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A fun bit of escapism that's even tender in spots.
The Hollywood Reporter
"Stories" makes a better Christmas movie than those generic comedies manufactured this time of year. The hits-to-misses ratio for its gags is above average, the sentimentality is kept in check and the film plays well to its audience.
This is a harmless and pleasant Disney comedy and one of only three family movies playing over the holidays.
Bedtime Stories does have a comic buoyancy, even as its plot trots on a predictable course. Perhaps the different accents and sensibilities have something to do with that.
Russell Brand is absurd, funny and wonderfully out of place in a family movie.
The fantasy segments, played up in trailers, get bogged down amid the ho-hum tale of a loser making good.
Clean enough to fly the Walt Disney Pictures flag, yet it's full of bimbos and cleavage and shots of Adam Sandler getting kicked in the shins by a dwarf.
Sandler's shambling Yogi Bear-ness will be the big appeal to holiday-vacation audiences.
It's a dispirited, galumphing mess.
The shortage of wit and the excess of goo can be summed up in Sandler's line to these children of divorce: "I'm like the stink on your feet - I'll always be there."
As a PG-rated film opening on Christmas Day under the Disney banner, Bedtime Stories would seem to promise fairly wholesome family entertainment. What it delivers is the glitzy allure of a hotel setting, smarmy double entendres, Ferrari lust, Beverly Hills bling and pneumatic babes -- one of the characters is a surrogate Paris Hilton.

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