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It just wasn't funny...
Joe Smith (duckfeetpro)22 December 2010
Okay so you know the premise with these types of films, you've got your father in-law and your son in-law arguing while the rest of their family watch them get into zany situations. Being such a used formula, you can guess what's going to happen, this isn't a problem with comedies as their jokes are what hold them up, right?

My main problem with the film is that there were no jokes, the entire audience was silent, the only laughter I heard was from some teenage girls laughing at a scene involving a needle and someone's penis. I wouldn't have minded puns, or cheesy jokes, or embarrassing situations, but the film was just like a drama that wasn't very dramatic.

I felt like the film didn't know what it wanted to be, the title "Little Fockers" implies that the children are the main focus, but the two children are barely in the film and when they were, they were just a bit annoying. The film is definitely not a family film, it's heavily sexually based, I wouldn't advise taking your children to see this, but then adults won't find the humour very funny.

The acting wasn't bad to be perfectly honest, the line up is good and I felt that the characters were believable. As for messages? The film carries some messages about family loyalties and priorities, but doesn't every film like this carry that message?

I don't like sounding too negative, but the bottom line is that I didn't enjoy this film, simple as that. If you like these kinds of films then I would suggest renting it some time, it's not as bad as I may have made it sound, but it's still pretty bad in my opinion. I hope this review helped you, and maybe saved you some money.
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The same tired old jokes and cliché miscommunication story lines
Movie_Muse_Reviews25 December 2010
Quality comedies -- if they go beyond one sequel -- never come in threes. In the case of "Little Fockers," three's a Focking mess. But we asked for it; "Meet the Fockers" ranks as the highest-grossing live-action comedy in the U.S., so regardless of quality, we were going to get whatever studios served us. And sure enough, "Little Fockers" cooks up tired modern gags, basically forgetting that the last decade of comedy (including its two predecessors) ever existed and that we could be won over by open mentions of sex (ooh!) and recycled dick drug gags. It's several years later and Greg and Pam Focker (Ben Stiller and Teri Polo) live in Chicago with their twins, Henry and Samantha. Grandpa Jack Byrnes (De Niro) has grown concerned over the Byrnes family legacy as he's been having some heart issues lately and his first son-in- law, Dr. Bob, has failed him after having an affair and getting a divorce. As such, before he and wife Dina (Blythe Danner) arrive for the twins' birthday, he tells Greg that he's ready to pass the torch to Greg, who's eager but still scared about winning Jack's full approval and becoming "The Godfocker." The film focuses on Jack and Greg again, as expected, so among other faults, the title "Little Fockers" is misleading. The kids are hardly in the picture expect for cheap jokes and they're neither cute nor talented. In a family dinner scene where Greg (with "Godfather" music in the background) commands that Henry eat his lasagna, Henry succumbs but then spews vomit all over his father. Whenever the film seems to breeze about with a bit more of a sense of humor, a tasteless joke shoots in that prompts us to do the same. Contrivances and predictable story lines litter "Fockers" and damper the occasional moments of humor. The familiarity we have with Greg and Jack helps create that humor and some clever jokes actually do exist, but the script leans on typical "misunderstanding" plot devices, most of which were ironically used most effectively in "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers." The whole idea of "if they worked once they'll work again" does not apply. The "twists" of this film are set up so conspicuously that as they unfold, it's like you know what happens because you've seen it before. And you likely have, because there was probably something similar in it from a previous "Focker" film. Outside of Jack spying on Greg, who tries to keep it a secret that he's trying to make extra cash by pushing a new erectile dysfunction drug for a gorgeous drug rep (Jessica Alba), all the side characters and plots are garbage. Owen Wilson returns as Kevin and the running joke other than him being some rich worldly hippie is that he's in love with Pam, which never amounts to anything. Alba over-ditzifies her part, which should have been played by a nameless attractive woman, proving she has no idea how to shake her type. Even Bernie and Roz Focker (Hoffman and Streisand) are out of place, squeezed in to appease the audience who expects them to show up. It's actually unfortunate, because neither of them totally overdo their part or annoy us with the fact that despite the same thing happening for the third film in a row now, no one's learned their lesson. Greg actually catches Jack spying on him on the train and after eight years of knowing each other, Greg doesn't confront him. Sure this was for the sake of keeping the tension up, but at some point you can't keep milking the same goat, or cow, or cat. Yes, Jinxie returns, also with a convenient line of dialogue from Wilson who says "I had her brought in town for you when I heard about your heart," just to set up another pet mischief joke that's completely out of place at the end of the film. Basically, we're Focking tired. "Little Fockers" is simply another example of a movie concept that's run its course and should have never gone beyond two films and only did because of the money. In a sense, there should be no surprises here. Then again, attempted jokes such as young Henry randomly asking if girls poop from their vaginas at the dinner table, could have been replaced with something more thoughtful -- and tasteful. ~Steven C
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Let's hope the little fockers know it's time to terminate the franchise.
jdesando22 December 2010
Because there are no big issues at the Little Fockers house, little issues drown it in nonsense so that humor can barely breathe. Patriarch Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro) thinks his problematic son-in-law, Greg (Ben Stiller), should be his heir to the "godfocker" role. Greg (previously in life named "Gay' for Gaylord) accepts and spends the rest of the film showing he is not qualified for the responsibility.

