Dylan: [on a date] So were you born in New York?


Dylan: [stunned] What?

Kenny: I'm a virgin - slow down, will ya?

Dylan: I don't...

Kenny: I've never been with another guy in a house all alone before, okay?

Dylan: Kenny, just relax.

Kenny: Hey, I'm bad at being gay. I think I'm allowed to be a LITTLE upset.

Dylan: I've never been in this situation either, okay? This is all new to me, too.

Kenny: Really?

Dylan: [still alarmed] Trust me. *All* of it is new to me.

Kenny: [sits down] So... you don't want to start having crazy sex right this second?

Dylan: Um, no. Not really.

Kenny: [grins] Is this a great date or what?

Dylan: [later] So, what do you feel like doin'?

Kenny: How about a movie? I rented Funny Girl and All About Eve.

Dylan: Hmm. Those sound kind of... gay.

Kenny: Yeah, they do, don't they.

Dylan: I like Lord of the Rings.

Kenny: I love Lord of the Rings!

Dylan: They have the best battle sequences ever filmed.

Kenny: Oh my God, that's exactly what Larry says!

Dylan: I think Viggo Mortensen was born to play the part of Aragorn.

Kenny: Larry says that too!

Dylan: Oh yeah? Well, does Larry say that you have the most soulful eyes he's ever seen?

[Kenny is speechless, and then giggles and swoons against the couch]

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