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If you look closely you can see all the leads in the movie are wearing matching gold rings with a red stone in it.
Zac Efron injured his wrist whilst filming the spinning corridor scene featured in the song 'Scream'.
It took 41 days to shoot this movie, which is longer than the first two films.
Lucas Grabeel apparently pushed for Ryan to come out as gay in this film. However, being a Disney film, the prospect of an openly gay character was shot down, and instead Ryan is shown as possibly developing a romance with Kelsi.
Zac Efron repeatedly played pranks on the rest of the cast, throwing water balloons. As payback, the cast toilet papered his trailer and then soaked him with water guns.
Gabriella has a photo of her and Troy from High School Musical 2 (2007) on her nightstand (from their lunch at the golf course). Troy has a photo of Gabriella from High School Musical (2006) on his.
This is the only movie in the film series in which Chad's father appears. He is played by David Reivers, the real-life father of Corbin Bleu. They have played father and son in two other TV films, Jump In! (2007) and Free Style (2008).
At the end of the movie the cast were given identical class rings. Corbin Bleu had his lost or stolen while he was out on tour and recently was given a new one by Monique Coleman to replace it during filming of the ten year anniversary special.
With $42 million, holds the record the best opening ever for a movie musical. The former record holder was Mamma Mia! (2008).
Ashley Tisdale, who plays Sharpay Evans, is nine years older than Jemma McKenzie-Brown, who plays Tiara Gold. Tiara is meant to be a year or two younger than Sharpay.
In the "Now Or Never" scene, Chad jumps from a lying position when he was fouled. He also did that jump in High School Musical (2006), during "Stick To The Status Quo."
The soundtrack is 51 minutes long, making it the longest album of the film series. The original length for each of the first two soundtracks was 38 minutes.
Film plot was originally slated to be "Haunted High School Musical" and follow the plot of a Halloween movie.
SERIES TRADEMARK: As in the first two films, Troy looks at an invisible watch on his wrist. This time it is in the lunch hall before Chad invites Taylor to prom.
Almost all of the song scenes in the movie were cut short unlike in the soundtrack album. In the first two movies, almost all were complete songs like in the soundtrack albums.
Sharpay's ringtone is "Fabulous" from High School Musical 2 (2007), and Gabriella's ringtone is "You Are The Music In Me" from the same.
Over 1,000 extras were used for the Graduation scene.
Rocketman's shirt number is 41. This is a reversal of Troy's number 14.
During the final performance of 'High School Musical', Sharpay does a jazz square while singing. In the first High School Musical movie, while Sharpay and Ryan are performing 'What I've Been Looking For', Sharpay scolded Ryan for doing an unrehearsed jazz square, to which he replies, "It's a crowd favorite; everyone loves a good jazz square."
During the credits, while the outtakes play, there's yearbook signatures from the cast one the screen. They read as follows: "Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat -Troy" "To everyone at East High, you are the music in me -Gabriella" "It's not over yet! -Sharpay" "Off on a quest for the perfect jazz square! -Ryan" "You should visit me at the Oval Office -Taylor" "What team? Wildcats! Get'cha head in the game -Chad" "Long live musicals! -Kelsi" "I did it! I really did it! -Jason" "All things sweet -Zeke" "Remember, Wildcats, BIG things are possible! Good luck! -Martha" "Game on Sharpay! -Tiara" "Now it's all on me -Jimmie" "Brava! Bravo! -Miss Darbus" "Way to go team! -Coach Bolton."
Unlike the first two movies, Sharpay's locker has two doors instead of one.
In all 3 of the movies Sharpay surprises Troy by popping up in random places.
Special copies of Teen Magazine and Seventeen Magazine were made for the "I Want it All" number. They feature Ashley Tisdale on the cover (replicas of their previous releases) and have the name "Sharpay" inserted where Ashley's name was previously.
All of the original songs from the film were listed among the 49 eligible songs for nomination at the 81st Academy Awards in the Best Original Song category, with special notice towards the songs "I Want It All", "Can I Have This Dance?", "A Night to Remember" and "Scream". Ultimately, none of the songs were nominated, though "Last Chance" (which was part of the compilation song "Senior Year Spring Musical") was performed during the ceremony as a part of a tribute to songs from movie musicals.
Troy wears a white shirt with red sleeves and shoulder as a trademark in all the three High School Musical's.
Zac Efron came into dance rehearsals 3 weeks late because he had been filming Me and Orson Welles (2008).
When Sharpay arrives at East High School (making her first appearance in the film) the instrumental music from the song "Fabulous" from High School Musical 2 (2007) is heard.
Was thought to be the final high school musical, until Disney announced in 2016 that a fourth film with a new cast had entered production.
The first film in the "High School Musical" series to go movie theaters. High School Musical (2006) and High School Musical 2 (2007) were made-for-tv movies.
When Sharpay Evens tells her assistant to never wear orange, she is implying that she does not like the colour. However in the first movie of the High School Musical series Sharpay is wear an orange based outfit.
All of the movies were filmed in Utah. The scenes filmed at the school were filmed in Salt Lake City, in an actual high school named East High School.
Selena Gomez was offered the role of "Tiara Gold" but turned it down. Ali Lohan auditioned for the part as well.
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If you look at Jason's shirt during the prom scene before they get changed his shirt says Jason + Martha = Prom
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The school they filmed at East High School in Salt Lake City, Utah kept Sharpay's double pink lockers. Every year they pick one random student to use them.
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Eleven original songs (including "Just Getting Started", which was in the end credits, but not on the soundtrack) were among the 49 songs eligible for an Oscar in a list released on Dec. 16, 2008 by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. None of them made the three nominees though.
This film was released theatrically because it was the most expensive of the three. Its production budget of $11 million was almost equal to those of the first two combined ($4.2 million for the first, and $7 million for the second) and was thus deemed unfeasible for a direct-to-TV movie.
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Stan Carrizosa: the winner of ABC's summer reality show, High School Musical: Get in the Picture (2008) appears in a music video that is shown over the end credits of the theatrical release of the film. The show's other 11 finalists were featured in the music video as well.

Director Cameo 

Kenny Ortega: Found in one of the group basketball photos in the end credits.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The schools each character is going to, and their major: Troy: Berkeley, Theatre (basketball scholarship) Gabriella: Stanford, Pre-law Chad: University Of Albuquerque, Undecided (basketball scholarship) Taylor: Yale, Political Science Sharpay: University of Albuquerque, Theatre Ryan: Juilliard, Choreography Kelsi: Juilliard, Music/Songwriting
In the party scene after they won the basketball champions, Troy is the only one not wearing red or white

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