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3 Jun. 1969
A Casual Affair
By a riverside somewhere in Malaysia, a white man is found dead in a Chinese house. According to the forensic doctor, death has been caused both by opium and starvation. The district police superintendent, Arthur Low, investigates. The Chinese woman owning the house hands him over a bundle of love letters as well as a cigarette case reading the initials "A. J.". Before dying, the white man had given instructions for these objects to be delivered in London, to Lady Kastellan in person...
10 Jun. 1969
The Back of Beyond
A soldier begins an affair with his best friend's wife.
17 Jun. 1969
The Creative Impulse
For many years now, Mrs Forrester has been writing essays and novels which are regularly granted critics awards. Unfortunately critical acclaim does not mean public success. In fact, it is her husband Albert, a prosperous merchant, who helps her to go on being published, although he personally prefers cops and robbers stories. A passion he shares with Mrs. Bullfinch, the cook...
24 Jun. 1969
The Letter
A planter's wife shoots down a family friend, claiming that he tried to rape her. But someone very close to the dead man holds a letter, in the woman's handwriting, that casts a very different light on the fatal night's events.
1 Jul. 1969
A Man with a Conscience
A young man is imprisoned for killing his wife. Was it an accident, as he claims, or was it murder?
15 Jul. 1969
P. and O.
A lonely middle-aged woman seeking a divorce, a young doctor infatuated by a married young woman, a deceived husband, a pompous consul, a retired missionary couple, an acid tongued-spinster, and a group of Malayan workers are some of the passengers travelling by Pacific and Orient liner. Soon after the ship leaves Singapore an Irish planter falls ill. His cockney employee is the only passenger who knows that the planter is under a death curse from a Malay woman. As his condition deteriorates the effect is felt by all on board. While the ship races to the nearest port,...
22 Jul. 1969
Lord Mountdrago
Lord Mountdrago ruins a rival politician's career, then begins to grow obsessed with the fact that the man may try to seek revenge.
29 Jul. 1969
A young woman uses her potentially fatal heart condition as a means to lead a life of luxury and indulgence.
5 Aug. 1969
A middle-class girl and her working-class fellow are bound by true love in defiance of the wishes of the girl's parents; then the beau is pinched when it's discovered he's been stealing to finance their Sunday outings.
26 Aug. 1969
Before the Party
Still in proper mourning following the death of her husband, a colonial administrator, in the East, a young widow reveals to her stiff upper-class London family that her husband was no paragon but a hopeless drunkard, and that his death was not caused by a tropical fever.

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