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Season 2

15 Jun. 2014
The Vampire Twins Comen
Mysterious killings of various gangsters are occurring in Roanapur. Hotel Moscow investigates the murders to take revenge, and bounty hunters from all over the world come to collect on the bounty Balalaika offers in Roanapur.
22 Jun. 2014
Bloodsport Fairytale
Hotel Moscow finds out who the killers are, and sets up a trap for them. However, Revy and Eda have other plans that might cross paths with Hotel Moscow.
29 Jun. 2014
Swan Song at Dawn
Balalaika exacts her revenge against the killers, even as one seeks the aid of the Lagoon Company.
6 Jul. 2014
Greenback Jane
A fugitive counterfeiter named Jane arrives at the Church of Violence, hoping to find shelter. When the bullets start flying, prayer probably won't help - but Revy and Eda might.
13 Jul. 2014
The Roanapur Freakshow Circus
The bounty hunters arrive at Jane's motel, and she escapes due to preparations Eda had made beforehand. Jane sees Eda and agrees to pay any price if Eda saves her. Eda and Revy force the bounty hunters to retreat and begin heading to the Black Lagoon. When Russel arrives at the scene, Shenhua demands more money since Eda and Revy are involved. Eda's plan to escape on the Black Lagoon is stymied since Dutch and Benny took it on a job, and they are forced to wait in the Lagoon Company dock house. They are attacked by the bounty hunters, who surround the building. As ...
20 Jul. 2014
Mr. Benny's Good Fortune
Shenhua evades the trap, but is shot by Eda after Revy acts as a decoy. On the roof, Rock and Jane are confronted by Sawyer, but she goes into shock after losing her ultra voice in an explosion. As the building collapses, Dutch and Benny return to port, and Revy, Eda, Jane, and Rock jump onto the boat along with several of the bounty hunters. Dutch begins using evasive maneuvers to cause the bounty hunters to fall off the boat, and Revy dispatches the remaining bounty hunters except Russel, who manages to make it to the engine room, where he is confronted by Eda. ...
14 Nov. 2006
Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise
Rock and Revy join Balalaika on a trip to Japan, where she agrees to take sides in a feud between warring yakuza clans.
21 Nov. 2006
The Succession
Balalaika continues making waves in the Japanese underworld. Meanwhile, Rock has another encounter with Yukio - and learns that she is heavily involved with one of the clashing yakuza families.
28 Nov. 2006
Two Father's Little Soldier Girls
Balalaika reminisces on her past, recalling that she intended to enter the Olympic rifle shooting event in Moscow 1980 to restore the reputation of her father, and found herself at the front lines in the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Following the war, she and the soldiers formerly under her command joined the Russian Mafia. Yukio severs her ties with her former life by staying late at school with her friend Maki, then being picked up by her henchmen despite Maki's pleas. the new head of the Washimine Group, Yukio orders a counterattack at Hotel Moscow, and Ginji leads ...
5 Dec. 2006
The Dark Tower
Revy and Ginji unleash on Chaka with brutal force, allowing Rock to grab Yukio and escape. The next day, Balalaika begins the next stage of her plan to violently eliminate the Washimine Group.
12 Dec. 2006
Snow White's Payback
Yukio takes action to stop the systematic destruction of the Washimine Group. Later, after Rock confronts Balalaika about her ruthless campaign of violence against Yukio, he suddenly finds himself at gunpoint.
19 Dec. 2006
The Gunslingers
The body count rises as Rock takes desperate measures to force Yukio into giving up on crime. But with so much blood already spilled, it might be too late for her to return to a peaceful, normal life.

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