Thence come the pratfalls and pranks that comedies rely on for laughs when they lack the wit to laugh by lines. The most exciting but humorless action comes in the delicious form of Jessica Alba, a pharmaceutical rep bent on seducing Greg, a male nurse who could help her company promote a new erectile enhancing drug. Sadly already this year Love and Other drugs with Jake Gyllenhaal as the rep for a Viagra pill covered the erection action with a bit more verve.

When even Owen Wilson as flaky Kevin Rawley, admirer of Greg's wife, Pamela (Teri Polo), doesn't get as much as a smirk from me, then I know I am in an underachieving comedy. At least the dog in this movie does not masturbate (see Due Date); it just swallows a gecko. Not much funnier than one of the Focker kids puking at the dinner table. I need say no more.

The Focker franchise is lucrative, and Stiller, De Niro, and company are a talented bunch, so I am an optimist that their next reunion may hold an amusing concept with lithe lines. Not.
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What a FOCKED up excuse for a movie!
dtucker8623 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This was one of the movies that I was most looking forward to seeing this year and it turned out to be the WORST movie I have seen all year! What were DeNiro and Stiller thinking? Let me rephrase, what was ANYONE thinking who had anything to do with the making of this wretched bag of dreck posing as movie. Back in 2000, Meet The Parents was looked upon as one of the funniest movies ever. I remember that the editorial page of my hometown newspaper even praised it. Here, they have just disgraced themselves. Apparently the movie makers thought it cute to show a little child being injured and someone slashing themselves cutting the turkey. Oh and also, the scene where DeNiro takes that Viagra drug and it shows him with a huge bulge in his....oh never mind. I want to tell the screenwriters that bad taste does not equal funny. DeNiro has earned his place as one of our greatest actors and he should have known better agreeing to this. He merely embarrasses himself as everyone else who made the film did. They should hang their heads in shame.
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It really is that bad....!
Stephen Hinton28 December 2010
So the third film in the hugely successful franchise as been thrust upon on us, but it is far from a welcome addition to the family.

The main reason is it's just devoid of any originality whatsoever and is just complete recycling job of excellent first two outings and one where you can only use the father-son-in-law 'interrogation' theme for so long before it wears incredibly thin. Even the title 'Little Fockers' would have been a good indicator that the main objective and jokes would have centred around the kids but the truth is they have very little screen time in the film.

When screen legends of Robert DeNiro, Harvey Keitel and Dustin Hoffman received the script they must have been thinking "not much to do here, except just pickup an easy pay cheque".

