Plot Summary

  • A serial killer from Vicki's biggest case as a detective contacts her from prison taking back his confession and claiming the real killer is about to strike again. When the murder happens as he describes, Mike and Vicki butt heads trying to determine if it's supernatural or human.

    - Written by layle
  • Vicki revisits a four year old case when a convicted killer who recants his confession and claims that he only had a psychic vision of the killing. Vicki and Mike Celucci were partners at the time and while Charles freely confessed to the crime and knew many details of the crime that were not public, they had some doubt as to whether he did it. Mike refuses to reopen the case but Vicki goes back to the beginning and re-interviews the convicted man's brother. Henry meanwhile is still upset with Vicki for having used black magic to save his life and isn't keen on helping her out.

    - Written by garykmcd


Four years ago, Charles Perkins confessed to decapitating a girl with a sickle and was sentenced to prison...

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