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Underrated Series
arorashadow_200317 September 2011
El Cazador is the third installment of the Girls With Guns Trilogy from studio Bee Train and it's surprisingly refreshing. Those expecting Noir II probably won't be pleased but those expecting something creative and highly inventive will be most happy. Going into El Cazador my self I really wasn't expecting much. The series didn't look like it had the same kick as MADLAX my personal favorite of the genre or the simplicity yet style of Noir. However when I started watching it, I simply couldn't put it down.

El Cazador is different from it's two previous predecessors in so many ways, it gives it the striking originality to make it a stand alone series not requiring the viewer to see the previous two. With a more adventure setting and much more of a blend of comedy and drama and a western flair through Central America, the series proves to be fun, enjoyable and a great anime take on the time honored Buddy Picture. The relationship of Nadie and Ellis develops episode by episode and we see the two become closer and even suffer some growing pains along the way. Being pursued by mysterious interests such as Rosenberg and Jody Heyward with the creepy stalker LA the bounds are clearly defined of good and bad.

There's no shortage of surprises and exciting moments in the series as well as the calm moments to sit back and enjoy the art and music culminate into a lovely atmosphere. Yuki Kajiura returns to provide the music bringing a Latin style along with other clever motifs such as the song "Maxwell's Witch" as music to Ellis' mysterious powers and FictionJunction YUUKA's "el cazador" written entirely in Kajiura's made up language but sounding Spanish all the same.

The series does suffer some pitfalls such as the lack of development for Nadie when compared to Ellis who gets an entire episode devoted to her backstory and can sometimes lack the style brought by Noir and MADLAX before it. The animation remains quite good and stays true to a style of simplicity but good looking all the same. Yoko Kikuchi contributes to the character designs once again as she did for Noir and they look fantastic.

Overall El Cazador is more than worth a look at even if you haven't seen the previous Girls with Guns series by Koichi Mashimo and his studio Bee Train. It's a fun adventure that you probably won't want to put down with funny and serious situations molded together making this an underrated triumph.
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Nice third part to the "girls with guns" trilogy
Tweekums7 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Having enjoyed both "Noir" and "Madlax" I was pleased to find the third part of Bee Train's "Girls with guns" trilogy available on Funimation's YouTube channel. When I started watching I immediately noticed that the quality of the animation was better than that in the two previous series. Another difference that soon became apparent was that this series is far less violent than its predecessors'.

Nadie is a bounty hunter who has been hired to capture Ellis, a girl suspected of murder, a murder that she herself does not know if she committed as she has lost her memory. Once they are together the grow closer and later Nadie's contract is changed to protecting Ellis as she heads south to a lost village. On their way they meet a variety of characters such as L.A. a rather creepy boy who is obsessed with Ellis and will kill anybody who tries to stop him getting to her and Ricardo, a bounty hunter travelling with Lirio, a young girl who likes our two heroines. I've tried to keep the plot description to a minimum to avoid any spoilers.

Even though there is a far lower body count than the previous series it still managed to be exciting. As well as toned down violence there was less fan service than "Madlax", there was the occasional bare bottom but nothing more. As with the other parts of the trilogy this has a great sound track. I really enjoyed this series and hope it it gets a UK DVD release one day.

These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.
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A nice anime with a good plot
andrej-zupanic3 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The anime focuses on two main characters, Nadi and Ellis. Nadi is a bounty hunter and Ellis is a murder suspect. Watching just the first episode won't help you understand the plot, because it just opens the secrets and the second episode follows the same way. To understand what is going on, you'll need to watch all episodes, since the first few episodes develop characters and set the story. After that the story starts to unfold. But I won't tell you what the story really is about. You'll just have to see it for yourselves.

The animation is good, kinda cute, and still you get comedy, thriller, action and drama in it. The comedic and dramatic moments are the ones that make you watch this anime. They really are detailed. The music is good and it really portrays the events in the anime.

The only negative thing is the length of the series. It is said that it will only contain 12 episodes and this is too bad, because eight episodes are already out, so it means only four left. What a shame. I really wouldn't mind, if there were more episodes.

But anyway, it is a nice anime with a good plot. It is not perfect, but still it draws your attention. It is good entertainment and that is enough for me.
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Good anime for madlax and noir fans.
Edgar Shmeld23 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Like previous bee train animes plot focuses on girl duo. Plot focuses around bounty hunter Nadie who is hired to protect socially inept girl Ellis who posses mystical powers. Although plot is centered on mystical Ellis powers, plot isn't filled with unexplained events. Unlike previous tittles El cazador doesn't feature insane gunfights with tons of corpses but there is still quite some action. Also unlike noir/madlax it has good dose of humor mixed in, and it makes series much more light hearted although it still features many dark scenes. Few words on music: As with other Yuki Kajiura composed music in El cazdor it adds a lot of atmosphere and is on level. On downside of this anime is that it features quite few episodes which arnt relevant to plot in any manner and mostly serves as filler and can scare of some viewers very slowly developing plot in first 10 episodes.
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