The film also introduces a new character in the way of Andi Garcia (Jessica Alba) all I can say it's the most annoying character forced upon us since Jar Jar Binks in the 'Phantom Menace'

The only plus point to come out of the film is during it' end credits where there is a hilarious re-mix video. Apologies if this review sounds over the top but this film really is that bad and is the reason why I am giving my first ever 1* rating
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Not bad as many think, just don't expect great!
medellinrob15 December 2010
If it was a movie with intentions of being forever remembered and awarded with Oscars I would rate it 2/10 of course, but knowing it has been made for laughing, then it's a 7. I did laugh quite a bit, but it's not an 8 or 9 because some jokes are not my kind of humor or it's the same jokes as the previous movies in the series (with the last name and so on). Also, the plot is dull, like always, things don't work out for Greg and blah blah.

The positive: Some fresh jokes, Good acting, Laughs are guaranteed.

The negative: DeNiro while showing great character adaptation, I miss him in more serious movies. Some jokes are old, Same formula.

So, to sum it up: Just go see it if you want to laugh, don't expect to be a great movie.

PS. Jessica Alba looks great in the movie, but the character is tedious.
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Oh just fock off.
freemantle_uk28 December 2010
I would love to become a film writer/director, but I often suffer self-doubts on whether I can write anything good or come up with a good idea. Weirdly Little Fockers gives me hope because I know that least I try hard with an idea and do not settle for less like the writers of Little Fockers.

Little Fockers is set five years after the events of Meet the Fockers. Greg (Ben Stiller) and Pam (Teri Polo) are happily married and have five year old twins, Sam (Daisy Tahan) and Henry (Colin Baiocchi). But after Jack (Robert De Niro) has a heart attack, he decides that that Byrnes family needs a new patriarch: Greg is the only man available for the job. Jack makes Greg perform tasks to prove him, by getting his kids into a good school and make himself financially secure. To do that Greg moonlights to promote a new Viagra drug for heart patients after being recruited by sexy pharmaceutical representative Andi Garcia (Jessica Alba). But there is distrust because of her good looks.

Now I confess that I am not a big fan of the 'Meet the Parents' series and the only reason I went to see it with people was because there were no good screening times for Tron Legacy or The Way Back. I had low exceptions and Little Fockers met them. Little Fockers follows the same formula of accidents and misunderstandings, with Greg and Jack constantly fighting and mistrust: surely wouldn't men have learn by now, they are meant to smart. Most of the humour is juvenile, mostly farting related. Fine for young kids, but at the same time there are a lot of sex jokes which takes away the family audience. This type of comedy and this series is stale: it is another example of a film franchise becoming too successful for its own good.

Little Fockers was directed by Paul Weitz, the less talented brother of Chris Weitz (the director of The Golden Compass and New Moon). It was obviously with his workman like direction and a lack of care in about the script and the performances that he made this film just for the money: well there is a recession. There was nothing inventive about this film.

Performance wise there isn't much to say, all the regular actors do their usual routine. This is one of Stiller's worst film, he needs to make more films like Tropic Thunder and I do wonder if Robert De Niro made a deal with the devil, he could star in films like the Godfather Part 2 and Raging Bull, but in the later had to make this rubbish. I hope Martin Scorsese comes in and saves his career. Owen Wilson was on auto-pilot and Jessica Alba was in the film just because of her looks. Surely Alba should get a better agent because all she does is strip off in her films (as a man I enjoy it, but as an enlightened person there has got to be more to her then her body).

