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The worst episode of "Lost"
ametaphysicalshark10 December 2008
I've been guilty of resorting to cheap insults when describing "Stranger in a Strange Land", in addition to doing things like pretending it doesn't exist, skipping it on re-watches of the season (but not this one), and acting like it is the worst thing known to man. The reality is that "Stranger in a Strange Land" is merely a hilariously poor episode which was fortunate to be positioned after two fantastic episodes. Had this come in the midst of the Hydra island pod which opened the season I wouldn't have been the only person who completely gave up on the show. It's slightly worse than "Whatever the Case May Be" and is hence the worst episode of the series. The on-island stuff with the 'sheriff' and the cow-like labels etc. is pretty outrageously dumb on its own but combine it with a flashback about, believe it or not, Jack's TATTOOS, and it gets pretty unbelievably dumb. Not worth talking about in detail.
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He Walks Among Us But He Is not One of Us
Claudio Carvalho1 March 2007
Sawyer, Kate and Carl reaches their island at night, and the reluctant Kate wishes to return for Jack. Meanwhile, Jack is interrogated by Isabel about the incident with Juliet and when she mentions the meaning of his tattoo, he recalls his vacation in the paradisiacal island of Phuket, in Thailand, where he dated the sexy, mystic and mysterious local Achara (Bai Ling). Ben has an infection in his spinal column, and Jack negotiates the freedom of Juliet, who was going to be sentenced to death for Pickett's murder in the policy of "an eye for an eye" of "The Others". Later Jack recalls what happened to him when he forced Achara to disclose her innermost secret.

"Stranger in a Strange Land" is a reasonable episode based on the past of Jack in Thailand and his passion for Achara. His recollection is triggered by the question of the "sheriff" Isabel, and later with the situation of Juliet. The secret of Achara and the reaction of her brother and friends are quite incomprehensible and exaggerated. In the end, Jack has the same feeling while walking with "The Others" that he had in Phuket, of a complete stranger in a strange land. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

Note: On 7 April 2013, I saw this episode again on DVD.
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Forgive the lame English!
massoto_youko28 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
After a season of surprises and great-told histories about the characters, I do have to say that this last episode was "under the average". Opposite to the great story told in "A Tale of Two Cities", which I thought it was a awesome plot about Jack that made me like the character a lot more than I liked before, this "Stranger in a Strange Land" is all that the previous episode wasn't: emotionless, with a story not very well told and with too many things happening that lead nowhere. Now, I definitely love the show, it's one of the best on TV, and I always said to my friends that the audience was "too impatient" about the answers. But I have to say that bringing Cindy back, not showing Juliet's trial, hiding the real meaning of the tattoos (because when Achara's brother lifted the sleeve of jack's shirt, only half of it was drew) was no good for the development of the show. Generally the lack of answers is compensated by the awesome histories of the characters, but this time, the episode had no emotion at all. Even the episode "S.O.S", about Rose and Bernard is a lot better than this one. But, as I said, I love the show and I'm sure the writers are holding great surprises for the next episodes, such as the amazing "Flashes Before Your Eyes". So I don't mind forgetting this episode if the show keeps up the good work.
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