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Season 3

25 Feb. 2013
The Stand Off
A traffic jam occurs on the road and Shaun and the flock can't get past. Bitzer decides to let them walk through a truck, but they don't come out the other side.
2 Jan. 2013
The Coconut
The farmer wins a coconut from a carnival. Shaun and Bitzer get their hands on it and attempt to crack it open.
3 Jan. 2013
The Shepherd
The farmer enters a shepherd contest to try and earn a trophy. Will Timmy's interfering stop him from winning?
4 Jan. 2013
You Missed a Bit
Window-cleaning proves to be a lot harder than it's thought to be for Shaun and Bitzer.
7 Jan. 2013
Let's Spray
Graffiti art gets Bitzer into trouble.
8 Jan. 2013
The Crow
A crow in the barn prevents Shaun and the flock from sleeping.
9 Jan. 2013
Shaun the Fugitive
After Shaun is caught eating cakes, an engineer arrives. Shaun thinks he's after him, so he goes into hiding. Will he survive?
10 Jan. 2013
Hard to Swallow
Shaun quits baaing but goes quacking today.
11 Jan. 2013
Mission Inboxible
The Farmer is engrossed in trying to set up his new computer. The Flock take the opportunity of his back being turned to have a game of football. When the ball accidentally lands inside the farmhouse, under the nose of The Farmer, Shaun comes up with an ingenious disguise to help him retrieve it.
14 Jan. 2013
Bye Bye Barn
Shaun and The Flock discover that The Farmer has grand plans for their barn - that don't include them. Drastic action is needed if life on the farm is ever going to be the same again.
15 Jan. 2013
The Rounders Match
Tensions are high during a game of rounders.
11 Mar. 2013
Film Night
Shaun and Bitzer watch clips from old episodes.
17 Jan. 2013
Shaun and the flock help Bitzer put together hidden treasure.
18 Jan. 2013
The Skateboard
Shaun decides he wants to have a go at skateboarding - and of course there's trouble.
21 Jan. 2013
The Piano
The Farmer is playing the piano and torturing everyone with his musical inability. When The Flock discover that Bitzer on the other hand is a virtuoso they decide it's time for a party. They devise a plan to 'borrow' the piano when The Farmer goes to bed - however things don't quite go to plan .
22 Jan. 2013
The Snapshot
Shaun is accidentally cut out of the Farmer's family photo.
18 Mar. 2013
Prickly Heat
It is a scorching hot day on the farm and the flock need to cool off, but can't go into the sheep dip. Bitzer finds an inflatable swimming pool, and then must help keep the Farmer cool, leading the flock to investigate the swimming pool.
24 Jan. 2013
The Hang Glider
The Farmer has a thrilling new hobby - however it's not as easy as it looks. When The Farmer gets stuck in a tree Bitzer comes to his rescue, leaving Shaun and The Flock to get to grips with the airborne contraption.
25 Jan. 2013
The Shadow Play
After failing to comfort an upset Timmy, the shadow puppet crew spring into action.
21 Mar. 2013
Bull vs. Wool
Bitzer's antics with a red napkin at a picnic attract the attention of the bull.

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