Basically the only highlight of the film was the use of a smart child for some of the comedy: smart children are often more funny then dumb children in films.
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A sequel that shouldn't have been made
bassrourke20 December 2010
For a start the director of American PIE should not have been put in charge of this so far so good franchise. Meet the Parents has just finished with this installment. Ben Stiller is back with his ongoing shenanigans with father in-law DeNiro, but all to no avail You will see many Godfather references and Jaws references to name a few. Just terrible and all in all rude, obscure and down right awful humour. If you see this because your a Jessica Alba fan, your forgiven, but if you expect to see legends Harvey Keitel, Barbara Streisand or Dustin Hoffman on screen for more than about 15 minutes, forget it. Leave your brain at the door, this stupid movie may get more laughs when vacant.
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Focking awful
alex (doorsscorpywag)24 December 2010
What a jolly jape making another movie with Focker in the title because, hilarity upon hilarity, Focker sounds like something rude so we must laugh. Except we don't really as this series of films has dredged the barrel bottom clean for a second unfunny sequel to complement something that was not that funny first time round. The gangs all here again to perform a series of unfunny sketches unfunnily and leave the audience paralysed with laughter. Well paralysed at least if they don't get up and do something more interesting like repoint their sewage system. Robert DeNiro used to be one of the finest actors ever to hit the screen and that's all you need to know about this pile of putrid puss. As long as people troop in and titter at the Benny Hill style double entendre of people called Focker then there will be no doubt be a fourth probably called 'something something mother Focker something' which will send us apoplectic with mirth.......or not most likely. The silliest Fockers of all have to be the audience for this tripe. Luckily I saw it for free and I thought I was robbed. They may not make films like they used to but they still churn out utter garbage like this year in year out so prepare for more Focking Fockers in the near future. Makes you Focking weep!
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arcanearrow23 December 2010
This film is terrible. I finally became a member on IMDb so I can say just how bad this film is. If you're thinking about going to see it..don't.

It is not funny, it lacks direction and most of all it is pointless. It is an insult to the two earlier Meet the Parent films. Why it is called 'Meet the Little Fockers' is beyond me, the children really are not that involved in the film. The title is probably the funniest joke in the whole film.

I could explain for longer why this film is so bad, but that would take far too long.

In summary, the film is bad; go see Narnia, Tron or anything else.
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It's not that bad
messiahreigns86 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I actually enjoyed this film from the start. It had good jokes and awesome stunts.

It is like 1 & 2 combined. A new girl, Jessica Alba was so funny!

Other than that, there was old jokes from previous sequels, however I still found it amusing. Robert De Niro as Jack still doesn't trust Ben Stiller as Greg, but at the end there is a good lesson.

To summarize my point, the movie was good enough, but it didn't reach 1 & 2. Still a good movie.

Do you think this movie is worth watching in the movies? Yes, if you have watched previous sequels but if you haven't that I suggest you go buy a copy of 'Meet the Parents' and 'Meet the Fockers'.
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In the running for the worst movie of the year if not the decade.
ralph025924 December 2010
My wife suggested that we take in a movie after doing some shopping and because of the timing we chose "Little Fockers". Terrible mistake!! Can't really thing of any redeeming feature in the script, the photography or the acting(?).

First off Owen Wilson should seek a new profession - he is awful.

Ben Stiller can be funny at times - but not so in this movie.

Barbra Streisand used to (and may still) have a great voice - but definitely can't act.

What was with Harvey Keitel - just a waste of his talent.

Robert De Niro, while a very good actor, couldn't save this piece of tripe. Why good actors agree to take on these type of roles mystifies me - he can't possible need the money.

Speaking of money - save yours, and instead go hit your thumb with a hammer, you'll enjoy it more than the movie.
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Little Fockers = Big Disappointment
scress11 January 2011
Same tired Story Line. Total insult to the concept of Nursing --the entire Plot line is bogus from what GREG, "the nurse manager" could actually agree to do, from his role as an employee for a hospital. Story is in trouble form the opening " hospital scenes".

But, pushing those issues aside -- there is no Story! I mean none that counts! No plot development. No real character growth. Nothing. The entire movie revolves around sex and sex and oh yeah, sex.

