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"Mamma Mia!"
ShadeGrenade18 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
With his mother away, Frankie has the house all to himself. He boasts to the other Gang members that he intends getting 'a couple of birds'. With Dennis in tow, he chats up a pair of Italian girls; Liza, who is pretty, and Gina, who isn't ( and also upset because she is pregnant ).

In the nearest bus shelter ( a favourite spot of courting couples ), they blow their chances with the girls.

But news of their amorous intentions reaches 'Papa' - the Godfather like leader of the girls' family. Thinking Frankie to be the father of Gina's child, they force him to propose marriage...

I suppose 'The Godfather' was uppermost in the minds of Geoff Rowley and Andy Baker when they wrote this, hence the reference to 'sleeping with the fishes'. Its a good episode, even if the Italians are hand-waving, pot-bellied stereotypes ( and that's just the women ). David Barry gets to do some physical comedy as he struggles to elude Gina's brothers when they invade his house.

Lynda Bellingham plays 'Liza'. What a lady! Great actress and beautiful to boot. The '70's were a good time for her. After seeing her flashing her boobs in 'Confessions Of A Driving Instructor', it was difficult for me to accept her as 'the Oxo lady'. Her overwrought sister, Gina, is portrayed by Rosalind Eliot, who became a semi-regular in Season 2, though as a different character - the dimwitted 'Celeste'.

Funniest moment - a policeman and policewoman turf snogging teenagers out of the bus shelter, and as soon as they are alone begin snogging each other!
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