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IFC's Midnight Movie Summer of Horrors!

IFC Films has quickly become one of horror's best friends by picking up lots of really good properties that otherwise would have struggled and giving them theatrical and on-demand releases, making them easily accessible to us blood-hungry fans.

To make things even easier for you guys (because we love you so), we've compiled a complete listing of what they've got cooking horror-wise from now into October! Dig it!

Before the Fall -- On Demand: 7.22.09–10.27.09

What would you do if the world was going to end in 72 hours? A giant meteorite is about to collide with Earth. The planet is gripped by despair and chaos. The inhabitants of the little town of Laguna listen to the news in terror. Ale, a frustrated young man who lives with his mother and works at doing odd jobs, decides to spend his last days shut away, getting drunk and listening to his favorite music.
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Midnight Movie DVD Review -- Elis says Midnight is a hip, self aware horror film. It won’t change your life, but its two hours of good clean gruesome fun

They also get a big thumbs up from me not taking themselves too seriously, they keep firmly in mind that they are delivering a horror film, not an art film. Yeah, I know, it seems like a double standard, but you know what: tough. “Wait, Eli likes social commentary, but doesn’t want the filmmakers to take themselves too seriously, me am so confused.” Filmmakers can have fun and be serious, provided they manage to keep from suffering the mental retardation that seems to so often afflict people who pick up cameras.The film slows down just a tad after the opening sequence, as we are introduced to the characters that will populate the majority of the film and make up the audience of the movie within the movie. We’ve got the theatres manager, her underlings, her boyfriend, some friends of hers, and her little brother (next time your
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