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Beliefs That Your Body Denies
bkoganbing3 June 2008
This particular Law and Order episode involves the story of a bible beating fundamentalist preacher who actually goes out of his way to offer 'cures' for homosexuality at the same time while leading a secret life as a gay man. The obvious inspiration for this was the Ted Haggard scandal out in Colorado.

Anson Mount as the closeted gay reverend is accused of killing a young actor Dan Leonard who he had been dating and who was sick of both the hypocrisy of the reverend and the guilt trip that he had been taken on by the reverend. This is the best part of this particular episode, the horrible and stifling effects of the closet. I've been there and I know what it's like to have beliefs instilled in you that your body denies.

Mount is married to Julie Benz who is like the perfect pastor's wife and supports him in any and every way in running the church. When we talk church we are talking about a multimillion dollar business and Julie is the queen bee in this particular hive.

In the end though Mount surprisingly shows himself to be a man of some character. What he does and how it impacts on Sam Waterston's case is something for you to see.

This is one of the better Law and Order episodes of recent years. Hopefully one day people like the reverend that Anson Mount plays will diminish as gay folks exit the closet with dignity and pride.
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