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Oscar Nomination Predictions

From about the age of ten, I have been inexplicably fascinated with the Academy Awards. If pressed to explain the foundation of this obsession with an awards show from what is ultimately just an arbitrary body of members with vastly varying tastes across the many different disciplines it requires to put a competent movie up on the silver screen, I’m not sure I could muster up a satisfactory response.

I suspect at the time my Oscar obsession grew from what seemed like the perfect marriage between the art of cinema and the competition of sports, but even now, these many years later, after hours of voluntary studying of countless Oscar books (to the point where I can name every Best Picture winner chronologically from memory), I still can’t explain it in any way that doesn’t make me sound like some freakish Oscar junkie. Nevertheless, between the Oscar season and the NFL playoffs,
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Julian Roman's Top 10 Movies of 2012

Julian Roman's Top 10 Movies of 2012
Putting together this year's best of 2012 list is akin to the buffet at my favorite barbeque restaurant. There's so many good choices, it's pretty difficult to know what to pick. 2012 was an excellent year in cinema. From Sundance in January to the slew of awards contenders in December, there was a tremendous variety of great films across every genre. Whittling down to the ten best movies was as tough a process as I've ever had writing this article. I chose my top 10 with the ideal of repeated viewing in mind. What films would stand the test of time? What films would I watch a second time if it were 3Am and I came across them on late night TV? Much like the buffet analogy, what would make me fill up my plate again and again. As we review the choices, let's start off with the films that didn't make the cut.
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