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Sex & Nudity

  • All episodes: many glances of attraction are passed between characters in various formal settings
  • Episode One: -A woman who is not allowed to be in a relationship secretly has a boyfriend and is seen laying beside him in bed to comfort him after an injury. He places his arms around her. They are both fully dressed.
  • -A younger woman comments on how she likes to "suck" the juice out of oranges. In response an older woman tells her that the word "suck" is not appreciated. Another woman at the table shows disgust at hearing this word being spoken. Later, a character is shown eating sucking the orange (done in a non-sexual manner)

Violence & Gore

  • Episode One: A journeyman falls from a tree and his arm is fractured. The bone is shown protruding from his skin with blood as he staggers about in agony. There is discussion of amputation from the "elbow down" Subsequent scenes depict the open wound, blood, and the bone. Later we hear the brief scream of the patient and sound of the bone as it is being reset by a doctor. In this same medical scene, the doctor sutures the wound (just below frame). In a later scene, the bandage is removed and we briefly see the stitches in the skin.
  • Episode Two: An injured rabbit is found in a trap crying. A boy violently bashes the rabbit (just below frame) to fully kill it.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man is given a remedy containing alcohol by a medical doctor in order to sooth physical pain prior to an operation.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Episode Two: -A young boy (who may have croup) is seen pale, moaning, an in a near death state and later death state as various people try to save him from fatality.

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