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Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror On Film And Television Book Tour to Include Screenings, Lectures & Other Live Events

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Featured in Heather Wixson's holiday gift guide, the new book Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror on Film and Television could be the perfect stocking stuffer for the horror fan in your life this holiday season, but Spectacular Optical is giving you the chance to take your gift one step further with their interactive book tour this December that includes screenings, lectures, and other live celebrations tied to the book's seasonal themes:

Press Release: For many, Christmas is an annual celebration of goodwill and joy, but for others, it’s a time to curl up on the couch in the dead of winter for a good old-fashioned fright. The festive holiday season has always included a more somber side, and scary tales of child-stealing demons to ghost stories told ‘round the fireplace go back to pre-Christian celebrations. These long-standing traditions have found modern expression in the Christmas horror film, a unique
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Neo Noir Pays Homage to Welles' Crime Drama and Other Classics of the '40s and '50s

Neo Noir Pays Homage to Welles' Crime Drama and Other Classics of the '40s and '50s
Trouble Is My Business with Brittney Powell. Co-written by actor/voice actor Tom Konkle, who also directed, and Xena: Warrior Princess actress Brittney Powell, Trouble Is My Business is a humorous homage to film noirs of the 1940s and 1950s, among them John Huston's The Maltese Falcon and Orson Welles' Touch of Evil. Konkle stars in the sort of role that back in the '40s and '50s belonged to the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Robert Mitchum, Dick Powell, and Alan Ladd. As the femme fatale, Brittney Powell is supposed to evoke memories of Jane Greer, Lizabeth Scott, Lauren Bacall, and Claire Trevor. 'Trouble Is My Business': Humorous film noir homage evokes memories of 'The Maltese Falcon' & 'Touch of Evil' A crunchy, witty, and often just plain funny mash-up of classic noir tropes, from hard-boiled private dicks to the easy-on-the-eyes femme fatales – in addition to dialogue worthy of Dashiell Hammett and, occasionally
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The Top Five B-Movie Legends of All-Time

In case you’re one of those people who asks what B-movies really are, here’s a little insight into that particular subject. They’re basically low-budget highly-commercial films but shouldn’t be confused with art house films. Originally the terminology was used to describe films that were distributed for the purpose of being the lower half of double features, something that was popular in the earlier days of motion pictures. Then, throughout the years, B-movies morphed into genre films like Westerns in the 1930’s then transitioning to Film Noir. In the 1950’s, Sci-fi and horror movies made their takeover. Then, in the 60’s

The Top Five B-Movie Legends of All-Time
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T-Men — Special Edition

Found: a must-see Film noir in all its brutal glory, restored to a level of quality not seen in years. Anthony Mann and John Alton made their reputations with ninety minutes of chiaroscuro heaven — it’s one of the best-looking noirs ever. With extras produced by Alan K. Rode.




1947 / B&W / 1:37 flat full frame / Special Edition / 92 min. / Street Date October 10, 2017 / 39.99

Starring: Dennis O’Keefe, Alfred Ryder, Wallace Ford, Charles McGraw, Jane Randolph, Art Smith, Herbert Heyes, Jack Overman, John Wengraf, June Lockhart, Keefe Brasselle, James Seay, Tito Vuolo, John Newland, Reed Hadley.

Cinematography: John Alton

Film Editor: Fred Allen

Original Music: Paul Sawtell

Written by John C. Higgins, story Virginia Kellogg

Produced by Aubrey Schenck, Edward Small

Directed by Anthony Mann

Wow — I’ve seen T-Men many times, but never like this. It’s always listed as a significant success, a trend-starter, a career-launcher, but only
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‘Blade Runner’: Constructing A Future Noir

Film noir has traversed various means in the cinematic-sphere. Once a genre, then a form, now finalizing itself as the foundation for narrative and aesthetic stylistic elements, noir has gained popular resurgence. Able to ebb and flow as needed, the presence of noir can be fully detected in Ridley Scott‘s 1982 film, “Blade Runner.”

At surface value, “Blade Runner” may not showcase its noirness. Even upon first viewing of the seminal science fiction drama, what may normally be easy to determine in a noir is layered beneath a study of what it means to be human in this industrialized future world.

