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Season 1

10 Mar. 2008
Elizabeth Canterbury is a defense attorney living in Providence, Rhode Island who is willing to bend the law to protect wrongly accused people. Running a very small law firm with her two loyal but long-suffering colleagues, Chester Grant and Molly McConnell, and her current employer Russell Krause, Elizabeth takes the case of an accused child murderer, named Ethan Foster, accused of murdering a young teenage boy. When Elizabeth suspects that the murder victim's father had something to do with the killing, she will do everything in her power to successfully defend him....
17 Mar. 2008
Elizabeth takes on the case of Louis Minot accused of murder. Minot claims that he used his "special powers" to find the body of a missing man. Even though everyone disagrees with her, she believes he's innocent. But, it may be because she wants to believe him when he says he has information about her missing son Sam.
28 Mar. 2008
What Goes Around
DA Williams goes after Elizabeth for jury tampering during the Ethan Foster murder trial when one allergy-stricken former juror comes forward claiming to have met an associate of Elizabeth's. Meanwhile, Molly prepares for her first trial case. Also, things continue to deteriorate between Matt and Elizabeth who he still blames her for the disappearance of their son.
4 Apr. 2008
Sweet Sixteen
17-year-old student Carolyn Parsons is murdered and her two classmates Izzy Shapiro and Linda Matthews are charged of soliciting disturbed misfit James Moffitt to murder her as she appeared on their on-line "List of People We'd Like to see Dead". He later committed suicide. Then Linda cuts a deal with the prosecution and Izzy goes on trial. When Izzy goes on the run it looks like a slam dunk case for Attorney General Williams until Izzy surfaces with a piece of evidence that turns the case on its head. Elsewhere, with Matt gone, Liz resumes her relationship with Frank.
11 Apr. 2008
Zach Williams tells Kate to write to the Rhode Island Bar, Massachusetts Bar, Conneticut and New York Bars telling them that Liz Canterbury is under indictment. He then offers Ethan Foster immunity if he supports his case to find Liz guilty of jury tampering as Liz's team check into old cases ran out of Zach's office including that of Danny Santos. Liz resigns herself to the fact that she is about to face a prison sentence and puts her home on the market, tells her father and tells the staff to get new jobs but her indignant colleagues assemble a strong case to prove ...
18 Apr. 2008
Sick as Your Secrets
Gil Newhall confesses to raping Jennifer Wallace with his friend Kevin Spencer whilst she was drugged fifteen years previously when he was 18. Liz approaches AAG Peter Upton in order to reach a settlement and agree on a prison sentence of three years served even though Kevin Spencer didn't serve time due to a deal. That is until Jennifer, via over-zealous talk radio host Gabriel Waggett, reads a victim impact statement at the sentencing stating that she doesn't agree to the sentencing. The judge agrees with her and they go to court. Elsewhere, Chester prosecutes real ...

 Season 1 

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