Most of the Big Name stars basically had nothing to do in the movie...Stiller and DiNiro dominated (and not well). Over all the acting is simply lame. Without the spark of the Hoffman/DiNiro back and forth of movie "two"-- it falls flat. Stiller and DiNiro (and in my estimation all the adults actors, but Wilson) seemed to realize they had loser roles to play and played them that way.

The humor parts are minimal-- and forced. I had a few chuckles....precious few.

And HOW they used the kids along the "sex" issues-- was troubling-- and in one scene, simply disgusting. Over all the kids in the movie are a wash out...they are in the movie for no other reason than to be manipulated/ or create scenes for Stiller and DiNiro -- no "endearing moments" between either Star with the Kids, that mattered.

Sappy ending upon sappy ending...that can't save this movie. Mention of "something" that could be a set up for the next movie (horror of horrorrs!) The rolling credits again, trying to salvage something or maybe set up for Movie 4.

Anyway, don't pay full price to see this one.

Note to the Writers of the Fockers Movies-- if you are trying for #4 Get creative or hand the reins over to some new blood! The Jack doesn't Trust Gregg Story Line is DEAD, fellas! With this much Mega-talent at your hands-- how could you not write a script to show case them all?
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Well, I Liked This......
g-bodyl18 January 2013
I must be one of the few people who actually enjoyed watching Little Fockers. Granted, when I saw this in this theaters, I did not enjoy it all that much. But, the second time around, I actually thought this was a nice comedy with some extremely hilarious moments. Obviously, the first two films were better but this is a good end to the Focker franchise.

Little Fockers deals with the next life-changing phase of Greg's and Pam's lives. This time around, they have children. The family does all they can so they can please Jack. But Jack, being the shrewd former spy he is, thinks Greg may not be the most loyal husband out there.....

It's always nice to be a great, all-star cast in a film, whether good or bad. It's just worth seeing this film for Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Harvey Keitel(even though his character is pointless in this film), and Jessica Alba(never looked more beautiful) alone. I loved the fact that Ben Stiller and De Niro still have the great, tense chemistry between each other as they had the previous films.

Overall, Little Fockers is a funny movie despite not being as funny as the previous installments. There are some more sexual gags here, but one of them involving Stiller and De Niro was the best scene in the movie and I laughed for a long time. I will not spoil anything though. You will have to see for yourself. I rate this film 8/10.
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Few Laughs
carla0425 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Terrible movie. Huge disappointment. There were just too many bad scenes in this movie to give it anything more than one star. If I could give it a zero, I would. For instance: What ever happened to the pot-smoking son from the first movie? Shouldn't he have been the successor to Jack's throne as head of the family? Or what about the scene with Jack using a homemade defibrillator on himself. Or the scene where Greg cut himself and squirted blood all over everyone. Or the erection scene where the kid walks in on Greg stabbing Jack in the penis with a needle. I snickered at the "God Focker" and that's because it just sounds so dumb. And as if they didn't wear "God Focker" out they had to move on to something even dumber: "Bob Focker." Ridiculous.

I just didn't see the humor in any of this. The movie is loaded with sex jokes and potty humor ("Daddy, can girls poop out of their vaginas?"). I am more than a little sick of the Owen Wilson character Kevin. It's ten years later and he's still hanging around and pining away over Pam? Really? No. Just doesn't work for me. Every character in this movie was way over the top.

Why the movie is called "Little Fockers" I'm not sure. The storyline has little to do with the Focker children who turn out to be rather obnoxious.

Andi Garcia ripping her clothes off and jumping into the huge pit in the backyard? Just stupid.

Save your money and your time. Also, do not take your kids. You'll be sorry. There are too many adult subject matters and sexual innuendo in this movie for kids.

I think the Focker franchise is dead. It's time to lay this one to rest, Mr. Stiller. View this movie at your own risk. You have been warned.
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Typical Focker Fun...NOT FOR KIDS. REALLY!
DaynaSu26 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I can't help but be annoyed by all of the reviews poo-pooing this movie. What did they expect of a Focker film? Surely this is not going to be nominated for any Oscars...but I suspect that the demographic the filmmakers were catering to are not looking for a classy, thoughtful movie. They are looking for an escape from reality. They want to laugh.

