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Season 3

13 Sep. 2008
The Secret
Sarah's cousin Chase comes to visit, as Horseland prepares an anniversary celebration. Chase is affable and amiable and the kids invite him to join the show they're doing, but when Bailey hands out written instructions for the routine...Chase finds excuses to ignore them. Turns out, he has a secret. He is dyslexic and has been hiding it from Sarah all these years. With help from Will, who is also dyslexic, Chase learns not to be embarrassed. When he's given extra time with written material, going at his own pace, Chase does just fine and the performance is a big hit!
20 Sep. 2008
The Newbies
When Nani Cloud, a Native American (Cherokee) girl and her Paint horse, Sunburst, come to Horseland, Zoey discovers that all her preconceptions about Indians are wrong.
27 Sep. 2008
A New Development
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4 Oct. 2008
New Pup in Town
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11 Oct. 2008
A Horse Named River
A revered race horse named River is coming to Horseland to recuperate from an operation. Chili has long idolized River and can't wait to meet him. But when River arrives, the horses are shocked to see he's old, decrepit and tells long, boring stories. The other horses don't want to be around him, but Chili learns some valuable life lessons from him when River's advice saves the day during a bad storm. The other horses come to appreciate the wisdom his years have given him as well.
18 Oct. 2008
The Last Drop
All the kids are practicing voluntary conservation to help stave off water rationing except Chloe, but newly converted environmentalist Zoey inadvertently gets the blame.
25 Oct. 2008
No News Is Good News
Molly decides to start a web-site to keep everybody up-to-date on Horseland goings-on. But when Zoey and Chloe appoint themselves editors, they decide to spice up the site - making up more and more outrageous stories. Things get out of hand when they create an exposé of safety violations at Horseland - violations they invent. When word gets back to the accreditation association, Horseland is in danger of losing its Triple-A Rating. Molly pulls the others together to set things right.
1 Nov. 2008
Talk, Talk
Molly finally gets her first cell phone, and throws Horseland into an uproar thanks to her lack of cell phone etiquette and the unintended rudeness she causes.
8 Nov. 2008
Oh, Baby
When twin foals are born at a neighboring stable, they're brought to stay at Horseland while their sick mother gets better. The twins are delightful, and the Kids fall in love with them. But their horses begin feel neglected and start acting out. Only Scarlet keeps her head on straight. She helps the other horses find ways of dealing with the new siblings. The others soon learn that, while their owners love the foals, they them no less than before. When it's time for the twins to go home, the horses are sorry to see them leave.
15 Nov. 2008
Heritage Days
The kids are invited to take part in the Heritage Day parade, setting off a storm of controversy on what to wear to represent their various heritages and still be a team.
22 Nov. 2008
The Princess
A Princess is visiting and the kids are cautioned to treat her no differently than any guest, but Chloe and Zoey decide to use her to their social advantage. Alas, they mistake the Princess' Assistant for the Princess and go into sycophantic overdrive. Sarah, meanwhile, forms a real friendship with the actual Princess - thinking she's the assistant! The Princess is thrilled with this anonymity and lets the mistake go on. By the time Chloe and Zoey realize they're toadying to the wrong person, it's time for the Princess to go. The Princess has had a wonderful time at ...
29 Nov. 2008
Added Weight
When Pepper gains weight while Zoey is out sick, she feels ugly and embarrassed, especially when the other horses make fun of her, but her crash diet has dire consequences.
6 Dec. 2008
Sister, Sister
Chloe and Zoey aren't big on expressing emotions: They prefer to buy expensive gifts - to show that they care. When Daddy cuts off their credit, right before a big event, the sisters are devastated. Now Chloe can't buy a designer jacket to match her beloved jodhpurs. And Zoey can't get pants made to match her fancy jacket. Seeing how sad each is, Chloe sells her jodhpurs to buy Zoey new pants. And Zoey sells her fancy jacket to buy Chloe a designer jacket. When the mistake is discovered, the sisters are amazed to find their selfless act actually feels good! With ...

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