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There seems to be a color scheme with the main characters' wardrobes: Carly: red, Sam: yellow, Freddie: blue, Spencer: purple.
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In one of the final episodes of Drake & Josh (2004), a movie title listed on the reader board of the Premiere was "Now She's Carly." This was a reference to Miranda Cosgrove (Megan on Drake and Josh) moving on to play Carly on iCarly.
Sam's sound effect remote used on the show is the only one in existence. They have used the same remote since the Pilot. Dan Schneider keeps it in his home when its not being used for filming to make sure it doesn't get lost.
Each of the four main cast members - Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress - all made their Nickelodeon debuts on a previous show of Dan Schneider's. Miranda was a main cast member of Drake & Josh, and Jerry was a recurring cast member on that show. Jenette was in an episode of Zoey 101, and Nathan made his first appearance in an episode of Drake and Josh.
The original title of the show was "Starstruck", and the plot followed Carly, a regular girl, who is casted on her favorite TV show. The idea was then switched to she gets her own show, and it was then changed again to she gets her own Web-show.
Freddie often speaks some of his lines in Spanish. Series creator Dan Schneider has often stated on his blog that the reason behind Freddie's random Spanish outbursts will be revealed in a future episode, but it never was. In the final episode, Freddie began to explain it but was interrupted.
Spencer's friend "Socko" has been mentioned numerous times throughout the shows run, and it became a gag in the writing room to mention Socko's friends and family members along with their professions. Socko makes Socks, his brother Tyler sells ties. Rob is a thief. Taylor is a tailor. Otto is a car salesman. Hattie is a hat maker, cousin Isaac is an optometrist (eyes), etc.
Most of the furniture in Carlys apartment was made by "Jellio", a company who makes furniture in the shape of cupcakes, ice cream, Rubiks Cubes and other random objects. To name a few, the hanging monkeys on the large window, the lamps, and the various colored gummy bear lamps were all designed for the show. Recently the Gummy Bear lamps have become available at the Jellio website.
"George" the talking bra is a size 34C.
Most of the comedic lines are improvised on set by the writers, or Dan Schneider. Most of the time the script has very few comedic lines and the comedy in the final cut of the show was improvised. The actors aren't allowed to improvise anything unless they ask the director or Mr. Schneider.
Sam has a picture of Drake Bell in her locker, who co-stared with iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove in Drake & Josh (2004).
Spencer's best friend "Socko" is based on a real life person in Dan Schneider's life. The real Socko is a furniture maker.
iCarly.com is a real Web site, and if you type any other Web site domain mentioned on the show or on the show's Web site, it will take you to iCarly.com.
Lots of times, the show will reference Drake & Josh (2004), another show that Dan Schneider made. This includes Carly mentioning a Peruvian Puff Pepper, although a pepper of the same name was mentioned in Drake and Josh. Another reference is Grandad mentioning the Parker/Nichols hotel. Parker and Nichols are the last names of Drake and Josh in the series.
In a few episodes, Carly makes "special lemonade" that nobody likes to drink. This was written into the show because on Drake & Josh (2004), another Dan Schneider show, Josh Peck's character would make Limeaide that nobody liked to drink.
The role of Sam Puckett is based on Jennette McCurdy's guest appearance in Zoey 101: Bad Girl (2005), where she plays exactly the same kind of character as she does in iCarly.
Recently, Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer wear several custom made t-shirts that reference several jokes from the show such as Sam wearing one that says "Church Pants", a joke from when Freddie says "She flipped out when I spilled one drop of mustard on my church pants!" in a past episode.
In Dan Schneiders other show, Zoey 101 (2005), an episode has Lola's phone ring with the iCarly theme song.
Gibby's name is actually Orenthal Gibson.
The recurring character, Nevel, played by Reed Alexander, actually sounds the way he does on the show in real life. His voice is not edited in any way on the show.
With 96 episodes, 'iCarly' is the second longest running Dan Schneider show, behind 'All That', which had 184 episodes, and just ahead of 'What I like About You', which had 86 episodes.
The show takes place in Seattle, although it is filmed in Los Angeles.
The Pear Phones they a use in iCarly are also used in Victorious and Sam and Cat. Pear products can also be found in Zoey 101.
Freddie Benson is named after the character Freddy Benson, played by Steve Martin in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988) and Marlon Brando in Bedtime Story (1964).
Season three episode "iWon't Cancel the Show" is the only episode Jennette McCurdy was absent in. Her excuse for being absent was for being hospitalized due to a high fever. The original script of that episode consisted of Freddie visiting Sam in jail, giving her an appearance. With such a meager amount of time for discovering her illness, the writers erased that scene and improvised for something else to include.
In the opening credits sequence before the music starts, some of the links in the favorites section on the screen include "TheSlap", the blog from Dan Schneider's show "Victorious", and "Danwarp", the name of Dan Schneider's actual blog.
iCarly is the "first scripted series that will incorporate kid-created original content," according to Nickelodeon's marketing campaign and press kit. However, the content usually feature actors instead of real people.
Miranda Cosgrove was actually 14 years old in season 1. In iCarly it said she was 13.
On a YouTube video of cast members lockers, Miranda Cosgrove has a picture of Jerry Trainor on a horse with a hat on
Lisa Lillien, author of the "Hungry Girl" cookbooks, is a big fan of the show and her Hungry Girl image is used in the opening credits. She is also the wife of Dan Schneider.
Socko makes socks, his brother Tyler makes ties, his cousin Rob is a thief, his sister Taylor is a tailor, his cousin Otto sells cars, his sister Hattie makes hats, his cousin Isaac is an eye doctor, and his cousin Boomer sells explosives.
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Because they cannot use a real name of a product, in several episodes, they use Skybucks instead of Starbucks. In fact, when Spencer built the giant coffee cup, it said Skybucks.
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It seems that most of the main characters on the show only have one parent. Carly has a dad, Sam has a mother, Freddy has a mother, Nevel has a mother, and Gibby has a mother.
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With the exception of the clip episode, which is the only episode Freddie doesn't appear in, Miranda Cosgrove (Carly), Nathan Kress (Freddie) and Jerry Trainor (Spencer) are the only 3 to appear all of the episodes. Jennette McCurdy (Sam) missed 2 episodes and one of which is the clip episode.
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In Zoey 101, which is another show produced by Dan Schneider, when Chase is shooting baskets, he said if he had a zebra he'd name it Zebo, which is the name of the dinosaur in the iCarly episode, "iCarly Saves Tv".
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In different episodes, they say Carly and Spencer's dad is in the Navy. But in the final episodes, Carly and Spencer say that their dad is in the Air Force.
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"Pear" phones are supposed to be Apple phones


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

In the episode where Spencer is at the Children's Arcade, Spencer is off playing games while Gibby's younger brother, Guppy is reading a book called, "Nifty Shades of Beige". While reading he makes a face as if he just read a very intense part of the book.
It is noticed in a couple of episodes that Sam had a crush on Spencer but it was never explained if or why.
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In the episode, "I Beat The Heat", Sabrina, the girl who was video chatting Freddie frequently, looked really tall many scenes. When Freddie offers her a seat, and when she takes the seat, you can clearly see her shoes, which have no heel, making her seem really tall. But a few scenes later, like when she crushs Carly's project, you can see she is wearing at least four inch heels; so she isn't as tall as they make her seem.
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In the episode "iLook Alike" (S2, EP11 - 2009), Mrs. Benson mentions that "Itches can come back." She says that she read it on "aggressiveparenting.com". If you type in the website name on a web browser, it redirects to iCarly.com
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