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The episode with heart

Author: J D from United States
25 January 2008

This episode of Supernatural starts out as many others do. A young woman is having a nice time, something spooky happens, we're treated to a bit of gore, and then cue in the title card.

Yet, from that moment the rest of the show kicks in, the episode begins to twist and turn in ways no episode before or after has ever done. From the stunning performance from Smallville's Emannuelle Vaugnier to the impressive amounts of bloodletting, "Heart" delivers everything fans want from an episode of Supernatural - and more.

The final ten minutes of this beautiful episode have more emotion than the entire series has contained up to this point. Its exciting, beautiful, sexy, and ultimately painful.

The final shot of the episode is hauntingly simple.

"Heart" is, by far, my favorite episode of this wonderful show.

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Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
21 July 2008

In San Francisco, Sam and Dean investigate a series of murders of a werewolf where the victims have their hearts removed. When a lawyer is killed in his office, the Winchester brothers visit his assistant Madison and they believe her former boyfriend Glen is the killer. Sam stays in Madison's apartment to protect her and they fall in love for each other while Dean investigates Glen; however, they discover that Madison is actually the monster and they give their best efforts trying to save her from her fate.

"Heart" is another wonderful episode of this excellent Second Season. When Dean and Sam introduce themselves to Madison, there is a delightful tribute to Joe Dante ("The Howling") and John Landis ("An American Werewolf in London"). Emmanuelle Vaugier is one of the most beautiful, sexy and talented young actresses and has a top-notch performance. The conclusion of the story is heartbreaking and full of emotions, and the cold Dean shows though his tears that he has feelings. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "Dolorosa Missão" ("Painful Mission")

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Author: stumpyquaker from london ontario Canada
23 March 2007

This episode made me cry. There was so much raw emotion. Not what I expected from a show that is dedicated to eliminating gory urban legends.

Sam and Dean are very dedicated to the pursuit of things not of this world and are quite hardened emotionally,especially Dean.

to see the depths of emotion coming from Sam in this episode shows me that this kids going all the way.

Thats raw talent there and it will take Jared Padeleki a long way in the acting world if he plays his cards right.

Lets just hope he does not accept too many horror/thriller films, or getting typecast could be an inevitability.

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Heart - Sam's trials & tribulations a means towards an end

Author: hlgabrielle from United States
24 March 2007

I just read the comment that was written about the episode "Heart" claiming that it was so sad that the viewer wanted something more upbeat to happen to Sam. I agree that it was sad and I cried, too. And... yes... I, too, noticed a large tear drop from Dean's eye. But, I think that the writers have a goal in giving Sam all of these hardships. Perhaps its to push Sam over the brink to his darker side, or maybe they want to showcase all of his suffering for something that is coming down the line. I feel that it is done on purpose and we will understand why later in this season or the next. Very good writing, guys! Between "Roadkill" and "Heart", this has been some of the best writing on the show that I've seen so far. You've outdone yourself. However, I'm glad that you do write lighter episodes every now and then.


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Brilliant but flawed

Author: LaFeeChartreuse from Toronto
23 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There were many things I really loved about this episode, but also a few things I found frustrating about it.

Like Roadkill - in fact, more so, if anything - this one hits peaks of emotional intensity the series rarely has to date. At risk of making an unintentional pun, it was really heart-wrenching. Most of the twists in it weren't really quite as surprising as the writers might have hoped - I guessed the identities of both werewolves well ahead of when they were revealed, although I certainly didn't guess the eventual ending - but that really didn't lessen the impact.

And the acting, from both the main characters and the guest star, was really impressive - probably Jared Padalecki's best performance to date. Also - very, very hot sex scene. Very. As in, it's going to take a cold shower for me to stop replaying it in my head.

So what didn't I like about it? The ending - and no, not just because it was a tearjerker. I have no problem with difficult choices and epic angst levels, or killing off likable characters, IF it makes dramatic sense within the story. But the problem here is that - it DIDN'T.

