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4 Oct. 2005
Yûgata no kanata yori
A girl who is bullied and forced to do things that end up getting her in trouble, hears of a website that allows you to send someone to Hell.
11 Oct. 2005
Miirareta shôjo
Already more than year an unknown maniac sends disgusting gifts and constantly keeps ringing to the schoolgirl Reko. A police is powerless, and girl on verge of nervous derangement.
18 Oct. 2005
Yogoreta maundo
From a blow a schoolboy-sportsman perishes in a stomach a bat. A man, inflicting blow, puts the best friend kill.
25 Oct. 2005
Kikoenu sakebi goe
Main doctor of one of veterinary clinics interest money only. He with pleasure watches death of dog on an operating table, assuring a hostess, that he did all possible. But when the hostess of dog hears a frightful true about a doctor, she decides to punish him.
1 Nov. 2005
Takai tô no shôjo
Girl working as in a large company a specialist on computers constantly tries to put right connection with Ai Enma. But all queries are ignored. But however Ai Enma and her helpers decided to watch after a girl. Unexpectedly a girl knows that her boss relates to death of father. And now, maybe, her query of Enma will be considered.
8 Nov. 2005
Hiru sagari no mado
Woman to become a casual witness that, how her rich and influential neighbor changes to the husband. After it a neighbor and her lover begin to threaten her.
15 Nov. 2005
Hibi wareta kamen
To the proprietress of school of actor mastery, known and respected actress, own daughter wants to take revenge. She considers that a mother specially does not notice her talent and in anything does not put.
22 Nov. 2005
Seijaku no majiwari
Chiaki Tanuma is sure that her friend is in a coma from her fellow. Chiaki decides to take revenge.
29 Nov. 2005
Amai wana
Head-cook of the known cafe the recipe of pastry reaches deception for the sisters Yuki and Hiromi and gives out for it, in passing accusing them of theft. Reputation of sisters and their shop falls sharply after it. Yuki decides to take revenge.
6 Dec. 2005
Schoolgirl wishes to take revenge Minami to the best friend Siori, because that left off with her to intermingle. But a friend finds a straw doll understands that at by Minami on a mind. .
13 Dec. 2005
Chigireta ito
A young fellow wants to take revenge to the scandalous journalist that slandered his father. He gathers to send a scoundrel in hell, and Sibata tries to prevent a transaction.
20 Dec. 2005
Koboreta kakera tachi
Shy and bashful Savai already more than week misses school. Young teacher Fukasava every day comes to her home and tries to find out reason of her trances. Savai decides to call on a web-site "Hellish correspondence".
27 Dec. 2005
Rengoku shôjo
During next vision of Tsugumi, Sibata hears about one shop for adults. Getting in a shop, he finds a magazine with the article "Girl from purgatory", written 50 more than back. In the article told about a man, mailing a letter to Hellish Girl. The former proprietor of magazine said Sibata, that the article was written by one of his reporters by name Fukumoto. As that living still, Sibata decides to search him.

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