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Laura Cooper (Kelly Rutherford) phones the police saying that her car has been stolen, and that she knows who she was: it was her daughter, rebellious fiftenn-year-old Samantha "Sam" Cooper (Kirsten Prout). Her father had learnt her to drive last summer. The police find her in a beach party. Samantha wanders off on her own, and she watches some teenagers arguing about something. Some of them push another down a cliff. Shawna (Samantha Ferris) is the disapproving mother of Tori (Andrea Whitburn), Sam's best friend.

The newspaper says that Alex Mills (Aidan Kahn) suffered an accident. Jordan Bates (Jesse Moss) thinks that Alex was going to confide on the the police. Jordan and his two accolites Glenn (Andrew Francis) and Derek Russell (Jesse Haddock) have recorded all their crimes, and they usually keep the videotapes hidden away. That's how they realise that Sam was hiding behind some bushes when they pushed Alex to his death. Jordan threatens Sam, who will stay silent as well. Jordan acts with impunity because he's the son of Chief Bales (Eric Keenleyside).

When Sam comes back home, her mother tells her off because she was late. Sam tells Laura that she only cares about her online degree in marketing. Laura wants to improve herself and her living conditions, but Sam thinks that they used to have a better life when she was living with her father. That night, a threatening stone is thrown through Sam's window, who says that she broke the window with a lamp-. Sam is questioned, like everybody else at the beach party, but she remains silent. Principal Myers (B.J. Harrison) is present. Sam knows that the boys will kill her if they think she's said something. She asks Tori for the 84 dollars she has earned being a baby sitter: she wants to leave town for a while.

Bunny (Eileen Barrett) is Laura's friend, and realises that Laura can't cope with everything. Bunny recommends her to register Sam's room. Laura notices the broken pieces of glass inside the room, not outside, and sees the marijuana, the fake driving license, in a box hidden away. Laura tries to reason with Sam, but the teenager doesn't want to listen at all. Sam says that Laura can't respect her feelings or give her her own space. Laura also watches Jordan staying vigilant in his truck outside her home. Sam tries to talk to her father, but he lives far away not, and doesn't want to be bother about that, because he's living with Rhonda now.

Officer Brady Thomas (Stephen Spender) phones Laura: Sam will sleep at a cell on the police station because she was caught thumbing a lift alone at night. Sam doesn't want to talk, but Laura knows that she's on trouble.

At the garage, Laura talks with Gordon Russell (David Allan Pearson) about the Alex Mills case. She makes the connection between her car, damaged by Sam, and the cliff where Alex died. Gordon mentions that he was not the first person to die there. Laura asks Tori's mother to ask Tori, because the girl was worried about Sam as well. Derek works with his father, at the garage. Laura asks Derek about Sam and Alex. At that moment, Jordan medles with Laura's car. Derek realises so but stays silent. When they almost die because of the non-working brakes, Sam talks to her mother at last, but gives her no names. Derek also tries to talk to Sam, but she knows that she can't trust him anymore, and tells him that he knows that Alex's death was not an accident. Sam tries to tell Tori that they should talk, but Tori refuses. Laura tells Gordon that his son or his son's friends must have tried to kill her. Gordon dismisses her, and gets mad at her.

The principal is watching as the police find some ecstasy on Sam's locker. Officer Thomas doesn't believe her when Laura says that it's all a conspiration against Sam. Derek says to Jordan that he doesn't want to have anything to do with all the things anymore, but Jordan and Glenn laugh it off. They have even recorded Sam while she was arrested after trying to break away from Officer Thomas. Gordon realises that the brakes of the car had been tampered with. He faces Derek, who runs away miserably. Obviously, Jordan and Glenn try to kill him.

Laura visits Tori. She says that she was raped, but she doesn't want to talk. Sam tells her mother that Jordan keeps all his crimes recorded, and threatened her friend to show everybody the video if she would say anything to anybody.

Laura faces Bates senior, but he thinks she's crazy. When Bates talks to his son, he can feel that he's lying. Jordan threatens Sam, still in jail, and also tries to kill Derek, still on a coma at hospital, smothering him with a pillow, but fortunately for Derek and his parents, Laura was there to prevent it.

Shawna and Laura try to handcuff Glenn in a clumsy way. He runs away to Jordan, who demands him that he should not panic. Laura plots to look for the tapes at Jordan's. Shawna tells officer Thomas, who finds weird that Bates is taking Sam to the correctory facility at another town himself. Bates takes a different route, and Sam starts to panic. Thomas goes to the Bates' home to protect Laura from Jordan.

Nancy Russell (Grace Bauer) is terribly happy when Dered wakes up from his coma.

Bates gives him money to Sam so that she runs away and never comes back, but she refuses. At that moment, on the patrol radio he's told that somebody had broken into his home. Jordan points a gun to Laura, but she defends herself until Thomas arrives. He tells Bates that he can prove that Jordan took some of the ecstasy pill from the police station.

Laura and Sam go back home together and happy.

---written by KrystelClaire


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