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Season: 1 | unknown
Year: 2006 | 2007

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Custer's Last Stand

18 February 2007

Season 1, Episode 2: Billy the Kid

2 March 2006

Season 1, Episode 3: The Gunfight at the OK Corral

9 March 2007
In 1881 Virgil Earp,marshal of Tombstone, suspects Billy Clanton and the McLaury brothers of stealing cattle and,backed up by his brothers Wyatt and Morgan and 'Doc' Holliday,challenges them to surrender near the OK corral. In the following thirty second shoot-out the suspected and unarmed thieves are shot in the back,leading to the Earps standing trial for murder - though they are exonerated by the judge,who also happens to be a relation. This retelling,along with commentaries,is a far darker version of the story in which the Earps are usually represented as the unequivocally good guys.

Unknown Season

Billy the Kid

2 March 2006
This episode focused on Billy The Kid - whether he really deserved his infamy as a 'badman' and whether he should be posthumously granted a Pardon. The general consensus of considered opinion is that he should be granted this Pardon.

David Leon ... Billy the Kid

Clive Russell ... Sheriff Brady

Damian O'Hare ... Bob Ollinger

Sam Heughan ... John Tunstall

Colin Stinton ... Lew Wallace
Brian Doherty ... Windy Cahill
Sean McKenzie ... James William Bell

Finlay Robertson ... Billy Campbell

Peter Brooke ... Jim Carlyle

Ian Porter ... Pat Garrett

Sebastian Knapp ... Jimmy Dolan

Garrick Hagon ... Judge Bristol
Morgan Deare ... D.A. Rynerson

Philip Rosch ... Mr. McSween

Sean Power ... Mr. Chapman
Robert G. Slade ... Reporter

Michael Praed ... Himself - Narrator (voice)
Paul A. Hutton ... Himself - University of New Mexico (as Prof Paul Hutton)
Joel Jacobsen ... Himself - Assistant Attorney General, New Mexico
Frederick Nolan ... Himself - Author, The West of Billy the Kid
Bill Richardson ... Himself - Governor of New Mexico

Custer's Last Stand

18 February 2007
Talking heads and documentary style narration combine with reenactment of Custer's last stand. In 1876 Lakota and Cheyenne tribes fled the reservations,taking guns given them for hunting and set up a huge village by the Little Big Horn river. Custer and Reno led two separate groups of soldiers to catch and return them to the reservation but an underestimation of the native Americans' strength of numbers and marshy conditions preventing the Cavalry from crossing the river led to Custer's and Reno's men being routed with many casualties.

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