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The 20 Best Film Noirs of All Time

L.A. Confidential arrived in theaters on this day in 1997. The 50s-set potboiler received almost unprecedented universal acclaim, and if you were of a certain age then, it very likely introduced you to film noir. Film noir was a genre that, like the Western, used to be the most popular style of film for the early movie studios but fell out of favor by the 60s. Like Westerns, film noir was frequently considered a lower class of cinema in comparison to the sweeping adaptations of epic popular fiction. And the immense regard that many of the older films …
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Ridley Scott interview: Blade Runner 2049, Alien and more

Ryan Lambie Oct 2, 2017

We talk to director Ridley Scott about Blade Runner 2049, the lasting influence of the 1982 original, ancient aliens, flutes, and more...

It's mid-September, and a rug-thick layer of secrecy lies over Blade Runner 2049, the belated sequel to Ridley Scott's 1982 classic. Before our interview with Scott, who executive produces, we're shown approximately half an hour of footage: Ryan Gosling trudging moodily through futuristic landscapes as a new Replicant hunter, K; glimpses of Jared Leto as a new creator of artificial life, named Niander Wallace.

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Directed by Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners, Sicario, Arrival), Blade Runner 2049 looks spectacular, with the same measured, ethereal pace that made the original film such a masterpiece. Exactly what K's mission is - and how it ties
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Crime of Passion

Witness the ‘fifties transformation of the femme fatale, from scheming murderess to self-deluding social climber. Barbara Stanwyck redefines herself once again in Gerd Oswald’s best-directed picture, a searing portrayal of needs and anxieties in the nervous decade. With fine support from Raymond Burr, Virginia Grey and Royal Dano.

Crime of Passion



1957 / B&W / 1:85 widescreen / 84 min. / Street Date September 5, 2017 /

Starring: Barbara Stanwyck, Sterling Hayden, Raymond Burr, Fay Wray, Virginia Grey, Royal Dano.

Cinematography: Joseph Lashelle

Art Direction: Leslie Thomas

Original Music: Paul Dunlap

Original Story and Screenplay by Jo Eisinger

Produced by Herman Cohen, Robert Goldstein

Directed by Gerd Oswald

A key title in the development of the Film Noir, 1957’s Crime of Passion shows how much the style had departed from the dark romanticism and expressive visuals of the previous decade. The best mid-’50s noirs strike a marvelously cynical and existentially bleak attitude regarding crime and society.
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Horror Highlights: Exhumed Films’ 35mm Marathon, Escape Room, Paperbacks From Hell, Godzilla Faq, Ghastlies, Mountain Fever

Exhumed Films is resurrecting some beloved horror favorites from the 1970s and ’80s and projecting them onto the big screen at Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers, including Friday the 13th Part III, starring my original horror crush and maybe yours, too, Jason Voorhees! And also, we have release details for Escape Room, Paperbacks From Hell, Ghastlies, and Mountain Fever, as well as information on the new book Godzilla Faq.

Exhumed Films' Guilty Pleasures IV Marathon: Press Release: "Exhumed Films Presents: Guilty Pleasures IV--in 3-D!

Exhumed Films is pleased to return to the Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers to present the fourth edition of The Guilty Pleasures Marathon, our annual assault of cinematic insanity. For this year’s marathon, we present some of the greatest 3-D films of all time, projected from original 35mm prints using state of the art technology! The 1970’s and 1980’s saw a resurgence of three-dimensional movies, particularly in the realm of genre cinema.
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Watch ‘The Endless Night’: A Valentine To Film Noir

Classic Hollywood would be missing many iconic films and performances were it not for film noir. As the form has grown, the expansiveness of characters, plot, and even worlds in which stories are told has grown beyond the urban and suburban decay of American cities. In her video essay, Serena Bramble explores patterns of toxic masculinity, the consequences of being a dangerous woman, and much more. With its sudden resurgence in mainstream film and television, in fare such as “True Detective,” “Twin Peaks,” and even the upcoming “Blade Runner 2049,” noir has expanded far beyond its classic Hollywood roots.

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‘Archer’ Meets ‘Kingsman’ in Unexpected Animated Spy Crossover — Watch

‘Archer’ Meets ‘Kingsman’ in Unexpected Animated Spy Crossover — Watch
Well, that was unexpected.

When Fox arrived at Comic-Con for their “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” panel on Thursday, “a mashup of an American spy spoof and a British secret agent graphic novel/film franchise” wasn’t exactly on anyone’s anticipated list of panel surprises.

