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Better than the Rest... WAY BETTER!

Author: datdudesketch from United States
5 April 2008

I've watched every spider-man animated series there has ever been and this one is by far my favorite of them all. The past series that I've watched have so many flaws I can count them on 10 hands, but this... flawless so far!

Okay, the theme song is pretty weird, but I kind of like that too.

I love that it's more about the high school years with Gwen Stacy (something that was left out of the 1st film Grrrr!) Though I seriously doubt that the producers will kill the animated Gwen :P That's not likely. Plus they're keeping faithful to the comic by making Mary Jane's identity a mystery. Nice!

Compared to the 90s show, the animation is consistent from one episode to the next. In the 90s series artists got lazy and repeated scenes or it was drawn crappy one weekend, then beautiful the next. Spectacular stays clean and well drawn. Even the action sequences are clean, like Spidey's movements are so well done it's hard to believe. And thank you so much for not incorporating 3D buildings....yuck! Spidey's jokes are funnier than they ever been in any previous series as well. The villains give him plenty of ammo.

Speaking of villains, they are so strategically placed throughout the series it's amazing (no pun intended). Their stories are not rushed like the 90's show. He's not babbling on and on about some girl while fighting the baddie and then the scene gets cut back and forth sporadically. I can't say anything bad about this show... yet. But I doubt that they'll give me a reason to.

So until this one goes belly up, make mine Marvel!

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Redeems the web crawler

Author: Darwinskid from United States
29 March 2008

After the very disappointing Spider-Man 3 I'm happy to see things improve and what better way to improve by a whole new animated series.

This show is yet another reboot for the Spider, so far it's a good new take. at first I didn't think I would care for this show, I really had no interest but inside me I am a Spider-Man fan and therefore I had to check it out when it first aired, and I loved every second of it. I haven't been able to fault this show since it aired, everything seems to be working out well in terms of humor, drama, characters, plots, etc. Not only that the show has a pretty good pace of things, all balanced right unlike some action packed shows which don't have a heavy balance of all things considered.

I'm glad this show hasn't been another superhero disappointment like The Batman was for me when that first aired, and progressed. This is no The Batman, it kind of feels like the Batman: The Animated Series for Spider-Man here, little bit, but in terms of being well written and depth. Nothing highly dark or crazy here, yet.

Sometimes change is good, isn't it? Hope the series gets better and better.

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"The Spectacular Spider-Man" - "Spectacular," indeed!

Author: dee.reid from United States
5 October 2010

Perhaps the inspiration for this show's name was after Marvel Comics' second Spider-Man solo series, "Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man." I don't know, I'm not sure. What I am sure of, is that "The Spectacular Spider-Man" is "spectacular" entertainment. The show is a hi-tech reboot of the Marvel Comics character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, about orphaned schoolboy Peter Parker, who is bitten by a mutated spider that grants him a vast array of spider-like abilities which he then uses to fight crime as the masked superhero Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is my all-time favorite superhero. In my opinion, the character got his greatest screen treatment with "Spider-Man 2" (2004), which is my second favorite movie of all time and is also my favorite superhero movie of all time. (And yes, I am very, very upset that a reboot franchise is in the works.) This show is pretty fantastic and fits well with the times, 2010. The animation, as one person described, is very much like a Japanese cartoon - Anime', in other words - yet still uniquely American in its presentation. I have to say that it helps this show and makes the animation seem more dynamic and fluid for the viewer.

Peter Parker is probably the most instantly recognizable and empathetic of superheroes for the mere fact that he's a teenager, rather than an adult, and has to learn for himself what it means to be a grown-up, and that with "great power, there must also come great responsibility." We always identified with Parker's personal battles (as well as his battles with well-known super-villains like Dr. Octopus and the Green Goblin), like his romantic relationships, his social awkwardness, his money problems, and grade troubles. I would imagine that is something most college-age kids will always be able to relate to. I know I have on more than one occasion.

I hope this show continues being the "spectacular" piece of animated entertainment that it is.


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A spectacular series that will be missed

Author: IMDbUser93 from Denmark
7 July 2012

Ever since I was little, I've been a fan of Spider-Man and watched all the series. But this is the best Spider-Man adaption ever made. The show is great and manages to deliver what Spider-Man fans has been wanting. The design is something new and special to the Spider-Man series, in this series we come across a lot of the villains from the series such as Venom, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Rhino, Lizard, Shocker, Electro, Vulture, Mysterio and many more! It is a big shame that this show has been canceled, this animated Spider-Man series is favorable and deserved more seasons. I am not sure if it will ever happen, but I really hope they will go back to this series and continue to make more episodes because it is hard finding such a good animated show these days.

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Different from the previous Incarnations but still GREAT watching!

