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don't have one
ccovington-4018729 October 2017
Just so everyone who watches this and tries to defend PETA they kill on average 84% of the animals they supposedly rescue, in 2009 they killed a massive 97.3% of the animals in their care with most of them being killed in less then 24 hours of being in their care. They are meant to be protecting animals and yet they use their money to get celebrities who wear fur and aren't vegans to claim they don't wear fur and they are vegans. Look at the stats and all the stuff they have done and then maybe people will have different views and just so everyone knows real fur is quite expensive so maybe instead of going off at everyone who eats meat and wears fur we could ask people to wear different articles of clothing and some people are iron deficiency and can die from becoming anemic think before you do and don't knock everyone down that is the message coming this.
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Your mommy DOES kill animals
Lomedin23 April 2011
This documentary film mainly tells the story of the animal defense movement in the USA, from inside and outside of the movement. It does well its job by not taking any particular side and just letting people express their opinions (regardless how little truth might be in them). This film doesn't judge, or tells you what's right or wrong. It must be you, the informed (or, probably, misinformed) viewer who must think and consider what is more valuable: life and death or greed and pleasure. Tough choice, huh? I've never been a fan of PETA, although I have to admit that their campaigns are amazing (that thug hitting the fur wearer woman is something to remember). Apparently, the title of this film comes from some flyer explaining to children how their moms kill animals (for dinner, clothing, etc). It's interesting how that fella from the consumers association is outraged at this. Hm, perhaps it's too much to expose the truth to children. Then again, it seems too much to expose the truth to anybody. This same individual is very upset because people defending the life of an animal don't care about how much consumers like the taste of their flesh or shooting them in the wild. We also have other characters like a married couple of furriers, who are very scared for their children, because the people who save the animals they kill and who didn't actually harm anybody EVER (contrary to furriers, policemen, hunters and any citizen considering them terrorists) could be around. Also because killing those animals is the source of their income and, of course, it'd be quite difficult to find another job not requiring the massive killing of sentient beings. Then we have those who fight to free those animals, given ridiculous long sentences in jail for the horrible crime of protesting against gratuitous suffering and death. I guess a rapist is better than these. After all, murderers and pedophiles are not terrorists. Alas, it's very clear who is the caring, intelligent people and who cares only about himself. The Truth is shining through lies, deceit and semantic games. You can lie to yourself, that doesn't change a thing. In the meantime, remember: Your mommy kills animals. So do you.
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