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A shame to see Dom Ireira associated with this b.m.
friar_schmuck14 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Glad to see him cash a check though.

If I wanted to watch comedy on Fox "news", I'd watched Bill O'Reilly. Oops -- I do!

Anyone else her catch that show...I mean, just for giggles. John Gibson's a close second, but a little too fey for my taste.Seems to have hair issues.

And then there's E.D. Hill, she of the furrowed brow. Super-concerned about some child-kidnapping..or illegal immigrants...or Rosie...or sump-in'...Nice pins, though.

& lest we forget, there's Mr. PotatoHead, Neil Cavuto, truly one of nature's scumbags. Ever heard the phrase, "I wouldn't p--s on him if he were on fire"? It applies.
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