Author: Carter933 from Dallas, Texas
25 October 2008

This isn't the same old rehashed Peter Parker/Spiderman mythology that fans can recite by heart. It's original, witty, and definitely creative in its execution that still keeps the spirit of everything we know and love about Spiderman. Remember, just as Marvel Comics released Amazing Spiderman, Spectacular Spiderman, & a host of other Spiderman spin offs that each maintained their own plot lines this show does just the same thing.

In this the Spectacular Spiderman, the writers have successfully taken the main characters in Peter Parker's life and updated them with 2008 lifestyles and diverse cultures and issues. Most important, they've mixed GREAT action sequences with outstanding writing and characterization. In addition, the voice actors and storyboarding are all top notch that I can only hope to see continue for several more seasons.

Shows like this one and Avatar just remind me that great animation is still fun to watch no matter what age or what generation you may be.

Respectfully, Carter p.s. look up Bob Carter & know that I speak from some experience in this area.

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Author: jhenderson004 from United States
17 July 2009

As a big fan of Spider-Man I love this show and it really gives him justice. I hope there will be an season 3, 4, and 5 for this show because it has big expectations to be one of the greatest superhero animated series at all time. Anyway this show has a wide array of villains, supporting characters, and Spidey while having just as much as focus on his alter ego, Peter Parker. A few of the villains from season one are Vulture, Shocker, Venom, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Rhino, Lizard, Hammerhead Tombstone, and Electro. Which are all portrayed quite well. Season 2 introduces Mysterio, Kraven, Molten Man, and Silvermane and all the rest of the same villains from season 1 (besides the Lizard which they are planning to do a spin off movie of.) Anyway this show is a must for Spider-Man fans and comic book fans everywhere and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Streamlined, effective, and greatly appreciated!

Author: alanrayford from Detroit, Michigan
29 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The C.W.'s Spectacular Spider-Man isn't just a great cartoon. It's a great show, period, that is deserving of a better time slot. Seriously, if it were shown during prime-time, it would fare better than most would think.

For one, the action scenes are all fluidly animated. Spiderman moves the way he should. He jumps, flips, swings, and dodges with the greatest of ease. After watching the first season, I don't think I've seen him make the same move in the same way twice—amazing. Not only are the action scenes visually arresting, they're well thought out as well. Yes, Spidey is superhumanly strong, fast, and agile. However, most of his victories come from him using his brain. He defeated Electro by dropping him in a swimming pool. The Shocker gets an abandoned theater brought down around his head. Spidey took out the Sandman by drenching him with wet cement. The Rhino was defeated by being lured into a steam tunnel where he quickly overheated.

Then there is the humor that, so far, has been absent from any version of Spiderman outside of the comics. This show has some vicious one liners that sound like they were written by professional stand up comedian. Case in point, Spidey is fighting the Shocker and just ripping on him. (Shocker—Don't you mock me). (Spidey—Hey, it's what I do. I mock. I'm a mocker). The Green Goblin tells Parker that they should join forces to take over New York City. The hero's response: Are we just talking Manhattan or all five. The snappy writing doesn't end with the tights though.

Peter Parker's more normal life is covered full and well, providing this show with less fantastic and more dramatic character interactions. Pete's relationship with his aunt is more fleshed out and shown to be extremely close, with him having a curfew and suffering restrictions. And it makes sense. After all, they're all that they've got. At school, Pete is the perennial outcast and has to deal with being picked on relentlessly. However, the bullies and valley girls are never cast in a one dimensional light and, as the season progresses, are allowed to grow as characters. Eventually, they even start warming up to him. This is especially evident in the Flash Thompson and Liz Allen characters. The real meat of the slower paced scenes, however, all take place at the Daily Bugle.

J.J.J. is faithfully depicted as the perennial boss from Hell and to hilarious effect. The first time Parker approaches him about taking photos of Spiderman, the guy has him kicked out of the bullpen before he can say anything. Then there is Betty Brant. She is an adult. Parker is sixteen. Yet, there is still an attraction between the two that is resolved in a way that feels right, not forced, and never becomes creepy. I fell out over Aunt May going all the way into Manhattan to tell Brant to back off her teenage nephew, all while dodging a rampaging Rhino. When Parker trounces the bad guy, only to end up losing out with a babe, the show is working on overtime and firing on all cylinders.

The Spectacular Spider-Man has amazing animation, sensational action, side splitting humor, absolutely relatable drama, snappy dialogue, and, lastly, spectacular writing. Any fan of the character, or of good television wouldn't have a problem watching it. This is why this isn't as much of a review as it is me personally begging the C.W. to give this show a shot in prime-time. Back in the early the nineties, Batman the Animated Series was occasionally shown on FOX after 8:00 p.m. and did well. Well, as good as that series was, this one has the potential to be much better. It even has that tight, serial quality that's all the rage nowadays. Please give it a chance in the big league's C.W. You're going to be showing reruns until January anyway, so what could it hurt?