Read More ‘Archer Dreamland’ Review: Season 8 Goes Full Film Noir in Big Gamble That’s Already Paying Off

Yet, here it is, in all its glory: an animated Eggsy, running across London rooftops and city streets, all in the style of the Fxx show. Shortly after arriving in the bespoke suit shop that gives the films its name, he finds Sterling Archer (who takes less than a minute before calling him “guv’na”).

Jabs at British culture, saving old ladies, and (in true “Archer” fashion) plenty of heavy drinking has us imagining what these two might do with more than a trailer’s-length amount of time together.
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‘Jon Benjamin Has a Van’: Remembering the News Parody Show That Helped Launch Some of Best Comedies on TV

‘Jon Benjamin Has a Van’: Remembering the News Parody Show That Helped Launch Some of Best Comedies on TV
H. Jon Benjamin is one of the most prolific voice actors working in TV today. As the central character on “Archer” and “Bob’s Burgers,” his growly baritone is as recognizable as it is an instant shot of personality for any character he voices. (Plus, how many actors can claim that their involvement in two shows led to a crossover scene that also doubles as a tribute to David Cronenberg’s “A History of Violence”?)

Six years ago, Benjamin added to his string of title characters, this time playing a fictional version of himself on the criminally short-lived Comedy Central show “Jon Benjamin Has a Van.” Part sketch show, part investigative news team parody, it helped give birth to a wave of comedian-led metashows that yielded some of the best comedies of the decade. It took the “Daily Show” correspondent model familiar to many of the network’s viewers and
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‘Archer’ Visits a Haunted House, and Three More Shows to Watch Tonight — IndieWire TV Picks for Wednesday May 10

‘Archer’ Visits a Haunted House, and Three More Shows to Watch Tonight — IndieWire TV Picks for Wednesday May 10
What to Watch: Wednesday, May 10

What Is Going On Here?

(To find out, see what you missed last night!)

Archer,” 10 p.m. on Fxx

Episode Title: “Waxing Gibbous

Network Synopsis: All roads lead to Len Trexler as Archer and the gang try to avoid unfriendly ghosts.

Why You Should Watch: This season of “Archer” has been another season-long monkey wrench in the animated show’s mythology. But underneath all the fedoras and three-piece suits, it’s still the same show, even as its characters have been transplanted to the ’40s. In Dreamland, anything goes, so leave it to Sterling and the gang to lean into the metaphysical, even as a haunted house might be in the way of the truth.

Read More: ‘Archer Dreamland’ Review: Season 8 Goes Full Film Noir in Big Gamble That’s Already Paying Off

Brockmire,” 10 p.m. on IFC

Episode Title: “Old Timers Day”

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Recommended New Books on Filmmaking: ‘Twin Peaks,’ Film Noir, Steve McQueen, and More

We’re knocking on the door of summer, and that means lots of big properties are ready to be unleashed. But it’s not too late to read books exploring some recent films, as well as some new works about Sherry Lansing, film noir, and Steve McQueen. Let’s start with a unique look at David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.

The Essential Wrapped In Plastic: Pathways to Twin Peaks by John Thorne

When Twin Peaks debuted on ABC in 1990, there were no message boards in which fans could argue and dissect the latest episodes. Starting in 1992, however, there was Wrapped In Plastic, the immortal Peaks’ fanzine. Just in time for the series return on Showtime is The Essential Wrapped In Plastic: Pathways to Twin Peaks. Here, Wip co-editor John Thorne brings together some of the publication’s most vital, important essays. Every episode is included, but what makes the book
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Crowdfund This! Macarena Gomez And The Owlman Star In Lawrie Brewster's The Black Gloves

Lord of Tears and The Unkindness of Ravens director Lawrie Brewster is uncaging his Owlman for another feature film outing, he's bringing Dagon and Shrew's Nest star Macarena Gomez with him and he's looking for your help! Deep in the Scottish highlands, Dr. Finn Galloway suspects a terrifying conspiracy to unleash an unimaginable Horror... The Black Gloves is a 1940s-set Film Noir that combines spine-tingling horror with intense psychological dread - a supernatural tale where one man must battle against a terrifying stalker as ancient as time itself. Our film stars Macarena Gomez (Shrew's Nest, Dagon) Jamie Scott- Gordon (The Unkindness of Ravens) and Alexandra Nicole Hulme (Lord of Tears.) Brewster has been carving out a healthy niche for himself with his distinctive approach to...

