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Museum of Pop Culture Exhibit to Honor New Science Fiction & Fantasy Hall of Fame Inductees

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Inspiring generations with their uncanny abilities to bring us closer to the great wonders (and horrors) of this universe, Guillermo del Toro and H.P. Lovecraft are among the group of creators and works being inducted this year into the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a new exhibit at the Museum of Pop Culture.

Press Release: Seattle – The Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) announced a new exhibition commemorating the 20th anniversary Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame and named the new inductees for 2016. The Hall of Fame honors the lives, work, and ongoing legacies of science fiction and fantasy’s greatest creators, and as the program marks its 20th year, it has expanded eligibility to recognize the genre’s most impactful creations. For the 2016 year, the Hall of Fame will induct Star Trek, Blade Runner, and authors Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams.
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'The X Factor' USA Results Live Recap: And Then There Were Three

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'The X Factor' USA Results Live Recap: And Then There Were Three
It's time for another X Factor dream to be crushed ... then pulverized, and then ground into a fine, luminous powder and sprinkled over the Road to Victory, the easier for the three remaining performers to see their way as they march to next week's finale.

Whoa, what? Sorry, I got a little dark there for a minute. It's just that, given how wretched and uncomfortable last week's elimination was, and that tonight the obnoxious and smug Nicole Scherzinger is going to force her obnoxiousness and smugness down our throats with a performance of her song "Pretty" (which, until I hear otherwise, I'm going to assume is about Nicole feeling sorry for herself because she's too beautiful to be taken seriously), I'm feeling a bit bleak.

You know who else is probably feeling bleak right now? Marcus Canty. Even his "Vegas show in 1983" version of "Careless Whisper" didn't seem to improve
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Watch Out!: Road to Victory (2007)

When it comes to dramatic movies, the trials of a sports athlete is pretty low on the totem pole of interesting subjects. Most of the time, sports movies are designed to show off the human spirit; the ability of a person to overcome whatever obstacles life puts in front of them to achieve their dream of playing sports, often with an emphasis on winning. The common thing to do, though, is to single out a disability that's a hindrance to the individual: honor, self-worth, pride, or dreams. Road to Victory uniquely makes it about the athlete's field performance being affected by his responsibility to other individuals.

Completed in 2007, it has a year's head start on Aronofsky's The Wrestler on the premise of a fledging athlete developing a turbulent relationship with a stripper, and the body-use themes that arise from that pairing. Writer and director Mike Reilly himself stars as Elliot,
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