I laughed a lot during this movie. Giggled, actually. Like an idiot. Because that is what the Focker series is all about.

The plot line is uncomplicated. Father in law Jack is sensing his own mortality and looks to Greg to lead the family in case of his untimely demise. Greg, meanwhile, is dealing with job changes, house renovations, and the flirting/sexual advances of a drug rep.

Despite the title, we see very little of the Little Fockers -- five year old twins. Their scenes are hilarious, and I hope there is a movie in the works that actually focuses on the children.

Though Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand make appearances, their parts were greatly reduced from the last Focker movie. I wish they, too, would have been in the movie more.

Teri Polo (Pam Focker) and Blythe Danner (Dina Byrnes) were like wallpaper. They added nothing to the film. They could have been written out completely (or replaced with cardboard cut-outs) and nobody would have been the wiser. The dumbstruck, dumb blonde looks on their faces never changed throughout the film.

Ben Stiller as Greg Focker was as he always is...perfect. As a Focker. He really can't be anything else now. He's Greg Focker.

Robert DeNiro (Jack Byrnes) did a nice job this time, but it fell short of the prior two films. Though, it may have been on purpose. His character was meant to be losing steam. He was still the best character in the movie.

Jessica Alba (drug rep Andi Garcia) was over-the-top goofy, but was what her character called for.

This is ABSOLUTELY NOT A MOVIE FOR SMALL CHILDREN. I halfway considered bringing my 7 year old daughter to see it. Based on the PG-13 rating (and absence of a parent's guide due to the newly released status), I figured it would just be a bunch of fart jokes, and nothing she couldn't handle. Boy, was I glad we didn't bring her! LOTS of penis and sex jokes. We would have been answering questions for DAYS.

Long story short...if you liked the other two, go see it!
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Was nice to see the gang again
scotsmurphy23 December 2010
Little Fockers is the third outing of the dysfunctional family dynamics of the Fockers and the Byrnes .

We know by now the premise of the movies, Greg (Ben Stiller) trying his hardest to live up to his father in law Jack's (Robert Deniro) high standards ,well the same rule applies in 'Little Fockers' except with a slight twist ,with Jacks failing health Greg is next in line to fill Jacks shoes so to speak and become the 'GodFocker' ,the man of the house ,ready and willing to take care of the family.

But ,with slight financial problems and Gregs habit for getting himself into uncompromising positions ,it is only a matter of time until Jack is again suspect of his son in law and his plans for his beloved daughter Pam.

The calibre of Actor on show is astounding and i would have to say in my own opinion there star quality carries the movie ,the story line is weak and seem a little unstructured ,it all feels a little rushed.

So to wrap it up ,i am a personal fan of the 'Meet the Parents' movies,i have enjoyed the characters and the laughs they bring, but the second movie {meet the Fockers} never quite lived up to the first movie and third movie doesn't live up to either ,it is an average film made slightly better by the sheer calibre of the Actor on screen .

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What a hilarious movie!
PWNYCNY26 December 2010
This movie is hilarious. The laughter is nonstop as the Robert DeNiro once again proves that he is one of the great actors of American cinema. Mr. DeNiro's portrayal as Jack Byrnes is brilliant and generates lots of laughs as he projects his distorted fears onto his hapless son-in-law who is completely overwhelmed. Everyone in this movie is funny. Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand showcase their comedy skills, especially Ms. Streisand whose portrayal of a Jewish grandmother television talk-show personality cannot help but produce laughs. The actors in this movie are so funny that they steal scenes from Ben Stiller who is a great straight man for all the other funny characters. Indeed, Mr. Stiller should be nominated for a Best Straightman Award. The misunderstandings around "Andi Garcia" are is source of much amusement as Jack Byrnes is busy investigating what to him is evidence of betrayal of the family, one of Jack's delusions, a take off on the Godfather theme. This movie is a must watch for anyone who likes to laugh and enjoys lighthearted comedy.
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Welcomed additions to the family!
lancecherubin22 April 2011
With the conflict from the first two films centered on both families, the creative minds behind this franchise decided to focus the third installment on two Focker kids.

