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  • What began as a friendly rivalry between two effects artists explodes off TheForce.Net's FanFilms Forum and into the real world in a lightsaber battle royale. Originally created for the forum's lightsaber choreography competition, this fight to the death will decide once and for all who is truly most skilled with a saber. There can be only one.


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  • Ryan Wiebber and Micheal "Dorkman" Scott arrive at an enclosed area. After a friendly rivalry over who is better, the pair decide to resolve it in a light saber duel to the death. The battle begins and the pair remain evenly matched. However Dorkman manges to disarm Ryan and takes the advantage. On the ropes Ryan knocks Dorkmans lightsaber from his hand and the pair battle each other as they try and claim it. This leads to a final contest of the force as each tries to use the force to claim it. Ryan gains the advantage and even manages to take hold of the light saber, however Dorkman manages to flip the lightsaber as Ryan grabs it, and activates it, causing Ryan to be impaled by it. As Dorkman walks away a Clone of Ryan appears (a joke for the original audience of TheForce.net, to whom Ryan was famous for doing clone special effects) and kills Dorkman, leaving the fight in a tie.

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