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Great Movie on Its Own
heh081526 May 2008
I know that the Janette Oke books that translate into films get a little heat because they tend to deviate from the books (They Killed Willie!) but they are really good films on their own. It's hard to find anything out there "period piece" wise that is good for the whole family.

This one centers on the whole "traditional" role vs. "progressive" role for females and Belinda must balance her desire to become a doctor vs. the views of her fiancé. Really kind of takes you back to a time when that was a big deal. It opened up a discussion between my young daughter and I when she asked, "Daddy, why don't they want her to be a doctor?" Again, this is another good one from the Oke series and the producers have a good study guide to accompany the film on their website

Give it 9 out of 10 stars.
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6. The story of Belinda: When romance collides with career.
Reno Rangan24 November 2015
The sixth installment in the Hallmark's 'Love Comes Softly' movie series. I can't believe I have crossed the halfway mark with this in the series, yet a long way to go. I really enjoyed so far with many ups and lows. I am happy with this part compared to the previous two where the series hit the rock bottom. This film was much better and had a very nice storyline. Yet a few more new characters were introduced as the storytelling expanded to the next timeline.

I am just recalling the whole series very briefly to remind you that it all began with Marty and then moved later to her step-daughter, Missie. From this, the third generation story begins with Missie's step-daughter, Belinda. So the theme is getting little modern while proceeding in the each film in the series. Modern means that contrasts with the period of time when the story sets in. The story remains still in the cowboy culture and explores the various subjects.

"The only thing you have to rely on this world is yourself."

One of the best movie in the series that perfectly represents the title. Most importantly for the first time the story focuses other than the family issue. Well, there's romance as well, which is short and cute. The actual narration is Belinda's interest in taking up her career very seriously. For a late 19th century woman, even in the New World that was a challenging thing. So how everything goes is the entire movie.

Well, 'Love Comes Softly' and deaths in its all the films are not co-incident, but a customary, that's how I felt so far. Some of the deaths were very emotional and connected deeply with the main characters, those had a strong hold in the storytelling. But some were simply unnecessary, like in this one perhaps. Maybe it was a lesson, a turning point, or medicines were not advanced to save people from the deaths or 'to make realise its value/worth' kind of stuff. So I accept it in this, because it was not that bad, but the way it happened was so silly.

Besides the 'deaths', the loverboy is the other thing who comes from nowhere and steals the woman of the movie. I mean in a good way, but I don't know, maybe that is the way it was happening in those times. Like I mentioned earlier, it's flourishing towards the 20th century. Maybe the next movie would take place in the city, but have to wait and see. Because that is an exciting thing to see a city for the first time. I had a very good time with this, and believe the forthcoming films would be even better. So see you later...

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Way off the book, but decent movie.
ID_10_T__Error15 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
My daughter and I have read the books and were disappointed that they strayed so much from them. I can't believe that they killed off Willie, and making Belinda an orphan and having Missy adopt her. They cut out a lot of characters, but I guess that was necessary to make it into a movie. This movie had a different actress playing Belinda. My daughter commented that she and Drew looked like they did in the books. All in all we enjoyed the movie on it's own merits. It was different, and combined several books, but it ended well. I noticed that Michael Landon Jr. was a writer on this one. Still, if you like the movies, read the books. They are wonderful.
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sixth in the series
SnoopyStyle22 July 2016
Missie LaHaye (Erin Cottrell) teaches Sadie Kent to read despite her husband's disapproval. Adopted daughter Belinda Tyler (Scout Taylor-Compton) wants to be a doctor despite the era. She's dismissed by Dr. Micah Jackson (Robert Pine) and Drew Simpson from New York city. Drew's studying to be an attorney and looking to sell his inherited property. Belinda treats traveler Virginia Stafford-Smith after she had a stroke. Virginia has the opposite opinion about God after suffering devastating losses. Drew is torn falling for the tough-minded Belinda. Virginia offers to have Belinda educated in Boston.

