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Season 2

8 Aug. 2007
Kama Sutra
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15 Aug. 2007
Secret A-Bomb Factories
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22 Aug. 2007
Henry VIII's Mega Structures
Considered one of England's greatest Kings and builders, Henry VIII remains famous for his six wives. Henry ruled by fear, executing his opponents and several of his wives. He ordered the destruction of beautiful buildings, libraries and works of art. However, Henry also built many magnificent palaces like Hampton Court and transformed Westminster Abbey from a modest church into the epicenter of the Protestant religion. Henry VIII remains one of the most important monarchs to have ruled England.
29 Aug. 2007
Secret U.S. Bunkers
Durning the Cold War the United States built a number of underground shelters to protect essential government and emergency services personnel from a Soviet attack and to allow them to continue to provide essential services. This program focuses on the bunker built to house Congress under the Greenbrier hotel with brief looks at Cheyenne Mountain and JFK's Palm Springs bunker.
5 Sep. 2007
Herod the Great
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12 Sep. 2007
Building the Titanic
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19 Sep. 2007
Sin City of the West
The Wild West was an era of American growth fueled by lawless gambling towns, frenzied gold rushes, and legendary racketeers. Gunfighters and misfits thrived in an anarchic society where people were simply looking for a good time and a way to get filthy rich. Follow a team of historical detectives who use evidence from recent excavations, scientific studies and historical documents to piece together clues to what the Wild West looked like. Computer graphics will allow viewers to fly over, enter the streets, walk through the halls and peer into this lost age.
26 Sep. 2007
The Vikings
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3 Oct. 2007
Al Capone's Secret City
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10 Oct. 2007
Lost Superpower of the Bible
The Hittites are the forgotten superpower of the Bible. Hattusha, the capital was the heart of their empire.
17 Oct. 2007
Stalin's Supercity
Josef Stalin is considered one of the most powerful and murderous dictators ever. He was the supreme ruler of the Soviet Union for a quarter of a century and his regime of terror caused the death and suffering of tens of millions.
24 Oct. 2007
City of Armageddon
The Cold War was one of paranoia and potential nuclear catastrophe. In the wreckages of missile sites, secret cities and crumbling nuclear facilities, join a team of historical detectives as they search for clues to understand how this "war" was played out and the secret structures that were constructed to arm the nation against attack. From fifteen-meter concrete walls to airtight steel doors and massive nuclear production plants, this episode reveals the awesome engineering that took place across America.
31 Oct. 2007
Jekyll & Hyde
One of the most frightening horror stories ever written was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Was this story, however, Robert Louis Stevenson's disturbing fantasy or was it based on a series of blood-curdling episodes that took place in the town of Edinburgh? Follow a team of historical detectives who use evidence from recent excavations and historical documents to look under the grand façade of Edinburgh. Watch as an underworld of streets and houses with a blood-soaked history of grave robbers, body-snatchers and unspeakable crimes is uncovered. Computer graphics allows the ...
7 Nov. 2007
Age of Airships
Airships flew years before the Wright Brothers flew the first airplane, yet it has been almost forgotten. The largest aircraft ever built was an airship. The first aerial bombardment of one nation by another was conducted using airships and they still are used today.
14 Nov. 2007
Ivan the Terrible's Fortress
Ivan the Terrible, Russia's first Tsar, led a brutal and unpredictable life. A renowned sadist, Ivan was the originator of Russia's secret police. He fortified walls to counter the advancing age of artillery, expanded the borders of his nation.
21 Nov. 2007
Pirates of the Caribbean
During the heyday of piracy, fearsome buccaneers sailed the Caribbean in search of booty. Fortresses are raided, swords are drawn and galleons clash in an incredible story of glittering treasure and swashbuckling adventures.
7 Dec. 2007
Taj Mahal
Four hundred years ago Emperor Shah Jahan was the most powerful man in the world. The Taj Mahal, in Agra, India was built to honor his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who died in childbirth.
7 Dec. 2007
Lost City of Aphrodite
Widely recognised as one of the greatest and best preserved sites in the Classical World, Aphrodisias is a magnificent city of marble dedicated to the goddess of beauty, love and sex - Aphrodite.

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