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*Closet Clown*

When a van breaks down outside his house containing a couple of clowns, Ed angrily berates the two who rush away, much to his wife's embarrassment.

In the aftermath, one of them drops a squeaky red clown nose. Ed considers throwing it away, but holds onto it. The next day at work, he experiments with wearing it in the bathroom, making a funny face and saying he's a clown. These actions are seen by his boss Mr Dupette, who requests Ed come to his office.

Ed is ready for the worst, but is surprised when Dupette also confides in Ed that he too is 'a closet clown.' Ed is still confused, by Dupette claims he is going to help Ed come out, and schedules him to attend a children's Birthday Party.

Ed is at first unsure what to do, but soon gets into his role, soon dubbing himself 'Ed the Clown.'


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