"Wan pîsu: One Piece" Kuro o taose! Otoko Usoppu namida no ketsui! (TV Episode 2000) Poster

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Luffy punched Kuro in the face before he had the chance to slice up Usopp. Then Usopp's kid trio pirate crew show up and beat up Kuro with a shovel. Usopp told them to stop as it's just making Kuro more ticked off than he was before. He gave them orders to protect/guide Kaya out of the battle. They obeyed and guided Kaya out of here (to repay their doubts on thinking their captain was lying about the pirates attacking for real). Jango followed them, while Zoro is busy with the "hypnotized" Buchi. After Zoro finally defeated Buchi, he took the unconscious Usopp to catch up to where Jango, Kaya, and the three kids are. Luffy keeps Kuro busy by pulling off a fight against him. Only to discover that Kuro isn't as easy of an opponent to defeat with his stealth foot step technique. We soon learn about how Kuro avoided his execution by the Marines. As he got Jango to hypnotize a decoy into thinking he's Kuro and the Marines took the fake and executed him. While Kuro laid a low profile by ...

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