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  • A teenager who claims he and his true love have been reincarnated throughout the centuries runs into trouble when he finds she's created a new life without him, Mike continues to feel pressure at work because of his association with Vicki, and Henry makes a break.

  • Vicki is hired by 15 year-old Lee who believes is reincarnated from a previous life. Her job is to find the love of his life who died in a car crash with him. He claims to have been reincarnated many times going back over 400 years and he and his soul mate have always managed to find one another. Given her experiences, Vicki isn't prepared to dismiss his claims and begins her search. When they find her, they also run into an unusual problem. Henry meanwhile thinks his time in Toronto is over and is looking to relocate to another city.


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  • Lee is looking for his wife, and he's come to Vicki for help. Just a routine case? Hardly. Lee claims that he and his wife have been together for over 400 years and through a dozen lifetimes, yet Lee doesn't look a day older than 16. Consequently, "No-Case-Too-Strange" Vicki Nelson calls in vampire Henry Fitzroy as an "historical consultant." After talking with Lee for awhile about comics in the 1920s, Henry concludes that Lee is telling the truth. Lee explains how he met his wife in 1682 and how they always die together, become reincarnated into the bodies of the next babies being born, and then search each other out in their new lives. Their M.O. is to meet at a certain tree but, due to progress, the tree has been cut down and a shopping center planted over it. Armed with the knowledge that Lee's name in his previous lifetime was John Smith, his wife was Alice, and they were killed in a car accident involving a red VW, Vicki asks Mike to search the database for more information. Mike is able to pull up John's obit and finds that he was survived by a younger brother named Jeff. First stop...talk with Jeff.

    Jeff isn't able to tell Vicki and Lee much, except that John and Alice didn't die together. Alice was killed at the scene of the accident, but John went into a coma and died 10 years later when the plug was finally pulled. The fact that Alice reincarnated 10 years before him causes Lee to become angry, and Jeff ends up slamming the door in his face. With their only door now closed, Vicki contacts Dr Mohadevan to see if she has any information from the autopsy. What she does have is a file on Alice Smith that Mike sent over. Perusing the file, she notices that Alice was listed as a hemophiliac, something very rare in females (who can carry the gene for hemophilia but rarely develop the disease itself). Because one of the characteristics of Lee's reincarnation is that they always return the same as they were before, e.g., if they were left-handed in a previous life, they'll be left-handed in the next one, Vicki asks Dr Mohadevan to check the current listing of women in Toronto with hemophilia. There are three of them. Two were still alive when Alice Smith died, which leaves only Helen Underhill. One look at Helen, and Lee knows that she's the one, but there's a problem. Helen, being 10 years older, is married, and claims that she doesn't recognize him. Lee is devastated. Vicki digs a bit deeper into Helen's life and finds that she's been taking out books about reincarnation from the library. Vicki pays another visit to Jeff Smith and shows him a photo of Helen. Jeff recognizes her instantly. Helen came to him several years ago looking for information about John, he says, and she seemed to know a lot about Alice. Vicki's conclusion is that Helen lied about not recognizing Lee.

    Vicki, with Coreen in tow, goes to Helen's house to speak with her but is surprised to see Lee standing outside begging her to recognize him. As Vicki and Coreen watch, Helen finally comes out of the house, kisses him, and tells him how she tried to find him for three years to no avail, so she made a new life for herself. It's now too late, she tells him. Vicki also thinks that Lee should move on and tells him so. Henry isn't so sure, having been in the position of loving someone over the ages. Vicki points out to Lee that one of the reasons his and his wife's time together is always so short before something jumps in to end each lifetime may be because the universe is trying to tell them something, i.e., they aren't meant to be together anymore. She doesn't notice that Henry is taking in her little speech.

    Helen comes to see Vicki and reveals an additional problem...she is pregnant. She admits that she loves her husband Barton and that he is a stabilizing force in her life, but her heart is still with Lee. Lee isn't about to give up. He follows Barton one evening and asks to talk with him. Unfortunately, Barton perceives Lee as an irrational, mentally-disturbed boy and warns him to stay away from Helen. Blows are tossed around until Lee ends up on top of Barton, beating him unconscious. Barton lands in the hospital, everyone hoping that he'll make it through the night. Vicki tries to explain to Mike why Lee is so obsessed with Helen, but Mike doesn't buy it. In his eyes, Vicki is responsible for having led Lee to Barton. At that moment, Chief Crowley shows up and warns Mike that he had better stop associating with Vicki because it's destroying his career. Crowley also warns Vicki that, if she interferes in any way with this investigation, she will have Vicki thrown into jail.

    Lee has decided that the only way to set things right is to start over again by killing Helen and himself. He makes contact with Jeff, convinces him that he is the reincarnation of John, and borrows his car. He knocks out the cop sitting in the patrol car in front of Helen's house, takes his gun, and kidnaps Helen. Vicki puts 2 and 2 together and figures out Lee's plan to reset things. She has Coreen look for an isolated grove of trees in the area where he might have taken Helen. Then she calls the best tracker she knows --Henry --and they speed over to Hyde Park. When they arrive, they find Helen tied to a tree on which Lee has carved their initials. Helen is begging him not to do this. "It hasn't been working the past few lifetimes," she says and pleads with him to let her have this lifetime and for him to move on in his. Lee aims the gun at her just as Henry and Vicki run up. Henry tries to talk Lee out of it, but Lee is adamant until Vicki informs him that Helen is pregnant. Lee then turns the gun on himself, but eventually gives it up.

    Epilogue: Lee won't be tried as an adult, so there is hope that he will move on. Henry has decided that it is also time for him to move on and has called in Augustus, an old friend whose family helps Henry build a new life when it's time. Henry thinks he might like to try Vancouver.

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