"Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?"
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Index 39 reviews in total 

15 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

Good idea, nice set, poor execution

Author: telmnstr from Norfolk, VA
15 May 2007

The idea is fun. See what you remember of the knowledge you may not use on a daily basis. Jeff Foxworthy is a decent host. The set is elaborate and nice. But the questions come along way too slowly. I almost get the feeling that the guests are delaying their answers in order to expand the time, perhaps there is an off-camera indicator. I can only imagine what the contestant screening must be like, because I'm sure there are many people that could whip thru the questions with ease and take home the money. Anyone that knew they were going on the show could probably cram, I mean, the jackpot is a million dollars. So overall, to the producers, we want a number of questions equal to that of Jeopardy per episode or something. Of course, given the limited pool of questions they may run out pretty quickly, and the reason they move slowly could be the amount of money that is offered as a prize.

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11 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Great show for family or TIVO

Author: garretsr from Irvine, CA
31 May 2007

This is a great show because it can be watched in two ways: First, you can watch it with kids. That was the key to "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" and it works here as well. The kids love it, especially if the adults don't know the answer (it doesn't matter whether it's the adults on the screen or at home).

Second, this show is sufficiently predictable that, without kids around, you can watch it in ten minutes or less on TIVO. Like "Deal or No Deal," the interesting part is watching the contestant mess up by going for a question they don't know or risking $425,000 on the $1,000,000 question. Since the questions come about every 6 minutes, you just skip forward. And unlike "Deal or No Deal," there's no incentive to stop to watch the banter between the host and the regulars.

Additionally, there are enough questions on subjects that we never use that most adults have a Paul Simon moment every couple of shows (realizing just how much they learned in grade school but forgot).

Finally, although Foxworthy's not at the top of his game (and probably cannot be on a family show); he's far more entertaining than Howie and probably as good as Regis was. Likewise, even though some of the kids' comments appear strained and were likely fed to the kids (through their ear pieces), the ids are still funnier and more articulate than the "Deal Or Not Deal" supporting staff.

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35 out of 63 people found the following review useful:

Moves along too slowly

Author: GeneralGore from United States
28 February 2007

This might have been an OK show, but it is very slow paced. There are about 6 questions answered per 30 minute episode, and there is a commercial after every question. They try to make a cliffhanger by having a commercial after a contestant has chosen an answer but it doesn't work. It just helps to bore the viewer even more.

The questions range from 1st to 5th grade questions and contestants are college graduates that have great difficulty with these questions. It may not be scripted, but it is really hard not to think that it is. The contestants are just stupid and use all of their 'lifelines' (copy, peek, and save) in the first few questions.

What makes the show even more unbearable is the children. They have five 5th graders (the classmates) and a contestant can choose one kid every two questions. The kids always get the question right and do it quickly while the adult struggles with it.

When Jeff Foxworthy makes a joke they will laugh obnoxiously right on cue, and the camera has to zoom in on their faces to show you how faked the laughs are. If only the jokes were actually funny.

Don't watch this show. It may have sounded like a good concept of a game, but you will be pulling your hair out after sitting through commercial after commercial so you can look at pathetic adults struggle with easy questions.

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6 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

an average show not greatly executed (review by a somebody only 3 years older than a fifth grader)

Author: HarryPotterADC from United States
22 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(((Caution: could possibly contain spoilers))) I have read a good sum of reviews saying that most American adults (especially on the show) are just stupid because of the fact that they cannot answer the questions without stumbling over them. I highly doubt this. American adults aren't necessarily stupid because they cannot answer these questions. (Notice how I do not say "1st to 5th grade questions.) I just think that they cannot recall what they have learned some years ago. The people trying to win money aren't necessarily idiots (except maybe for the exception of some people), just unprepared and a tad bit forgetful. We should not classify them as morons because of their inability to answer.

