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MPAA Rated R for language and some sexual content

Sex & Nudity

    • In a flashback, a boy's aunt (who is not much older than him), comes out of her room when the boy knocks her door in only her underwear and an undershirt. The boy stares at her cleaveage briefly. She leans forward onto him and it is implied that she touches him in some way. He stands there, motionless and obviously aroused, then she leaves quickly.
    • A woman and her ex-husband make out violently, then engage in sex. We see the woman spreading her legs out on a bed and the man hovering over her from the side, unzipping his pants. There is no explicit nudity, but they make many groaning and grunting sounds while they are engaging in sex. They have such violent sex that the bed they are on starts rocking back and forth, hitting the wall. This happens while a funeral procession is going on in the house downstairs. During the "moment of silence," the bed hits the wall. This is played for slightly comic effect.
    • In a flashback, a woman exposes her pregnant belly to her son and lets him feel it.

Violence & Gore

    • There are many instances of verbal and physical child abuse of an adolescent boy by the boy's father.
    • In a dream, a man imagines being hit by a car. He wakes up with a jolt quickly before anything happens.
    • In an attempt to dodge a boy in the road (which they do successfully), a man and his wife crash into a pole in their car. It is over quickly and not explicitly violent, but we see the woman's head go halfway through the windshield with no blood for a split second. It is trevealed that the woman had died. The man and woman are the parents of the main character.
    • A boy pushes his younger sister onto the ground because he is angry with her (she is unharmed).
    • A man teaches a boy how to fish with firecrackers. They stick a firecracker in the mouth of a fake fish and throw it out into a lake. The second time they do so, the fish explodes in the water, but we see no dead or injured fish.
    • During a heated argument during dinnertime, a man has a violent outburst and slams the dinner table with his fist whilst yelling. His wine spills on the tablecloth, staining it.
    • In a flashback, a man's father slaps the boy. The father then forces the boy to hold full paint cans with his arms straight out for a prolonged amount of time as a punishment. The boy is unable to move his arms afterwards due to the severe amount of pain he is in.
    • Ina flashback, a boy threatens to kill his father with a baseball bat. The father grabs the baseball bat and throws it away from him. As he walks away, the boy lunges at him and wrestles him to the ground, hitting and punching him. His mother drags him off and the boy yells that he hates his father and wishes he were dead.


    • As a snide remark to a boy, a man says, "it's nice to see your balls have finally dropped."
    • A boy calls his younger sister a "lesbo."
    • A boy says "screw you" to his younger sister.
    • "Hell" is said around a total of 1 times.
    • "F**k" is said around a total of 14 times (mainly by one child character).
    • "S**t" is said around a total of 3 times.
    • "Damn" is said around a total of 3 times (1 time as "g**damn").
    • "Ass" is said around a total of 5 times (1 time as "a**hole").
    • "Jesus," "Jesus Christ," and other assorted religious exclamations are used around a total of 4 times.
    • "Suck" is said around a total of 4 times (as in "this sucks" or "you suck").

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

    • The grown-up version of the main character smokes cigarettes several times throughout the film.
    • A woman says that she's been "sober for 2 months and 15 days." The man she is talking to says he's proud of her but it "sucks that it broke up our marriage."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

    • The whole film deals with how a man deals with the death of his mother and reconnecting with his abusive father. Because of this, there are many emotionally complex scenes.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

    • It is revealed that a man was having an affair with a man's mother before she died.

Violence & Gore

    • A woman slaps her husband when she figures out that he might be involved in an affair.

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