This one centers on Belinda. Scout Taylor-Compton is a capable young actress. Belinda's connection with Virginia is very compelling. This is a Christian movie and I wouldn't mind more discussion about that here. There is a little too many stories. I probably would skip the literacy story. It's not that original. Belinda has so much story that it needs more time to breathe. A lot of it feels rushed and abrupt. It's a fine TV movie despite being the sixth in the series.
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loved it!!
lil_rae132 January 2012
This movie was awesome!! i am a college student and i enjoyed every minute of every one of these movies in this series! this movie is definitely something that everyone can enjoy!=) all the characters and the time period was just perfect! and really does show that no matter what happens in life God is always there with us and that he doesn't give us anything we can't handle. Also it shows that in life when you try to make it without God in your life, you are not truly happy. i loved it and i hope that many people watch these and enjoy the good morals and the great story lines that each of these movies have!! It is so nice to sit down and watch warning though after the first one you will be hooked! they are so addicting! and you will laugh and cry with the people in the movies!
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My least favorite in the series
Kellyann-118 September 2011
I have enjoyed this hallmark movies series of movies. All eight of them and have liked how the movies changed some things from the books. The changes were good. But this one was just OK to me. I adore Scout Taylor-Compton as an actress but didn't really enjoy her in the role and at times appeared more child like and bratty then a strong young lady wanting to be a doctor. Also I never warmed to Drew. I didn't feel chemistry between the leads.I just couldn't buy or get into the supposed love story of Drew and Belinda. Erin,Victor and Dale were great to see back though.The movie was just OK and out of the movies and the prequel this would rank as my least favorite.
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Love's unfolding dream, a beautiful story.
matthew1987200431 March 2009
If anyone thinks this movie is a terrible one, then they all have no brains and poor taste in films, i say this movie is pretty good, although it's a bit different, i'd say it's inspirational for any little girl who likes a little romance in their lives. It has a bit of Drama and tragedy and a heart warming touch to it and if anyone doesn't agree they should go and get some brain surgery or something done. but if anyone who is a fan of films like this, then they should take their liking for it seriously. hell i mean i was watching this with a girlfriend of mine and she totally was touched by it as i was too. it was a bit funny and sad, which really got to me. so I'd recommend this movie to anyone who loves the other movies like this.
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Rather pleasant TV movie about a young woman who wanted to be a doctor.
TxMike18 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Set in the old West in a time when men didn't bother to learn how to read, a woman was supposed to marry and raise a family, and there was one old doctor in town that treated everyone in his home.

This is a Michael Landon Jr movie, and it has a definite "Little House on the Prairie" feel and look to it.

Pretty Scout Taylor-Compton is Belinda Tyler, smart and assertive, who as a young girl treating kids' scratches, found out how much she enjoyed helping heal people. So she set her goal on becoming a doctor, even reading books on medicine.

Robert Pine is good as old Dr. Micah Jackson, the town doctor. He needed an assistant "with medical training" but Belinda asked anyway. He would have no part of it and when he learned of her ambitions was not encouraging at all. Women should not become doctors.

Things turned when a townsman came in with pains and Belinda did an initial workup and diagnosis, but her unpolished manner may have frightened the patient.

Still, when traveler Nancy Linehan Charles as rich, stubborn Mrs Stafford-Smith became ill, and Belinda correctly diagnosed it as a stroke, she was eventually hired to stay with the patient in a hotel room to care for her and help with rehabilitation.

The other complication was young Patrick Levis as Drew Simpson, freshly out of law school back east, who came to town to settle up the estate of a deceased relative. He needed to have the old house fixed up to then sell it. At first he and Belinda were at odds with each other, because of his outdated ideas and her strong will, but they eventually came to like each other.

Money was perhaps the biggest hurdle, because of the expense of Medical School, but in the end after Mrs Stafford-Smith had gotten better, she was so impressed with Belinda that she offered to send her through school, and have her live with her back east.

Truthfully everything was predictable in this movie, yet it is still a pleasant story. I found it on DVD at my public library.
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