Here's why: The whole episode took place over the span of one full moon. Usually that's defined as three days, although in this case I think they stretched it out to more like a week. But still, that's a relatively short time. Plus, they didn't figure out Madison was the werewolf, or that she didn't know she was and thus wasn't at fault, until a couple of nights into that period. So what you have is a span of barely a few days, during which we're supposed to believe that the brothers "looked everywhere" and "tried everything" and are ready to give up on there being any possibility of a cure, despite Sam's feelings for Madison.

Come on! Who the hell would write off the life of a loved one with that little time and effort? Particularly when it looked like they spent much more of the time on stakeouts and guard duty than on doing any actual research.

Even the idea of locking her up for the period of the full moon each month (a la Oz from Buffy) was dismissed on the basis that she'd probably eventually find a way out - but even if it wasn't a permanent solution, doing something like that could have bought them some time to search for a cure.

I could see Dean giving up that easily, since his usual response to anything supernatural is to kill it unless there's an excellent reason not to (and sometimes even if there is), but it just felt incredibly unconvincing to me that Sam would have, when he's not only by far the more compassionate of the two but also apparently in love with Madison. To me, that made the whole ending feel contrived - like the supposed necessity of killing her was really there not so much for any valid reason in the context of the story as because the writers wanted to crank out maximum angst from the episode by any means necessary, regardless of whether it actually made sense for the characters or the storyline.

Basically, it turned what was in every other respect a really outstanding story into a cheap exercise in emotional manipulation - and more so because they've done essentially the same thing before. The whole series started out with a double dose of what's variously been called the "Disposable Woman" or "Women in Refrigerators" trope - female characters who basically exist just to die horribly, thereby generating motivational angst for a male character. So having that device used yet again, and under such unconvincing circumstances, shattered the mood of what had up until that point been a really stellar episode, instead leaving me feeling "Oh hell, not THIS again!"

I'm still giving it a high rating, because of the overall intensity and the quality of the acting, but it could have been perfect if the writers hadn't decided to sacrifice logic and plausibility for a little more "Deus Angst Machina"...

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But life is not a fairy tale

Author: zombiehigh18 from Egypt
6 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A lot of people think the writers were exaggerating with the Sam/Madison love story. Sam only knew the girl for a couple of days and it's such a short time for anybody to really love someone. But for me, I see it from a little different perspective. Ever since Jessica died on the show's premier, Sam has been in pain over her death. Other than Madison he never really had any other relationship with a girl he cared about except for his brief crush on Season one's Sarah Blake which didn't work out as it would have been too soon. But Madison was more than just a love interest to Sam, (sure she was likable, smart, some how classy and too daring for Sam) and he sure liked her but to him she was a reflection of himself. She, like him, had something evil in her and wanted to be saved and He was desperate to save her because that meant he also could be saved. This is pretty much the same as how he could relate to Jack Montgomery later on season 4's "Metamorphosis". Yet Madison had to die along with Sam's hope.

This was a heart breaking episode mixed with some fine moments: I loved Dean's excitement over hunting a werewolf, he looked like a five year old looking forward to getting his favourite toy on Christmas. Sam discussing the soap opera with Madison and his shy crush on her was very cute. I also liked the Rock/Paper/Scissors way of settling things between them, very childish and brotherly.

Jared gave his best performance to date, Applaud to you man. And of course no words can describe Jensen's OPT (one perfect tear).

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Bizarre pacing, questionable chemistry, and absurd ending

Author: Todd Gillette from United States
1 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The pacing struck me first in this episode as being severely off. At two different times it felt like it should be over when it clearly was not, which telegraphed the likely outcome. This I think was the worst aspect of "Heart"

The costume/makeup on this one was horrible. This has of course been commented on before, but the "werewolves" didn't appear wolfish much at all. We never really got a good look at them in motion, which might have made this matter less. I don't mind that they took a risk to try something new, but it didn't work.

