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Connor Temple: You know it wasn't until you got bitten that I felt that one of us could actually die from doing this. It really upset me.

Stephen Hart: You must have gone through hell.

Connor Temple: Yep... It did make me think about what's important though; you know, sorts out your priorities a bit. If you get killed, can I have your iPod?

Connor Temple: Is that perfume?

Abby Maitland: I can do the girl thing, you know.

Connor Temple: Ooooh!

Stephen Hart: You look really good.

Abby Maitland: Thanks.

Stephen Hart: It was good of you both to come; you shouldn't have bothered.

Connor Temple: Don't flatter yourself. Some of us just like hanging out with nurses.

Abby Maitland: Come on. I'll give you a lift home.

Stephen Hart: Oh, there's no need; my girlfriend's picking me up.

Connor Temple: Girlfriend?

Stephen Hart: Alison. She's been in the rainforest for two years researching infectious diseases.

Connor Temple: Let's hope she's not one of those girls who brings her work home with her.

Abby Maitland: Hmm. You must have missed her.

Stephen Hart: Yeah... I'd better go. Goodbye.


Connor Temple: Two years! How much sex are they going to have over the next few days?

Detective Inspector: Pretty obvious she killed her boyfriend but we don't know what she did with the body. Just keeps babbling on about monsters and sea serpents.

Professor Nick Cutter: Would you like me to talk to her?

Detective Inspector: What about? Monsters? I'm conducting a serious murder investigation here ...

Professor Nick Cutter: It wasn't a murder. Anthony Barton was killed by an ancient marine predator which then returned to its home millions of years in the past.

Detective Inspector: Who are you people?

Claudia Brown: I'm sorry; thanks for your time, Inspector. Cutter! Wait...

Professor Nick Cutter: The girl's innocent.

Claudia Brown: I know.

Professor Nick Cutter: We can't let her go to gaol for something she didn't do.

Claudia Brown: Leave that with me; I'll do what I can for her.

Connor Temple: So! How's Alison?

Stephen Hart: Jet-lagged.

Connor Temple: [watching Abby pointedly] You see, it's funny 'cos you always give the impression like you were single.

Stephen Hart: I didn't think I was giving any impression whatsoever.

Connor Temple: You'd be surprised.

Stephen Hart: Connor, I'm flattered, but you're really not my type.

[rolls into swimming pool]

Claudia Brown: The police have charged Diane Johnson.

James Lester: The police have charged Diane Johnson!

Claudia Brown: We have to intervene!

James Lester: We're not going to do that.

Claudia Brown: Why not?

James Lester: Because I won't allow this story to become public property. At least in prison the newspapers can't get hold of her.

Claudia Brown: So you're just going to let them lock up an innocent and traumatized girl!

James Lester: Of course it's undesirable, but it would be far worse to release her to cause panic and disorder. I'll see that the charges are dropped when the immediate crisis is under control.

Claudia Brown: But that could take months!

James Lester: And would you rather tell the police that an ancient sea monster is cruising our swimming pools consuming life-guards? I know the... injustice stinks, but the correct decisions are often painful.

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Claudia Brown: We haven't clarified the exact picture yet, but it looks like a plumber was attacked in some womans cellar.

James Lester: I'm not surprised. Have you seen how much these people charge?

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Connor Temple: So, eight years, she's been living in the past. My God! How are we going to explain Celebrity Love Island to her?

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