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King Richard The Lionheart: What is your opinion on my Crusade? Will God be pleased with my sacrifice?

Robin Longstride: No, he won't.

King Richard The Lionheart: Why do you say that?

Robin Longstride: The massacre, sire.

King Richard The Lionheart: Speak up!

Robin Longstride: When you had us heard two and a half thousand innocent men, women, and children together; the woman at my feet, with her hands bound, she looked up at me. It wasn't fear in her eyes, it wasn't anger. It was only pity. She knew that when you gave the order, and our blades would descend upon their heads, in that moment: we would be godless. All of us. Godless.

Robin Longstride: Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.

Robin Longstride: We can't repay our good luck with bad grace, it invites darkness.

Robin Longstride: [asking about her late husband] A good knight?

Marion Loxley: It was short but sweet.

Robin Longstride: No, I meant: he was a good knight?

Robin Longstride: If you thought it was hard getting wages from him when he was alive, try getting wages from a dead king.

Prince John: [sarcastically] Would every man have a castle?

Robin Longstride: In England, every man's home *is* his castle.

Robin Longstride: What has eighteen legs and isn't going anywhere?

Godfrey: In the name of King John, pay or burn.

Godfrey: I've come looking for Robert Loxley.

Sir Walter Loxley: My son has not returned.

Godfrey: That is the truth because he's lying in a French ditch.

Sir Walter Loxley: Who are you?

Godfrey: I'm the one who killed him.

Robin Longstride: Lady Marion Loxley, My wife.

Will Scarlet: Well played! A bit, a bit rash, well played nevertheless.

Eleanor of Aquitaine: Milking a dried udder get's you nothing but kicked off the milking stool!

Prince John: Mother, spare me your farmyard memories, you have none and I don't understand them.

Robin Longstride: If you're building for the future, you need to keep your foundations strong, laws of the land enslave the people to a king who demands loyalty but offers nothing in return, I've been to the South of France, Palestine and back, you build a kingdom the same way you build a cathedral from the ground up!

Sir Robert Loxley: [During the french ambush] You're English?

Godfrey: When it suits me.

Little John: [During Battle] Archer stay alive, I'll see you tonight.

Robin Longstride: Don't forget your money this time little man, I'll be pleased to take it off of you.

Friar Tuck: So why do they call you 'Little John'?

Little John: What are you tryin' to get at? I'm proportionate!

Prince John: Henceforth I declare you to be an outlaw.

Robin Longstride: Ask me nicely.

Robin Longstride: We are men of the hood...

[Little John whistles and hits two of the guards]

Robin Longstride: ... merry now at your expense.

Marion Loxley: Are you coming?

Robin Longstride: If you ask me nicely.

Marion Loxley: [sarcastically] My dear husband, won't you kindly share my bedroom chambers?

[She drops into a half-hearted curtsy]

Little John: [after spotting a tall woman at a party] She's about my size. I'm going to make her smile.

[then yelling to the girl]

Little John: I'm going to make you smile!

[last lines]

Marion Loxley: Greenwood became the outlaw's friend, orphan boys welcome, there was no tax, no tides, no rich, no poor, fair trades at the table, many wrongs to be righted in the country of King John, watch over us Walter.

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Marion Loxley: I thought you'd left.

Robin Longstride: The fields are planted.

Marion Loxley: How did you find the seed?

Robin Longstride: If you have to ask, it's not a gift.

Marion Loxley: Thank you.

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Robin Longstride: If the idea is deception, shouldn't you address me by my husband or dear?

Marion Loxley: Would you join me in my chambers?

Robin Longstride: Ask me nicely.

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Prince John: [Robin has delivered John the crown, disguised as Robert Loxley]

Prince John: Did you say from Nottingham?

[Robin nods]

Prince John: Your father Sir Walter owes taxes to the crown, my crown; tell him its bloody expensive running a country and everyone must pay their way

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Marion Loxley: Once before I said goodbye to a man going to war. He never came back.

Robin Longstride: Ask me nicely.

[She smiles, steps forward. They kiss]

Robin Longstride: [fervently] I love you, Marion.

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Marion Loxley: I trust you had an historic evening.

Friar Tuck: [regarding his bees] I keep them and they keep me.

Robin Longstride: Girl

Marion Loxley: Girl? Either you've grown blind or come looking for charity.

Little John: Sing something about a woman... a large woman.

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