At parts the chemistry between Sam and Madison is amusing, but there are so many uncomfortable pauses. Perhaps this isn't so out of character for Sam, but there just seemed to be so much "dead air".


The sex scene was very uncomfortable and went on far too long.

Lastly there was the end of the episode which made no sense. Sam and Dean go through great efforts in other cases to save people. The idea that they couldn't find a safe place for Madison to stay during the full moon nights is hard to believe. To then use this to focus on Sam's emotions when there is a human being who is going to die was very bothersome to me. Her face should have been the last thing we see before hearing the gunshot, not Dean's, though I'll admit that shot was a really good one. Also, a loud gunshot in the middle of the day?

I do appreciate the analogous situation of Sam and Madison and their uncontrolled inner-evil, but I felt the writing and directing made it seem forced and over the top. The concept was solid, the execution not so much.

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Author: soliloque from Montréal
7 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A hard one to see. There's a lot of subtle thing in this episode. A lot of emotions too. This episode and the last one are the most emotional episodes of the season for my part.

Yeah you will say that it's a typical werewolf story... A woman is a werewolf and a young man fall in love with her (where I see that again.. uh American werewolf in London maybe?) but... the comparison stop here.

It,s the first time in the show we see Sam fall for a woman, since his girlfriend in the first episode. And the heartbreaking thing it's she's a werewolf. They are hunters, and hunters kill monsters. Except it's not really easy when you love the one you have to kill.

It'll be easier if she were evil and loved to kill, but she didn't notice her condition and didn't believe the guys when they told her. After a while, she decided she didn't want to be a monster anymore... and ask Sam to kill her, to deliver her of her condition...

Tears ... even Dean have some tears in his eyes... but I don't think it's for the same reason than Sam. This one doesn't want to kill her and always hope for a cure and a lot of "if" after that...

Sam, in another episode, ask Dean to kill him if he become evil and hurt people and Dean don't want to... but Sam make him swear to do it if it happens again... and this time, the role is inverted. Where we see the dilemma in his face. Now he could understand the reason of Dean why he don't want to... but Sam, finally, do it and kill the woman he love. I think it's why Dean cry.. he saw the compassion in Sam and that he delivers the woman because he don't want her to be a slave of the beast in her... like Sam don't want to hurt the one he love if he become a monster...

A beautiful, but heartbreaking ending...

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Complete garbage

Author: Meiz from Canada
23 February 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sera Gamble has hit the absolute low in regards to writing for this episode. The pacing and narrative is completely uninteresting, there's no character development for anyone other than the fact that the two brothers are murdering idiots.

There's absolutely no half way point in regards to providing an alternative lifestyle for the lycanthrope such as, oh I don't know, installing a steel cage, which would have been more than adequate. Simply stating that "she'd escape" doesn't make it so. There have been other TV series that have touched on the lycanthrope narrative and found solutions to the problem with little effort, such as Buffy.

This episode completely kills anything that's been established for either character and just make them seem extremely obtuse and stupid for seasoned hunters.

Absolute garbage.

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The episode of Heart

Author: Osslady2333 from United States
5 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought it was great! Sam has been so faithful to Jessica's memory, it was time for him to move on and begin to live again! He and Madison really seemed made for each other (well, if she wasn't a werewolf). My friend and I cried at the end. There seemed to be so much emotion from both guys, showing that they can be reached, albeit way down deep in their souls. Wouldn't it be great to have her come on again in the 3rd season, but completely healed, and a wonderful love interest for Sam?! When we heard the gun shot, it left an opening. We know that normally she would have been killed, but who knows what miracles can happen on a TV show today?! Especially since they didn't show Sam actually killing Madison. Hmmm....

Again, in the finale of the 2nd season, when Sam was dead, Dean made a deal w/a demon to bring his brother back, with him only able to live one more year. We all know somehow this will not take place. There will be an answer. Maybe there will also be an answer for Madison! The question I have is: WHO was the werewolf that turned Madison? We know it wasn't the man that helped the kids at the center. So, who do we think it really was?


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