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Strong episode
LoveIsAStateOfMind30 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Crazy crazy episode but brilliant. When Mac saw the giraffe walk past at the end? LMAO! And Stella had some of the best lines ever! 'Smoking kills' and 'What are we playing? Who gets cancer first?' Flack was his usual hilarious self too.

For anyone who's a smoker (which I most definitely am not) I guess you could get annoyed by the blatant anti-smoking campaign this episode carried especially when they did that 'CSI shot' of the lungs filling up with tar etc. and using the shots of Osama Bin Laden etc. in that video ....... coupled with the HIV storyline I think it's good that they're touching controversial matters. Probably wouldn't have had all 3 in one episode but there you go - Lindsay leaves a big hole. :p The whole Sid thing definitely felt forced and contrived but if CSI:NY has set out to make people aware of HIV and all the different aspects (can't be passed on from mouth to mouth etc.) then I guess we're going to have a good few moments like this week's. Having said that, it could be done a lot worse and the moment with Stella and Sid at the end was very sweet.

Mac and Stella moment at the beginning. Firstly I'm glad that Stella told two people in one episode and not kept it a secret for several episodes etc. etc. because blatantly even strong Stella would have told Mac pretty early on. And it was so sweet the way Mac held her and their faces were touching and she had her eyes closed and *flails* the shipper in me died because I was waiting for a scene like that in 'All Access' and was sorely disappointed.

But hello? I expected Lindsay to get some kind of mention in 4 episodes and at least see Danny give one longing look. But on the other hand with Stella's storyline if they had Lindsay being mentioned in there too, it would be too heavily character focused so I can accept the lack of Lindsay especially since she'll be back SOON.
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Do your research!
doggyfeb184 March 2009
This whole plot line is ridiculous. Clearly they didn't do the research on this one. They claim that the reason these people gave their money to Noah for this ark is because they are so religious. BUT anyone who is that religious would know the whole story, which ends with G-d promising Noah that He would never flood the earth to kill humanity again by creating the rainbow. SO anyone religious enough to believe him would not have bought the story, and Noah wouldn't believe it either. I understand that he is meant to be crazy, but religious fanatics believe the bible to be literal and would not buy this story. If you want to go with a biblical plot line, read the whole story, not just the first part.
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Can You Say 'Over The Top?'
ccthemovieman-122 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
In a season (the third) that is producing weird stories for the first time (most weeks, thus far) we get two outrageously-goofy stories. Get this: one guy named Noah has built an ark in his backyard and has four couples already living it in, prepared a new flood to occur any day. Noah is found shot to death in his home. He's covered with dollar bills. He turns out to be a guy with a long rap sheet but this particular "event" on the level; he wasn't scamming people. So who killed him?

The second case has a man dressed as a cigarette. He died after someone set him on fire in his outfit. He was a fanatical anti-cigarette protester and evidence in his death leads, naturally, to the footsteps of a cigarette maker. That's what we are led to believe until it's discovered that the man really worked for the tobacco company. In a round-about way, he was supposed to be helping them promote a new, safer cigarette. I have to snicker at all the anti-smoking comments in here, although I agree with them. Suddenly, after all these years, Hollywood has finally started to stop glamorizing smoking. It took them long enough - about four decades!. (Actually, some of the "good guys" still smoke in feature films but their numbers are rapidly dwindling.)

Also, Stella finally tells Mac about her situation with the cut and the possible HIV infection. At least Mac asked the question I would asked: "Why haven't said something?" She replied she thought she could handle it on her own, but admits this failing in that regard. "I'm here for you," Mac replies in a real cliché moment. Melina Kankaredes is a somewhat hard-looking, tough-talking woman at times, yet very vulnerable at others. It's like she can't decide (or her character "Stella") what she wants to me. I have found the same with Marg Helgenberg on the original CSI series.

If that's not enough, "Sid," the odd medical examiner, passes out cold and Stella saves his life. He turns out to be just fine, just an allergic reaction to something he ate..

I still prefer more straight crime stories, the kind this show featured in the first two years. I don't need all this weirdness to be entertained, but apparently the writers think their audience does. Now it's like they are competing the Las Vegas show with a "can-you-top- this?" contest to see who can come up with the most far-out stories. Well, this episode is almost beyond description.

If you still think I'm exaggerating, one of the killers was a guy dressed in a Dracula outfit!
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