You may have read in my review that I said, "Notice how I do not say '1st to 5th grade questions.'" Now, I feel that I can elaborate; these questions are definitely not matched to their grade level. I should know, I'm still in school; and not just any school, a PRIVATE school. Being in a private school, I am probably a little ahead of those who go to public schools (but only a tiny, tiny bit. Not a lot). For example (to the fact that these questions are not accurately matched to the grade level), one question on one of the shows asked the contestant something to the effect of, "What is the organ that connects the mouth to the stomach?" answer: esophagus. (Again, the question is something like that of which I have typed.) This was listed as one of the earlier grade levels; I believe it to be first grade. (I hope I'm correct.) That is definitely not FIRST grade level. There's barely a chance it is even second grade level. Maybe this is the reason why the adults can't answer the questions.

Anyways, this is a good family show. I would recommend it to younger children (between 1rd and 5th) who just want to learn a little something, something above their grade level or (if the questions are actually matched correctly) review. I enjoy it myself, when I have really nothing else to do. My only problems are the mismatched question (to grade level) and the fact that everything goes to slowly. Jeff Foxworthy, I believe, tries to hard to be funny too, and his almost random comments are just slowing the whole thing even more. What would make this show faster and more exciting is a time limit; a 30 second time limit to lock in an answer, a decision to use a cheat, or a decision to drop out would make the show slightly faster and slightly more exciting. Watch them panic as they run out of time! LOL. But seriously, put a time limit and start laughing as they panic; if they did, 1) the show will be faster, and 2) my review would be at least 5 stars.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Good nighttime show, with a terrible daytime version

Author: ctomvelu1 from United States
17 November 2009

The wife and I love this silly game show hat asks fairly simple grade school-level questions of adult contestants. Cornpone comic Jeff Foworthy was thrown in at the last minute as host, and he does remarkably well in this role, hillbilly accent, blue jeans and all. Fivel kids are on hand to help the contestant, who can win up to $1 million (and that has happened). Now for a complaint: some bright bulb got the idea to do a half-hour version of the show for daytime TV. Foxworthy is again the host,there are fewer kids on hand to help out and the money is far less than what might be earned on the original show. The real problem is the show is very tightly edited, and feels it, and most of the contestants seem to have been picked off the streets five minutes beforehand. They often flunk out pretty fast. One chipper young woman recently got every answer wrong, and the questions were at a kindergarten level. This sort of defeats the purpose of the show. Stick with the nighttime version. where the contestants have been properly screened and the show runs a full hour, which allowed for some suspense to build..

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5 out of 8 people found the following review useful:


Author: rabidmonkey from United States
27 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Terrible. Figured I'd give it a watch since little else was on TV; what a mistake. I find it hard to believe that someone who scored 1100 on their SATs can have such trouble with first-grade level questions, such as what color to mix with white to get pink, which state is the farthest south (Utah, Nebraska or New Mexico?) or other very elementary questions. Not to mention that the contestants seem to drag out their answers and take veritable ages to answer one question, before it cuts to a commercial break. Even when someone messes up it's pretty painful to watch and not very entertaining. I have nothing against Jeff Foxworthy, but the decision to cast him as the host of a family show is a poor choice; since he can't even crack any worthwhile jokes. Needless to say I'm never going to watch this again...

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38 out of 74 people found the following review useful:


Author: m_bratsch from United States
27 February 2007

I admit the concept looked kind of amusing, so I anticipated watching the show when it was coming on after American Idol.

It's really just a gag though. OK, so some adults are dumb. Point made. And? Do people really get a kick out of watching an idiot stand up on stage and not know what in month a national holiday is observed? How long could this show really go on for? I remember watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire when it first became a hit, and one of the parts of the show was the first 5 questions they ask, which were always extremely simple and almost joke quality. Contestants would breeze through them 99% of the time, and the only real point of it was to help relieve their nervousness and provide a little humor (some of the gag answer choices were funny). It was occasionally amusing as well when someone blew an early question. That part of the show went by fast though, and then they got into the real questions with all the super-drama.

