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Harriet Tubman has never known what it means to be free. Having been born and raised into slavery, she works hard and does as she is told. However, she longs to be free and hopes to escape to the "promise land." After hearing about an "underground railroad" and learning of a Quaker woman up the river who helps slaves "get on," Harriet tells her father she is escaping. He fears for he life and tells her there isn't really an underground railroad, but she is determined to go. Once at the Quaker woman's home, Harriet learns that the Underground Railroad is a route guided by "conductors" to the North. She goes forward and makes it to the main station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Once there, she is surprised to learn of the many different routes slaves are able to take to freedom. Hearing of her sister and family's proceeding sale, Harriet vows she will never be free until her family is free. Against the stationmaster's warnings, she heads South. Harriet continues to go back and forth ...

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