Although the their impact on the film in its entirety is quite limited at best, they do provide some entertaining laughs, especially the young Focker kid who is traumatized by seeing his father insert a needle into his grandfather's member. That was the best part of the movie!

When I realized that Jessica Alba was in the movie, I was very excited to see what role she would play in the normally twisted plot that we get from these Focker films. However, for such a big time name in the movie industry, I find she was very underutilized in the film. Much more could have been done with her character to possibly propel this installment into the best yet. I do thank the directors for the bra and panty scene when she was trying to score with Gaylord.

I enjoyed it equally as much as the previous two installments, although this is the only one I watched twice just so that it can draw on me. Can't wait for the fourth installment where both parents are living in the same neighbourhood as Gaylord and his wife. Should be very interesting.
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Fock Off!
Howlin Wolf13 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
"Little Fockers" is a second sequel that remorselessly treads old ground, and not only that, such an uninspired approach had the negative side effect of making me realise how much I hated the characters - with the exception of the part played by Dustin Hoffman, who wasn't in it for very long because he made a wise decision! Bernie Focker aside, they are all deeply unpleasant and downright mean to one another, which is only tolerable when all of the rancour actually yields laughs. In this case however, it doesn't.

Those familiar with the previous efforts who might expect some progression in this tale of family relations might well think that the old grudges would've smoothed over somewhat, now that they all know each other... That new conflicts might need to be explored, now that everybody has tested the water. Amazingly enough, they all behave in exactly the same way towards one another, nobody has grown, evolved, or changed. Go in a new direction, for pete's sake, or don't produce another script featuring characters that don't have any juice left in them.

Given the title, I thought they were going to try something different and focus on the kids, but no, for the most part, it's the same old same old.

Not only are you pointlessly having Robert De Niro essaying an autocratic character beyond any sense implied by the circumstances, but one of your main setpieces is an erection gag that totally lacks in any sort of cleverness... How undignified. It's an insult to gather together so many big names, and then just assume that the audience will happily lap up any old drivel.
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It's watchable. I really mean it!
Dirty Harry13 January 2011
I watched this in a theater and I didn't regret it. Before that, I saw the ratings here and read some critics, and it was bad. I went to see it anyway, expecting nothing of it. If I could stand watching 2 hours long The Limits of control, I can surely stand the Little Fockers. And guess what, I liked it! I had a few laughs, the theater was full and everyone was laughing, so, I'm a little puzzled by all this negativity on IMDb. If you liked the first two movies, you will like the third one also. You know what you can expect of the Fockers, right? The same old story. I would recommend to everyone to just watch it (if you liked the others) and then make a judgment. This ratings on IMDb are so misleading, and makes you watch bad films, or not watch the good or the perfectly watchable.
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Great Family Movie
erickn-951-63910915 January 2011
This movie had all of the great things you remember from the first 2 stories as well as new additions. Its a movie that blends comedy in with moral issues and lessons. It is inspirational for kids. It has the underlying truth that honesty is the best policy. When people are dishonest in the movie quirky things happen to them.

The message of family importance is repeated throughout the movie. Family will always be there for you. The characters are so different but they come together and all love each other dearly. They all have something to teach one another.

I highly recommend that if you have children you take them to see this movie. Ben Stiller and Robert DiNero are electrifying in this witty comedy.