Foxworthy's game however takes that drama of the latter stages of Millionaire and applies it to questions of the first bit quality. Watching a guy sweat over the area of a triangle? What is there to gain from watching this show? As a viewer you can't play along because the questions are too mind-numbingly stupid. The only thing there is to do is laugh at how dumb these adults are. But can that last? I couldn't make it past the first commercial break. My question really is how long will America tune into it? Does FOX really think this can be a series? It would have been better as a 3 night special and not have any hopes beyond that, then it might actually have had a point.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

a lot of pain for so little gain

Author: acw3 from south carolina
24 April 2009

it's so weird to me that people speak so strongly about a program they hate, yet continue to watch.. "..fifth grader?" must be the show you guys love to hate, and can't miss an episode.. about the pace of the show: if it appears to move slowly, it's because the contestants are given time to calm down and become comfortable.. how many of you have appeared before on TV before a studio audience of hundreds which was being televised to millions? fox worthy's jokes, while sometimes lame, are another tool for calming the contestant.. laughter displaces anxiety and concern over how one appears before a crowd, and the fear of appearing foolish from something that was said or done.. about general dislike of the show: so, why watch it? or, maybe you watch it a lot, and get few questions correct? so? join the club; only one contestant won all the money.. more people failed than succeeded.. so? about a student-contributor to the these comments who disliked an ?? or answer: here's something you can fix: get an education, join the team at a quiz show (jeopardy?) and write the questions you feel are better than what you've seen up to this point.. you earlier commenter's are so big on criticism and put-downs, could you do better? so, why don't you? how good does it have to be to meet your criteria? should it be read directly from the encyclopedia Britannia? should the host be an m.i.t. professor? maybe you commenter's forgot the first rules of TV: attract an audience; retain their interest; insure their return for the next episode.. the first rule of watching TV is: if it isn't fun, change the channel.. okay, so it's not everyone's idea of fun-- what is? you like bikini mud wrestling? great! how about basket weaving? great! how about watching shopping networks all day? great! everyone has their preferences and everyone has their idea of what's fun.. do you resent another's enjoyment of a program you don't like? so, find something else! but, get off others' back about what they like!! nobody put a gun (or remote) to your head to keep you watching "..fifth grader?" change the channel or turn the set off, but knock off the knocking of others for the sake of enjoying yourself.. it wastes energy and time.. or do you purely enjoy diminishing another's enjoyment?

Was the above review useful to you?

3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Cute game show

Author: xredgarnetx from Connecticut
29 July 2007

Silly but engaging game show that has adults answering grade school questions. A team of well-groomed grade schoolers are on hand to help the contestants. Jeff Foxworthy hosts, although he seems to spend the bulk of his time firing off one-liners. Not much more to be said about this, other than to note that it is the best new game show since DEAL OR NO DEAL. And like that show, it revels in exposing the typically American greed of many of the participants, who often do not seem to know when to call it a day and chance losing large sums of money. Just like many of them do when they gamble in Las Vegas, I'm sure. The questions are relatively easy, but often have little to do with day-to-day adult situations, so it can be funny (or conversely, cringe-inducing) to see adults stumbling over questions more or less readily answered by a bunch of grade schoolers.

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wrong answer given on 2007 episode show i just watched

Author: percheronsrule18 from PA
7 July 2013

Just watched an episode of Are you smarter than a 5th grader from 2007 with Katie Barbarro, the 18 yr old valedictorian. The question was what blood type is considered the Universal blood type? The answer on the show was C. AB. This is not correct!! The universal blood type is O. The answer should have been answer B. O! I knew the correct answer and even looked it up to make sure I was not making the error. How can an error be missed on a trivia show?? This looks bad for the show!! I would think the person who looks up the questions and answers would have caught this. I looked up several places to make sure I was correct but I have always known type O is the universal type because that is what I have and it is always needed as it can be given to anyone. Just to think from 2007 to 2013 no one caught this? CRAZY

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