Fireflies in the Garden (2008) Poster


Jimmy: [to Michael] Gotta tell you my kids love it here. Christopher's in your old room and Leslie here is in Ryne's.

[turns to Leslie]

Jimmy: Say hello to your cousin.

Michael: [to Leslie, when she doesn't say anything] You're short.

Jimmy: [to Michael] Yeah guest room's upstairs, second door on the right, but I guess you know that because uh this is your home.

Leslie: Uncle Charlie said it's our home now.

Jimmy: You're right honey, it is our home now. But um, Michael grew up here so... it's his home, too.

Leslie: But it's our home.

Jimmy: [picks Leslie up] What do you say we go catch some more of that ball game, huh?

[to Michael as he starts walking]

Jimmy: If you need anything let me know.

Michael: Okay.

Jimmy: [stops and turns back to Michael] Hey this... this is great, you know... It's good to...

Michael: Yeah you too.

[Mouths to Leslie after Jimmy turns back around]

Michael: It's MY home.

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Michael: [sits down near Christopher on the roof] I love what you've done with the room.

[lights a cigarette]

Michael: I used to come out here a lot when I was grounded.

Christopher: [sniffing because he was crying] Mom told me you were always getting in trouble.

Michael: She should talk.

Christopher: [crossly] What's that supposed to mean?

Michael: Before your mother was a mom, she was my best friend.

Christopher: [sarcastically] You guys have tea parties together?

Michael: Yeah, occasionally. Your mother taught me everything I shouldn't know, smartass.

Christopher: Like how to write like a chick?

Michael: Oh. That's funny. It's nice to see your balls finally dropped, Christopher.

[looks away for a second]

Michael: No, she taught me the art of fishing.

Christopher: Fishing?

Michael: [dragging from his cigarette] Mm-hmm.

Christopher: Fishing is boring.

Michael: Not the way we used to do it, it wasn't.

Christopher: Whatever.

Michael: You want me to show you?

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