Orville Matherson) , a talented black dancer of Jamaican descent, is caught selling drugs in Augusta, Ga. he is sentenced to four months probation. During which he is required to teach at a training center in the predominately white community of Johnsonville, Ga. While there he encounters a student with an ailing mother, Grace (Susan Lahout), needs $90,000.00 to have an operation to save her life. In order to raise the money Ricky decides to help the students compete in a national dance competition.He introduces the dance group to the exciting reggae beats of his homeland. A Dance for Grace is sure to captivate diverse audiences everywhere with it's urban dance moves, soulful soundtrack and touching storyline centered on the basic human desire for a second chance. Excellent entertainment for the whole family, A Dance for Grace reminds us that it's not where you've come from but where you are going that really matters.


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