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Double Indemnity Screens April 12th at The Tivoli – ‘Classics in the Loop’

“Yes, I killed him. I killed him for money – and a woman – and I didn’t get the money and I didn’t get the woman. Pretty, isn’t it?”

Double Indemnity screens Wednesday April 12th at The Tivoli Theater (6350 Delmar in ‘The Loop’) as the second installment of their new ‘Classics in the Loop’ Crime & Noir film series. The movie starts at 7pm and admission is $7. It will be on The Tivoli’s big screen.

Cold-blooded, brutal, and stylishly directed by Billy Wilder, Double Indemnity is a prime example of The Film Noir genre and remains highly influential in its look, attitude and story. The 1944 crime drama set the pattern for that distinctive post-war genre: a shadowy, nighttime urban world of deception and betrayal usually distinguished by its “hard-boiled” dialogue, corrupt characters and the obligatory femme fatale who preys on the primal urges of an ordinary Joe hungry for sex and easy wealth.
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‘Archer Dreamland’ Review: Adam Reed’s Premiere Answers the Big Questions in an Emotional Opener

‘Archer Dreamland’ Review: Adam Reed’s Premiere Answers the Big Questions in an Emotional Opener
[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Archer Dreamland,” Season 8, Episode 1, “No Good Deed.”]

Those waiting to find out the fate of Sterling Archer will have to wait a little longer. Following last season’s cliffhanger ending where Archer, shot and bleeding, passed out in Lana’s arms, Season 8 picks up with a bait-and-switch. The tombstone the entire cast huddles around isn’t Archer’s, but Woodhouse’s. Archer is alive, but he’s been in a coma for the last three months — and he may never come out of it.

He could wake up “tomorrow, could be another three months, could be…” Mallory trails off. “There’s no telling what he knows, or what he’s thinking about. Well, dreaming about, I suppose.”

And with that, we enter “Dreamland.”

As mentioned in our season review, the primary concern with the set-up for Season 8 was whether or not “Dreamland” could prove relevant and/or entertaining enough to distract us from Archer’s life or death state.
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Colcoa brass unveil full festival line-up

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Colcoa brass unveil full festival line-up
Event backed by Franco-American Cultural Fund to showcase Vr, web series for first time.

Thirty-four features and documentaries will compete for the Colcoa Cinema Awards as part of the 21st Colcoa French Film Festival that runs from April 24-May 2 in Hollywood.

The competition kicks off on April 24 with the North American premiere of Claude Lelouch’s Everyone’s Life and ends on May 2 with the North American premiere of Eric Lavaine’s new rom-com You Choose starring Alexandra Lamy.

The line-up includes Marco Bellocchio’s Sweet Dreams, Stephane Brizet’s A Woman’s Life (pictured), Bruno Dumont’s Slack Bay, Lisa Azuelos’s Dalida, and Marie-Camille Mansion-Chaar’s Heaven Will Wait.

The event will showcase a record 82 films, television series and web series, 70 of which will compete for the Colcoa Awards.

The festival includes the After 10 Series, Colcoa Classics, Colcoa.Doc World Cinema Produced by France, Focus On A Filmmaker dedicated to Brizé, Film Noir Series
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‘Archer’ Cast Creates Trading Cards for Their Characters in Funny Video — Watch

‘Archer’ Cast Creates Trading Cards for Their Characters in Funny Video — Watch
Dubbed “Dreamland,” season eight of “Archer” premieres this Wednesday, April 5. And to celebrate the return of the adult animated spy sitcom, the cast has created trading cards for their characters based on rapid-fire questions. Read More: ‘Archer Dreamland’ Review: Season 8 Goes Full Film Noir in Big Gamble That’s Already Paying Off In the video created by Wired, actors Jon Benjamin (who plays Sterling Archer), Aisha Tyler (Lana Kane), Jessica Walter (Malory Archer), Lucky Yates (Doctor Krieger), Chris Parnell (Cyril Figgis) and Amber Nash (Pam Poovey) create imaginary collectible cards for the characters they play. Watch the funny clip below. Read More: Channing Tatum Gets The ‘Archer’ Treatment in R-Rated Animated George Washington Flick For its eighth season, the Adam Reed-created series goes full-blown noir and takes viewers to the 1940s and an imaginary place called Dreamland. Season 7 saw Sterling Archer and his crew move to Los Angeles to
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