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Great show! It will be missed...

Author: chucknorrisfacts
28 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've been a fan of Spider-Man, and both Marvel and DC Comics for as long as I can remember. I've seen many different attempts made by Marvel to adapt their comic book properties into the medium of animation. Sometimes it's worked, sometimes it hasn't.

To me, "The Spectacular Spider-Man" was one of the greatest, if not the greatest, animated series based off a Marvel Comics character. Unfortunately, the network execs who get to call the shots on what shows are picked up for new seasons decided to go ahead and cease production on a third season of the show. Personally, I think this was a big mistake.

I think this series really had everything a Spidey fan could ask for. It always featured a top-notch storyline for each episode that could at once be understood by children yet still enjoyed by adults. Additionally, it focused a lot on the actual characters themselves, and developed them well, I certainly was looking forward to seeing other characters who hadn't yet been introduced be given the "Spectacular Spider-Man" treatment.

Initially, I wasn't crazy about the animation style of the show, as it does look more "cartoonish" than previous incarnations of the web-slinger, but that is all but forgotten once you see how fantastic everything else is about the show. I would even say the animation grows on you, and although it was less detailed than the 1990s "Spider-Man" animated series, it allowed for a lot more fluid animation where the aforementioned series looked sluggish at times.

They've announced plans of creating a new Spider-Man cartoon that will debut in fall 2011. I, for one, think this is an awful long time to wait for a new Spidey series, and I can't see them being able to top this one, that's just too tall an order, in my opinion. One has to wonder why cancel a perfectly good show only to create another? I think we're amidst a "reboot obsession" right now in Hollywood, and I can't stand it.

Will I watch the new Spider-Man series when it comes out? In all honesty, I'll give it a shot, but that's not to say I'll become a steady viewer. The only thing that will keep me coming back is if it somehow manages to be equal to or greater than this series, but I seriously doubt it will be able to accomplish that feat.

I give "The Spectacular Spider-Man" a ten-out-of-ten! I highly recommend checking it out whether you're a longtime fan of ol' web head or if you're new to the comic book world. Either way, it's a great cartoon, and I know I can speak for myself and many others on the IMDb forums that it will be sorely missed.

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A pleasant spider-surprise!

Author: Mattphesto from United Kingdom
8 October 2009

At first glance this show may appear to be an animated adaptation of the kiddie-friendly 'Marvel Adventures' Spider-Man comic book and that might put a few people off. However, if you can see past the stylised somewhat anime-influenced character design and persevere then you're in for a treat. Viewers don't need to be dedicated web-heads or even comic-book fans in particular as this show is essentially a reboot of Spidey's early years. Having said that, fans will get a kick out of the show too as all the main players are present and correct. The villains specifically are given new 'plausible' twists on their origins that mange to be inventive without offending the fan faithful. Characterisation is spot-on, Peter is idealistic and a little naive but still manages to deliver the trademark quips when in costume, MJ is supportive and strong, Flash is a jerk, Jonah a blow-hard, Harry is a bit of a dweeb with a sliver of darkness no doubt inherited from his manipulative and ruthless father, Norman Osbourne. In a slight retcon Eddie Brock is now portrayed as Peter's childhood friend who lost his parents in the same plane crash that killed the Parkers, but that's just a set-up for the affair with the black alien goo. We're also treated to a bit of romantic tension, will Peter opt for MJ, cheerleader Liz Allen, the slinky charms of Black Cat or the sweet natured Gwen Stacy (there's no way that could end badly, right?)? With superbly animated action sequences featuring some, heck I'll say it, spectacular fight choreography and imaginative use of webbing that almost shames the movies this is a show that manages to be both fun and dramatic in just the right blend. There's a certain joyous, youthful spirit to SS-M that's easy to buy into because, let's face it, Peter started off as Spidey when he was in high school and this show stays faithful to that (unlike the crow-barring of Tony Stark back into his school days in the cell-shaded nightmare that is 'Iron Man: Armoured Adventures'). Probably the most enjoyable comic-book adaptation since Justice League Unlimited, at least as good as Batman: Brave & The Bold IMHO.

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Another fine edition to the webslingers fame

Author: tonyjea92 from United States
15 January 2011

what is there to say about this show spiderman fighting almost every known villain in his rogue gallery, peter getting to date gwen stacy,mary jane watson,liz allen and not to mention that this show completely beats out the original animated series by 2000 miles its sad to hear though it was canceled by Disney but no way will this show ever die out of our hearts and our minds. I love how villains such as electro,sandman and tinkerer were present due to them never appearing in any other forms of the TV show and how spiderman is back to being his witty small and downright funny self long live the show that is called SPECTACULAR spiderman

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