I don't want to get into to many details because this is a review not a spoiler. At times this movie brought tears to my eyes and others it left me hysterical.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
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D C24 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I've walked out of films, and I found the first two quite amusing so painfully sat through all of this waiting for a joke. Hence it doesn't get a 1/10, but I was bored and had nothing else to do last night, and I did laugh at a couple of slapstick moments, but the film is weak and unfunny. In fact, I'm not funny and got the biggest laugh in the cinema when in a quiet bit I turned to my friend and said, 'is this a comedy or a serious documentary?'. It is that bad. You will only like this if you still find De Niro punning 'Focker' funny.

I don't know what else to write. Some great actors, but then, you don't need to be or hire a great actor to have a good comedy do you? The children weren't used for comedic effect how the title suggests and it was so unfunny I was habitually drawn to being interested in the plot which obviously, doesn't exist, and probably isn't meant to exist in this type of film.

It also annoyed me that most of the action appears set in late summer, and they crow-barred Christmas into the very last scene at the end, with a sub-title 'four months later...' which should have read 'damn, we forgot that this comes out at Christmas, better get in on the act'.

There were some Jewish references too, which made me wonder if there was some subtext beyond using De Niro's bullying, hawkish character traits as simply a vehicle to make him the in-law from hell. Dustin Hoffmann's character presents De Niro with a family tree that shows he is '1/23rd Israelite', which De Niro then rebuffs with some barely concealed anti-semitism; De Niro's character was also homophobic. It felt like the director, producer or cast was seizing the opportunity to make some liberal political point, like: 'let's all laugh at the Right-wing, government man types'. Which is fine if that floats your boat, but personally I'm not a fan of 'let's laugh at the 'bully being bullied'', and it felt cheap. Being neither right-wing, Jewish, American; nor a fan of the majority ganging up on a minority, I didn't fully understand it, thought this was weak bullying, and overall an odd end to the film. Same as when De Niro tries to use his former network to spy on Greg and he has to come to terms with being retired - it seemed to me to be trying to evoke some kind of sneering from us, or possibly some kind of condescending pathos - it just didn't need to be in the film! And all I did was just go out wanting to have a no-brainer, don't have to think laugh!
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don't believe the critics
edwbur2 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
i can not believe critics didn't like this movie. compared to meet the fockers its amazing. i actually think this was the best one out of the 3. the cast was great and Jessica alba finally did a good role. she was good in machete, but i saw that she can act. no one would of guessed. Robert De niro and ben stiller were brilliant. they had a better relationship in this movie then is all the other ones. but ofcouse there relationship went bad once deniro thought stiller was cheating on his wife. deniros daughter in the movie. but he wasn't. Dustin Hoffman got about 8 to 10 minutes of screen time but did good with the time he had. also finally deniro and stiller got in a fight. a real fist fight. it was hilarious. especially when stiller hit deniro in the ball pit and stiller went in with the other kids. deniro was still under the ball pit and he kept moving under and they played the jaws theme. then stiller yelled get out of the ball pit and kept yelling it til everyone came out. and the funniest thing about the fight was that it was at stiller's kids birthday party. my recommendation. see it.
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Little Fockers: 1/10
jnguyen4611729 December 2010
Jack Byrnes was once a comedic character that everyone loved, now he is just an old man who plays with boner pills. Paul Weitz (American Pie) wasn't that bad on the directing but he is going to be hated because of the materials he was given. Writing for the film is John Hamburg (who wrote for all three) just gets worse every time. The materials once in Meet the Parents were relatable, funny, and heart-warming. The materials in Little Fockers now are just plain insulting to both the trilogy and the stars. Playing Jack Byrnes is the iconic actor Robert de Niro, it is absolutely ridiculous that they gave him jokes like say "The Godfockers" and basing the movie's humour on just the name "FOCKER". Ben Stiller isn't anything to blame for because he's always playing roles like this.

Little Fockers is only an unnecessary and insulting addition to the once award-winning trilogy.

RazzieBuzz: Worst Couple on Screen (Robert de Niro, Ben Stiller)
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