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This movie's good. It's fast, deftly paced and funny.
If Lottery Ticket had as much conviction as laughs, it could have hit the jackpot.
More helpful is Ice Cube's endearing performance as an aged sparring partner of Leon Spinks and Muhammad Ali who provides cover and advice for Kevin as he tries to hold onto both his wits and the ticket.
Boxoffice Magazine
In some ways the film is reminiscent of "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World" with the theme of greed and a gaggle of people all after a piece of the pot, but Lottery Ticket pays off on the laughs with a strong message about using sudden riches responsibly and the importance of giving back to the community.
Village Voice
The theme of this formulaic but vibrant ensemble comedy could best be described as a paraphrase of Biggie's well-worn credo: Mo' money, mo' problems-but mo' money, yeah, definitely.
Whatever laughter Lottery Ticket earns is through familiarity with these exaggerated characters, and actors going the extra mile to make viewers believe they haven't seen this material before.
The script is never nearly as clever as the premise ought to allow, and the madcap fun is far too frequently derailed by tonal inconsistencies.
There are a couple of good performances and a few funny bits, but mostly the film just bounces back and forth until coming to a flat, trite close.
The Hollywood Reporter
No one on the creative side has his eyes on the characters, so they flounder in a sea of misguided energy.
Even on its own limited terms, the jokes are sub–"Friday" sequel, and a last-act grab for "Boyz n the Hood" pathos is seriously reaching.

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