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Season 4

30 Jul. 2010
iGot a Hot Room
Spencer makes a birthday gift for Carly that sets her room on fire.
11 Sep. 2010
iSam's Mom
Sam's mother has finally been getting on her last nerves, and both of them drag Carly into their latest feud. Meanwhile, Freddie's camera-rigged sunglasses capture a robbery at the Groovy-Smoothie, but a news report on the incident ends up putting his life at risk, as well as the lives of his friends.
25 Sep. 2010
iGet Pranky
After some fans submit a video of a prank to the web-show, Carly, Sam and Freddie discuss pranks they've pulled in the past, and Carly begins to feel self-conscious about never having pulled any of her own. When she asks Spencer to help her pull one on Sam and Freddie, it sends him on a pranking rampage the likes of which Seattle hasn't experienced since he was in Junior High School.
2 Oct. 2010
iSell Penny Tees
When Carly, Sam and Freddie's penny tees are a hit, they decide to go into business to make them, so when Sam decides to hire fourth graders from a bible school to make the Penny Tees, Sam and Freddie both get different ideas on how to treat the children. Meanwhile, Spencer dates a girl from Uzbekistan. He doesn't understand what she says, since she does not speak a word of English.
11 Oct. 2010
A young adult iCarly fan wants to use the site to ask his girlfriend to marry him and the happy couple invite Carly and her friends to the wedding, which falls apart when the bride-to-be falls for Spencer. Now Carly and Sam must struggle to convince her to marry the man she was engaged to in the first place. Meanwhile, Gibby and his little brother Guppy try to grab a $5 bill that's stuck up in a tree.
19 Nov. 2010
iStart a Fan War
Carly, Sam, and Freddie finally get to attend a Webicon(see episode #3.17; iPsycho), and take Spencer with them. However when they arrive, Spencer meets an old nemesis, and the web-hostesses find themselves caught in a heated rumor over which of the two girls are dating Freddie.
12 Feb. 2011
iHire an Idiot
The gang decides to hire an intern for the web series. Carly and Sam hire a guy they think is cute, but the new intern proves to be more trouble than he's worth. Freddie has to prove to Carly and Sam that they're better off without an intern.
19 Mar. 2011
iPity the Nevel
An online video of Nevel Papperman verbally abusing a little girl in a supermarket makes him one of the most hated kids in the world. With nowhere else to turn he attempts to seek help to restore his reputation from the most unlikely source... his sworn enemies, Carly Shay and her friends!
9 Apr. 2011
When Brad and Freddie start hanging out, Sam wants to hang out with them too. After Freddie uses the app, it says that Sam is "in love". So Carly helps Freddie to hook Sam and Brad up. Meanwhile, Carly and Gibby do experiments on Spencer.
11 Jun. 2011
iParty with Victorious
Carly is enjoying life with her new boyfriend Steven Carson, a home-schooled boy with divorced parents who spends part of his life in Los Angeles. What she doesn't know is that while in Los Angeles, Steven has another girlfriend, a student at Hollywood Arts High School named Tori Vega. An internet search makes Carly's friends suspicious of her new beau, and sends them on an LA road trip to a party at the home of Kenan Thompson in an attempt find out whether or not he's cheating on her.

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