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Plot Keywords

england king
crown invasion
death france
archer politics
village traitor
sword knight
ends with narration swearing on mother's life
refusing to pay taxes unfair taxes
tax revolt tax
unpaid taxes proclamation
throwing water on someone blind person reads a face
reference to the prodigal son welshman
scotsman unwanted kiss
dying words dying request
sign of the cross violence
stabbed with a dagger shell game
burning a document reading aloud
english subtitles in original frenchman
king of france king philip ii of france
french royalty fontainebleau france
1190s bald man
mead the drink hilt
mother son conflict kiss on the lips
arrow through neck killed with a sword
stabbed with a sword king richard i
englishwoman englishman
killed with an arrow shot with an arrow
rowboat sheriff of nottingham
face scar face wound
facial scar facial injury
death of a king king of england
dagger horseback riding
british royalty prince john
crown prince female slaps a male
mother slaps son produced by actor
title at the end english nobility
assuming identity of a dead person pretending to be husband
pretending to be married death of father in law
murder of father in law father in law
daughter in law attacking a blind man
blind man fighting blind person
blind man elbowed in face
sword and shield film starts with text
year 1191 adventure hero
blood splatter war violence
kissing while having sex tough girl
axe fight stick fight
disarming someone sword duel
action hero warrior
battlefield staff
hand to hand combat combat
tough guy fistfight
brawl gambling
voice over narration revenge
shot in the throat trampled by a horse
character says i love you funeral pyre
funeral stabbed to death
stabbed in the back stabbed in the chest
decapitation dancing
crushed to death fireplace
rain bee
poacher grain
posing as husband and wife dog
death of husband ring
woman slaps a man face slap
loyalty inscription
death of brother younger version of character
flashback axe in the back
shot in the face shot in the side
dragged by a horse impalement
ambush murder
shield blood
oyster crusade
head butt punched in the face
kicked in the stomach kicked in the face
shot to death male rear nudity
subtitled scene caught having sex
palace falling from height
shot in the back shot in the chest
shot in the head shot in the leg
slow motion scene outlaw
bare chested male horse riding
nottingham england 12th century
singing map
siege burned alive
begins with text feral child
epic bill of rights
prequel burning document
topless female nudity french girl
frenchwoman spoiled son
interrupted sex domineering mother
overbearing mother white horse
shot in the neck attempted rape
sham marriage chaos
friar scottish accent
blindness beekeeper
forest murdered priest
church sheriff
horse fire
torch axe
person on fire beach
battle london england
ship castle
crossbow explosion
soldier army
sword fight bow and arrow
no opening credits owl
queen father in law daughter in law relationship
mother son relationship chain mail
flaming arrow body odor
irish wolfhound swordsman
medieval times two word title
robin hood death of son
character name in title surprise ending

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